World of Warships – Tirpitz – Team Stop Melting!!!

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Sometimes no matter what you do, you will lose. In this battle with my Tirpitz I run into a team that melted, some of the most WTH RNG moments ever and just wait till you see the final results screen! Ah well…Enjoy everybody!

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  1. 70% of my battles i get teams like that,in 2 min 4-5 ships are sunk,no
    strategy brains at all,just rushing in and get killed,lot of idiots in this
    game too.

  2. Look up my last 2 videos on wowreplays..
    It’s exactly that ALMOST every game I play. Either I carry everyone or lose
    EVERY game.

  3. ohh accuracy :3 it’s soo smooth

  4. Nothing special at all.

  5. Chase. I have the same RNG with my Tirpitz. When in a bind, it screws you,
    apparently more on fast manouvering targets then on large slow ships
    sailing in straight lines

  6. A few days ago i had 2 full caps, 1 shared cap and 31! base defence in a
    Blyskawica on ocean, yet i still did not have the most XP at the end. 2250
    base 6750 with multipliers Because I did not sink any ships. Damn kill
    stealing team. I think killing and capping and living at the end will get
    you the most XP capping and defending and dying will get you a little less.

  7. The donkeyism from WoT is now in full effect in WoWS too. It’s the one
    major hurdle I have always had with WG products, the teams. I just can’t
    play thousands and thousands of battles with these people. I get to about
    3k, and then that game is done for me, it’s just too infuriating. Arguably
    it’s even worse with this game, because naval gunnery.

  8. You do know most World of … players are average more or less my W/R is
    50% in WoWs and 52% in WoT so don’t expect tactical geniuses most of us in
    pub games just do the best we can and try hard so have some respect when we
    don’t quit on you. I had good games where I was the last ship and pulled
    off wins or maybe didn’t win but lost 1:1 taking three of them with me.
    Maybe you can help us with some practical tactics videos for various maps
    from the view of an average player. And ship reviews based on the player
    maybe not being that good over people at your skill level. Same for WoT.

  9. tom kristoffersen

    Yesterday was horrible for me and when thinking after, i think there must
    have been some lags because i had
    the same problem with aiming. Aiming correctly but the bullets had problem
    to hit target. That was in a
    cruisers! I had 8 looses in a row and all of this matches had very bad
    damage, alot lower than usual and also
    alot of bad teams. Strange, friday and saturday was just fine…but
    yesterday? Horrible.

  10. ethan micah Bench

    The XP system being so much different than WoT is why I play this instead.
    I think it’s literally impossible to have a good game in a loss in Tanks,
    but it’s easy to have a good game in a loss in WoWs. Basically even though
    there is some benefit to winning, and possibly some shared team XP, the
    vast majority of XP is awarded for individual effort, unlike Tanks where it
    seems that 1/2 or more of the XP is based on team performance.

  11. hey Chase didn´t you know about the hidden iChase multiplier WG installed
    for you when having s*** teams + derp RNG?

  12. Farming base defense ribbons is the best way to get xp. Imagine stealth
    firing at a BB in a cap with a US DD. Sooo many ribbons.

  13. Nice job iChase! Even though you lost, you won!


  14. Shadowknight5518

    “I purposely ran aground” – Every battleship captain ever

  15. Those base defense ribbons and others pay off more than killing people

  16. Looks like a normal game to me….

  17. had this kind of fucking useless botter trash team 13x yesterday in a row
    on EU,ONLY 1 win after 14 games,and this win was again my result with
    tirpitz against the last 5 ships.
    1. in exp with over 2800 base exp,2. in exp on my team had ONLY 400 base
    exp,this tells you everything what you need to know about the current state
    of fucking subhumantrash you have in wows.
    Round after round after round after round after the next fucking
    round,suicide trash after suicide trash after suicide trash after rambo
    trash after rambo trash after trollo suicide run trash,…i start to belive
    i play with fucking bots against humans or what the fuck is going
    never again a random game on sutterday and sunday!
    This wows is getting to be killed to by this fucking PL,CZ AND RU suicide
    botter trash like wot is since so many fucking years!

  18. Excellent job! Battleship has to be the hardest ship to play well and on
    top of that sink ships.

  19. Furious Sherman

    Good to see iChase using premium consumables, but why doesn’t his captain
    have Superintendent trained on him?

  20. As the Zapper would say “Stop exploding you cowards!!”

  21. sadly enough ichase I have had many games where I do really well, but my
    team loses and I get more xp then the highest xp on the enemy team. I just
    hate when you lose because teammates want to sit broad side to the enemy.
    you try to explain angling but they don’t listen and die.

  22. 8:40 Yeah, I don’t own the Tirpitz because it never really appealed to me –
    largely due to that pretty awful dispersion – but also because I don’t have
    enough fun in Battleships.

    That’s why I want a REAL German Premium CRUISER! Like Prinz Eugen or
    whatever WG can pull from the annals of ship design history in Germany.

    Because I have my Japanese crew trainer premiums: Atago, Fujin, Yubari – I
    have American premiums: Arkansas Beta, Atlanta which I actually very much
    enjoy playing even though I know she technically is neither “strong” nor
    “competitive” enough for her tier, I tend to have quite good success with
    her, and of course Albany, then I have Russian Premiums: Aurora, Murmansk,
    Molotov, and Kutuzov.

    But I have NOTHING to train any German crew! I would REALLY like a premium
    German Cruiser of tier 5 or above that is at very least competitive for the
    tier. Emden is simply too low in tier, and is actually even LESS powerful
    than the regular Dresden fully upgraded, it has 2 less guns!

    Anyway, I definitely want the Zao and Gearing before any other tier 10s –
    but after that, I am stuck because I FEEL like I want the Hindenburg more
    than the Moskva, and probably even the Des Moines.

    That said, I MAY want the Moskva next depending on what I see and hear
    about it once people such as yourself, Flamu, Notser, Aeroon, iEarlGrey,
    and others actually OWN the ship for a few weeks and do some good videos as
    to how you SHOULD play the ship and your/their thoughts on how the Moskva
    stacks against the other 3 tier 10 Cruisers.

  23. Ughhhhh… I feel your pain with this match! This happens to me in probably
    about 1 in 6 games or so, where the enemy team just works together SO VERY
    much better than mine does, that everyone evaporates!

    Aaand unfortunately I am not as OP as you, Chase! XD

  24. james ward-gwilliam

    this is so my RNG with shots in the tirpitz and then looking at the results
    screen like okay then. tipritz RNG it either wrecks everything in sightor
    it makes you go WTF shells. i love it to bits though.

  25. Three things to say about this video:
    1st: This happens to me a lot when I sail in my North Carolina.
    2nd: The Tirpitz is a beast. Imagine what the Bismarck will do when it will
    be introduced.
    3rd: I have also realized that from Tier VIII all BBs should have AA
    captains and modules.

  26. +iChaseGaming you must know that you will not always get into a battle
    where the better team is always with you

  27. all the ‘teams’ I played with last night (Sunday) were all like yours … I
    went and played another game of something that didn’t involve having to
    ‘win’ anything. :)

  28. This is standard for my Tirpitz, i set it up to brawl and the team hides

  29. 753 more base exp than the first of the winning team: :(

  30. Thanks to the info i get from your videos and the other videos i watch i am
    having quite a few battles in which i get the same result- 1st spot on the
    loosing team with more exp that the top 3 (some times N1) of the winning
    side…. so yeah .. ur not the only one… and i honestly dont count that
    as a defeat if u got more exp then the people on the winning team….
    (Grosse_Franz – EU server )

  31. i seem to have games like this 80% of the time. both winning and losing,
    one team always melts.

  32. i got 2600 base Xp on a loss once

  33. ichase you arent only one who finds this.. itsl ike no one knows or bothers
    to learn to play their class at all period i never see destroyers going
    after other destroyers just try and go after bbs, cruisers never go after
    other cruisers or support other cruisers just go for bbs or cvs bbs barely
    able to push cause other classes aent doing their jobs 🙁 so get matchs
    like this all the time in your first game

  34. why he renamed icarlee?

  35. Had a better one than this the other day, like most of my matches lately
    :(, in my Myoko in a standard battle;1846 base xp with 6 kills, Confederate
    and High Calibre and 160K damage for a loss. Next highest on my team
    was 615 base xp, while the top on the enemy team was only 1272!You know
    you’re getting bad teams when you’re 3 times the score of the next on your
    side and 1 and a half of the top enemy player and you still have a loss :(

  36. Richard Heijden

    Sometimes u just get a time that doesn’t want to win. Yesterday a match on
    2 brother. 3 ships left 9 to right. Enemy half on half. Our 9 ship send to
    Davy Jones locker in 5/7 min. We killed all on left side. Tried to save cap
    tru mid but wasn’t a success since about 6 ships were waiting for me in our

  37. I have a rule. If you lose a ship in the first 5 minutes of the battle:

  38. Jonathan MacKenzie

    I have had that result when I was in the losing team in my Kongo.

  39. Once got a 90k dmg defeat in a Kolberg. Only won a single battle in my
    entire time playing that ship.

  40. Somers The Sunless

    I had 2203 XP on a loss in my Fletcher, I have screen shots for u non-
    believers. Weekend MM is aids in WoWs.

  41. I had top base XP a few times when I was on the losing side. It’s pretty
    funny when every player on your team is below 700 and your 2000 sticks out
    like the biggest shit bucket in wows

  42. Ah, well at least you didn’t get 2 “You haven’t proven yourself in this
    battle” battles in a row. Getting killed literally by RNG in the first
    minute. Yay detonations. :P

  43. General Cartman Lee

    I recently got 2361 base XP for a loss with the Atlanta. The Tirpitz, Amagi
    and New Mexico in my team got not much more combined…

  44. talk about an anti climax
    ive had more base xp than the winners on a few occasions, didnt think
    anything of it

  45. Tirpitz accuracy is so painful to watch sometimes … A random match with a
    bunch of casuals , what do you expect iChase ? I wonder , most games have a
    tutorial and basics for new players at the start , WoWs already have 1 year
    released and NO TUTORIAL mode …. nothing at all to teach basics to
    newcomers . Thanks to you and other YTbers we can get amazing guides to
    play this game better . Thanks to WG , most players dont even know what
    their ships are supposed to do .

  46. happens sometimes for me too… losing with a highest score above all
    player in both team, feeling like the russians have some wired mm mechanism

  47. This is very usual in asia sever
    Even though in high tier room, many of less experience players always go to
    died at first
    you can feel this when you come to asia sever

  48. that exp thing has happened to me in a shima and i was just over 2k on a

  49. 11 defend base points give more then people realise ?

  50. I got just shy of 2k base XP in a Kamikaze on a loss, it was hilarious, I
    had one kill when the entire team died leaving me 1v6, they were literally
    seconds from winning on cap(standard battle) when I put my ship on the cap,
    then I killed 5 of them, but ran out of map and the final cruiser got me.

    Best match I ever had, wish I had that on replay. Combination of Kraken,
    Confederate, High Caliber and a bunch of devastating strikes and base

  51. defensive and shot down ribbons are really juicy

  52. Oh iChase. What are you guys doing fighting west of A? If the enemy wants
    to control the map edge, let them! And let them sail empty for the trouble.
    They won’t be able to lob shells over that tall mountain.

    Go central and fight there instead. If you win, you win control over B plus
    the ability to support either side.

  53. Hey, iChase, what reticule setup do you recommend using? I’ve been away
    from the game for a while, and though I watched your guide on the new
    dynamic reticule, I noticed you weren’t using it, and am wondering if
    there’s a reason for it. Also, should I use the autotrack target setting or
    maintain the lead manually?

  54. Gareth Fairclough

    These teams…melting…they’re like the wicked witch of the west, no?

  55. There’s a chinese saying. Don’t be scared of god like opponents, but one
    should fear pig like teammates.

  56. it happens everyday in Asia server:)
    you can watch siki;s channel when he plays in Asia

  57. The Drunken Gamer

    Sorry to hear ya gotta move, man. Hopefully it works out for ya!

  58. I’ve had a handful of games like that too

  59. There was a time when my team was doing so great I didn’t get to do

  60. The Nick Holland

    what is Discord?

  61. n3v3r you pleb ;)

  62. Sir Failalot The ll

    ive gotten 700k credits defeat… sent it in to noster

  63. i usually do this with my nikolai. end up losing but i get more xp than

  64. yup….strange things happens sometimes

  65. 11x Base defends also generate a lot of XP.

  66. “You normally wouldn’t see this” …
    Normally, yet I feel like this still happens a bit too often ;_;

  67. iChase, you cant upload a tirpitz vid. now my vid tomorrow is gonna look
    like a copy cat :/ only my team wins 😀 .

  68. Happens everytime on sea asia server. Especially tier 8 battle. New player
    premium ships :p

  69. It had to be the base defenses. You did not have a cap, so that is the only
    thing out of the ordinary. Also those torps missed you, it was the two
    fires that got you in the end.


    yea that battle wasnt fun =.= made me get off for that night lol since i
    was doing bad in the prev matches

  71. Yep it’s happening

  72. my games the last two days feels like the video. except, my skills also
    turned potato… my best game the last two days was an 80k iowa game that
    was a loss.

  73. I saw Tirpitz and got excited, was slightly let down that it wasn’t my
    derpitz replay 😛
    Still an enjoyable replay to watch! Thanks for sharing it! Dat RNG

  74. feels like the time I was in my farrgaut, on the two brothers map. held
    down my side of the map near solo *everyone else there melted away* and
    then while doing that and getting 4 kills, *entire other flank gets
    completely destroyed* 1.7k Base xp. highest among everyone lol on a defeat
    XD. funny thing is, our team only managed to do one kill by Themselves.

  75. hae you heard about the montana buff chase?

  76. Good luck with finding a new place,…make sure they have good Internet.

  77. Hey Chase

    Thanks again for all your hard work … always like watching your vids

    An easy question for you … the piano theme tune you use has stuck in my
    head – what’s the song and who plays it?

    Thanks again!

  78. Yeah been in games like that and sadly done my fair share of stupid
    mistakes that got me killed right away. Wish though I could shoot as well
    as you do! And yes I’ve watched your educational videos and practices,
    still will even miss the islands at time… 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

  79. Xannari Ferrows

    198 secondary shells fired…
    16 hits…
    And this is on the Tirpitz…
    German beer everyone

  80. Nice to see that iCarly is a familiar face after all.

  81. Does anybody know if the Warspite has been nerfed? I play it a lot and
    within the past week or so the accuracy has turned from being great, to
    awful…like bad-battleship bad…. It’s gone from my favourite ships to
    one of my least favourite :(


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