World Of Warships Tier 9 Cruiser Gameplay – Baltimore!

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World Of Warship Gameplay featuring the Tier 9 Baltimore and her beautiful 9*203mm guns, great accuracy and spread.


  1. +just Shane Same here i only use HE vs destroyers/carriers, AP vs other
    cruisers and BBs but only when ships are closer on long range i still spamm
    HE. 🙂
    With DD only HE, and with BBs only AP. 😉

  2. +MistaAbYsSs Oh yer I know all that doesn’t make it any less disgusting

  3. +TheOzTurkish Battleships have bigger dispersion (less accuracy more
    scattered) Cruisers (Phly was in a cruiser) are much more accurate. SC
    battleship is also the first battleship you unlock, of course it isn’t that
    great. Once you get to the new york and new mexico you will have a better
    time hitting stuff and have a lot longer range.

  4. +Youssef Mahmoud He’s not paying to win, he has a press account. ALso,
    could have been a fake Phly. Oh, and before you start spewing nonsense
    about how he must pay for a press account, the reason he has it is because
    people actually like him. Unlike how they must feel about you.

    Oh, by the way, if you don’t like him and you think he sucks, why would you
    click on this video or search it up to watch it? Thanks, now keep your hate
    to yourself.

  5. +Steele Carlson ty man

  6. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +chubby walruss When sailing a BB, AP for other BBs, and HE for everything
    else is a good rule of thumb. You can also use AP on cruisers if your aim
    is good enough to hit citadels

  7. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Bapao SevenSix Why dont you like it? I think its a fantastic game.

  8. +Alex Graham boats and beers videos are the ships that i grind through to
    give you some good feedback look out for those

  9. +FallenBut NotForgotten Thanks

  10. FallenBut NotForgotten

    +Colonel_Klink You can bind it to a different key. I chose Z

  11. +Andrew Wade The middle mouse button for me, only let’s me fire and watch
    the shots that way, not shots that were already in the air like Phly is

  12. Double-click to shoot all at once, then push in your scroll wheel and hold
    it to watch the shot

  13. +Ibe Kerkhoven Just watch his streams on Phlyday (Friday). He just unlocked
    it and he’ll most likely play it.

  14. +Tha King Just wanna see some American destroyers haha 🙂

  15. +syeh bocaj Better yet, a Clemson or a Nicholas. They could use some love
    alrigth. High tiers screw up match making anyway.

  16. +Mc Shagan Looks to me most like a late-model Curtiss P-40 (Warhawk,
    Tomahawk, Kittyhawk) with floats. Haven’t found any specific info on
    floatplane P-40, but variants of Spitfire, Zero and others were trialled
    with floats, so in the WG way it’s a paper possible. But catapult-launched
    from a cruiser? Hmm…

  17. +Mc Shagan probably a Curtis observation plane

  18. Don’t enjoy it too much. Just got 4 citadels tonight in my Aoba on a Atago.
    He didn’t like it 😉

  19. +Harrison Frede roger that will try in future!

  20. Harrison Nandell

    +stefan talpalaru That would be an Iowa class battleship. And he’s already
    done that.

  21. +Chocolate Sprinklez Ping might be an issue, aside from that it’s a well
    optimized game so it likely will

  22. Not Kendrick Lamar


  23. Good GabenNewell

    +Josh Number…. nothing

  24. +Good GabenNewell what do you mean

  25. Good GabenNewell

    +Josh Number Run forest run!

  26. +Illuminarty sceambeg pfffffffffff
    im gonna be PUMPED if I’m the only one who gets that reference

  27. +Nathaniel Jack William Ridley phly first

  28. +Mojomikey321 yep

  29. +Mojomikey321 Regardless lets see the Fletcher!

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