World Of Warships Tier 9 Cruiser Gameplay – Baltimore!

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World Warship featuring the 9 Baltimore and her beautiful 9*203mm guns, great accuracy and spread.


  1. did you just… pay 3 million but accidentally bought the upgrade for
    secondary battery reload time instead of primary battery? you did! you done
    fucked up

  2. Badass Intro dude 

  3. yamato

  4. USS midway pls

  5. Apologies accepted, that vid made up for it. Cheers man!

  6. This ship looks so cool! =D

  7. Phly I need to tell you something, you don t have a spotter plane, you have
    fighter plane. Only battleships have spotters and they give you only more
    gun range. Cruisers have fighter planes and the give you only more AA power
    and thats it. I just read the description, correct me if I’m wrong I am new
    to this game. Btw I love american cruisers I own a Omaha at the moment and
    love it. Keep up with good videos.

  8. Nguyên Architaku

    Play Shimakaze or Gearing, Phly!

  9. DAT INTROOO !! 

  10. Still waiting for the Bismark.
    (I know they will)

  11. That fubuki

  12. 3M secondary battery mod? Why not primary?

  13. Best intro on youtube!

    btw…HE is for noobs :P

  14. The Yamato

  15. take the ZAO out !!!!

  16. Swapnil Sirdeshpande

    Please some videos on North Carolina……and the Cleveland!

  17. Lets see the Mahan! No one seems to play this ship

  18. Martin Oberhauser

    I loved this ship, it’s a sexy beast! With commander skill and upgrades it
    had a 18km range in CBT

    And to be honest: With AP you could have scored so many citadel hits on the
    Atagos, would have been much easier.

  19. Plis do the Zao :D

  20. Hey Phly could you do some destroyer gameplay next?

  21. good game nice ship

  22. 999is666upsidedown

    Heliosiah cries evritiem ;-;

  23. Sergeant Major Gray

    That Seaplane is actually a Curtiss SC Seahawk.

  24. Tristen Toulouse

    Pensacola please

  25. I only continiously fire HE at Destroyers and Carriers, I fire HE only in
    the beginning against Battleships just to set them on fire then switch too
    AP, enemy cruisers I mostly use AP (Unless its an enemy Atlanta wich has no
    armor so AP would over-pen)

    • +just Shane Same here i only use HE vs destroyers/carriers, AP vs other
      cruisers and BBs but only when ships are closer on long range i still spamm
      HE. 🙂
      With DD only HE, and with BBs only AP. 😉

  26. That shell spread is disgusting here I am fisting away with the south
    Carolina hitting 28 from 160 shots and this is like oh I’ll put 8 shells on
    target at 15kms 

    • +MistaAbYsSs Oh yer I know all that doesn’t make it any less disgusting

    • +TheOzTurkish Battleships have bigger dispersion (less accuracy more
      scattered) Cruisers (Phly was in a cruiser) are much more accurate. SC
      battleship is also the first battleship you unlock, of course it isn’t that
      great. Once you get to the new york and new mexico you will have a better
      time hitting stuff and have a lot longer range.

  27. I can never get over the intro! So epic!

  28. Phly i would really love to see you and baron go ham with the new mexico
    kinda grinding it right now and haveing a tough time with the gun accuracy
    thanks man

  29. Sick intro m8! Keep up the good vids!

  30. why ppl think hes good this phly guy sux so mush i just played a game with
    him in my team and he sucked as destroyer just stop pay to win BS NOOB.

    • +Youssef Mahmoud He’s not paying to win, he has a press account. ALso,
      could have been a fake Phly. Oh, and before you start spewing nonsense
      about how he must pay for a press account, the reason he has it is because
      people actually like him. Unlike how they must feel about you.

      Oh, by the way, if you don’t like him and you think he sucks, why would you
      click on this video or search it up to watch it? Thanks, now keep your hate
      to yourself.

  31. Hey phly, for your next plane video, can u play the f8f beer can. I just
    got the plane, and am wondering how to use it. It would be very cool if you
    did. Thanks alot, and nice video!

  32. A Appstore shell destroyed the ham hood from 14miles away shot from the

  33. FallenBut NotForgotten

    you did about 97000 dmg that first game. 50,000+30,000+17,000=97,000

  34. “Imagine a Japanese person trying to sound like an American. How funny
    would that be.”
    Clearly you have not heard enough Engrish. It is a gift from the heavens.

  35. I will give you massive props for “I love american 8 inchers…… Yes it’s
    legal here bitches”

  36. So, was there a reason that Phly didn’t use his repair at the end there
    while he was trying to reset the cap? I’m not overly familiar with this
    game, but it looked like it was available.

  37. Try and use AP more often especial against cruisers will do more damage 🙂
    and get those sneeky cits 😉 Great video m8

  38. For determining if you should use HE vs AP it is very simple. Use HE except
    near the edge of your gun’s range. At that point you will have plunging
    fire. The armor on the deck of ships is weak in comparison to the side
    armor and you will penetrate it and can then score citadel hits.

  39. Nguyen minh thang


  40. Legion Of Eclaires

    South Carolina. That way you see full matches

  41. o0SilverCobrao0o

    Will the Alaska class be added?

  42. Its a fighter not a scout plane.

  43. Why don’t you upgrade your skippers?

  44. Intro so cool!!

  45. Hey don’t apologize we subscribed for a reason, if people don’t like your
    videos then they don’t have to watch. Love your vids man keep up the good

  46. christie mattingly

    iwoa plzzz

  47. The float plane is fictional, I think, but it looks the love child of a
    Typhoon and P-51 on floats…

  48. Minekaze, preferably causing some mid tier chaos.

  49. not a p51 mucker

  50. +PhlyDaily How did you keep your ships!!??

  51. +PhlyDaily i think that’s actually a fighter seaplane since your tunnel
    vision hasnt changed while the plane was up. I dont know the patch notes
    much but i think Cruisers doesnt have scoutplanes atm i think and just
    fighter seaplanes to add up to their AA superiority.

  52. I think if you switched to AP you could’ve done some real crazy damage

  53. Dude, don’t apologize for your carrier gameplay. It was fine and no one
    expects you to win them all.

  54. phly, I know you don’t play battleships that much but I just unlocked the
    kawachi and was wondering what ammo do you recommend? ap or he, I have been
    using mostly he for cruisers/dds

    • FallenBut NotForgotten

      +chubby walruss When sailing a BB, AP for other BBs, and HE for everything
      else is a good rule of thumb. You can also use AP on cruisers if your aim
      is good enough to hit citadels

  55. Play Kuma

  56. Yay I live in Baltimore 

  57. ZAO

  58. DarkCydeCA Games

    Phly… never apologize for your content. Even if the gameplay is derpy
    your viewers should support you as you get better, while appreciating your
    commentary and the struggle.
    Thanks for the always entertaining content bud.

  59. svenska spel kanalen

    The kawachi

  60. stop shooting HE against broadside cruisers holy shit

  61. Marica!

  62. I want decreased loading time, goes and instals secondary battery
    modification 3, uhm wat???

  63. Play ishizuchi premium plz :)

  64. Trying to get into this game so that I can relate to your WOWS videos more.
    It’s a weird game for sure. If it weren’t for the beautiful ship models,
    then I would have left it for what it is. Not a very good game with the
    current modes :-(

  65. Shimakaze

  66. Thanks for the video, keep uo the entertaining work!

  67. Pls, its Ataaaago Phly!

  68. The midway carrier

  69. how can you not shooting ap on atlanta? you would nail him with 2
    salvos…not to mention the stopped atago waiting for you broadside in the
    cap circle. like “hey, heres my citadel, do you want it?” “nah. i just like
    he better”

  70. Phly why so nooby first thing you say is let them come to us. You have a
    carrier who is good at range force them away from him so simple an idea.

  71. Fan fuckin tastic dodging at the end, phly

  72. Hey mister PhlyDaly I’m starting out on World of Warships so do you mind
    dulling it down and going for something like the New York and New Mexico
    Battleship? I would appreciate it so much. Kept up the good work man also

    • +Alex Graham boats and beers videos are the ships that i grind through to
      give you some good feedback look out for those

  73. i was lately wondering that your gameplay seems more atmospheric and
    realized that you have music switched off. i did it too and now the game is
    beautifully calmly disturbing…just the wind, waves…and sudden gunfires

  74. zao

  75. Try the Aoba, fun tier 6, only have 3 turrets, but try and compare the
    firerate, and it has really good torps.

  76. please play the YAMATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  77. Phly, you might be interested to know tgat I just met the gunner of turret
    #1 on board the second USS. Newport News. He served aboard her for all of
    her deployments to Vietnam. Just something cool.

  78. Nice game Phlaj but try to use APs on cruisers ;)

  79. Why don´t you use the spotter plane?

  80. My Soft Little Pillow

    Need your setup SOOO hard! You’re playing with 60fps on high graphics when
    recording… I have to play on low graphics with 25-40 fps while not
    recording…….. #jelly

  81. Phly how do you make an intro like that

  82. “G’day mate”, from all your Australian subs.Its great to see quality
    content from this keep doing what you do best.
    Thank you.

  83. christopher tucker

    Phly this game is still missing one very inportant feature…


  84. Can we get some USSR ships? The USSR are the japs from WT, never get any

  85. play the japanese Hatsuharu

  86. How do you fire all cannons in one salvo? Also, how do you view the in
    flight camera of shells that have already been fired?

  87. How do you follow your rounds to the target?


  89. Guillaume Lemaigre

    what i use to do is going full AP against cruiser. The Cleveland would have
    been recked much more quickly since he don’t have much armor.

  90. 2 more videos till 1000!

  91. The Atlanta

  92. Umm phly? I’m just wondering. Is there a battleship Texas? I’ve heard that
    it’s rotting in the inside and it would be really cool if you could take it
    out. Or ask war gaming to add it. Many thanks. ~Kyle 

  93. Y U NO IOWA 

  94. Play the Gearing!

  95. Dont worry about the carrier gameplay video Phly, it’s all forgotten.
    Forget about these crappy ships :D

  96. cathal clotzy Gavin

    Yubari plz

  97. Hey whit which program do yu record your games? It is free?!!

  98. Previously (In early Alpha) you could control your scout planes like you do
    with Carriers.
    Unfortunately, WG thinks it’s over-complicated for casual players so they
    took that function out.

    And btw, that P-51 is a “Fighter” seaplane, its main use is spotting
    torpedoes and intercepting Bombers only. Battleships do get that real
    “spotter” aircraft that boosts max gun range and change sniper view.

  99. Could you play the Cleveland? Plez

    • +Ibe Kerkhoven Just watch his streams on Phlyday (Friday). He just unlocked
      it and he’ll most likely play it.

  100. +PhlyDaily I tagged you wrong in my question :)

  101. I’m calling it at the start, the ship is gonna burst into flame.

  102. +PhlyDaily Flight Did you mean to buy the upgrade for your secondaries? At

  103. Daniel “TheJoker” Johnson

    Dam that game play got me and the edge of my seat

  104. They should put horns in the game just for the hell of it because how can
    you have control a ship and not use the horn lol

  105. I would like to see the Gearing Destroyer 🙂
    or Fletcher

  106. Tier 5,6,7 us destroyers

  107. Tail section was wrong for a P-51

    • +Mc Shagan Looks to me most like a late-model Curtiss P-40 (Warhawk,
      Tomahawk, Kittyhawk) with floats. Haven’t found any specific info on
      floatplane P-40, but variants of Spitfire, Zero and others were trialled
      with floats, so in the WG way it’s a paper possible. But catapult-launched
      from a cruiser? Hmm…

    • +Mc Shagan probably a Curtis observation plane

  108. The fact that you feel the need to apologise to your fans for something
    that you felt was lower than usual standard is lovely, I’m glad you care so
    much about your followers and I thought the video was a nice change up,
    good to see some carrier gameplay!

  109. I use HE on ever thing but mybe other CA…….

  110. Please don`t use HE against cruiser that show you their side. It is so easy
    to score citadel penetrations on them with 203mm AP shells.

  111. Phil, fire AP at those Atagos when less than 10km away. That cruiser has
    huge citadels

  112. Chikuma

  113. Never like US ships

  114. Adam Picklesimer (A Reverend Gamer)

    Dat Kuma doe!

  115. I would love to see you play a high tier IJN Cruiser. Ibuko or Zao.

  116. South Carolina!

  117. Yamato

  118. Can you do the Zao

  119. stefan talpalaru

    +PhlyDaily can u play with USS missouri plz ??

  120. you picked the wrong one.

    Chose Secondary Battery Modification 3 rather then Main Battery
    Modification 3.

    Edit: and youre firing HE against broadside cruisers… fml. You could have
    whooped all those three ships in the cap zone and still have over 20%
    health left
    Fuck me man that was some nubs shit right there

  121. Do a what ships to get beginners tutorial please

  122. +PhlyDaily *Here is a challenge* Yubari with a torpeeduss kill

  123. Hi flea 

  124. +PhlyDaily Phly that P51 is not scout plane but fighter plane.

  125. do you think that the cost of upgrades needs to be fixed?
    i love the game but it has now gotten expensive which sucks and cv attack
    fighters are still unbalanced…..the hold+alt and dog fight skill are the
    same thing when you think it over and dog fight isnt truely affective at all
    any thoughts

  126. +PhlyDaily Kawachi? plz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  127. Chocolate Sprinklez

    Does this game run well on lower-end PCs?

    • +Chocolate Sprinklez Ping might be an issue, aside from that it’s a well
      optimized game so it likely will

  128. David Li (Ninjaslice199)

    I’m going to tell you this, I really hate the alarm sound when the enemy
    try to capture the point so much.

  129. Fail to be first again! !!!!!!

  130. You should play with #squire hes a cool guy

  131. Illuminarty sceambeg

    Right from the shipyard of Big Bill Hell’s ships.

  132. Great vid Phly, keep them up :D. And please do the Langley!!!

  133. crazycakemanflies

    +PhlyDaily you float my boat <3

  134. Man this awesome intro never gets old
    Nice vid m8 :)

  135. nice video!

  136. 6 th lol

  137. such doge, much wows

  138. Nathaniel Jack William Ridley


  139. Nathaniel Jack William Ridley


  140. Ayy lmao first comment?

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