World of Warships- Top 5 Cruisers

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Hey guys! Today I bring y’all an updated Top 5 Cruisers list, along with a giveaway! Enjoy!

Giveaway entry example:
IGN: Sea_Lord_Mountbatten
Server: NA
[Insert clever joke here]

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. IGN: Remergyy
    Server: EUW
    Don’t worry about the fires Captain, I’m sure the flooding will put them out.

  2. IGN: AnotherDoomsday
    Server: NA
    Joke: Anti-Aircraft Artillery in WoWs

  3. IGN: Miro_unconquerable
    Server: EU
    Roses are red ,sea is blue , my teammates are pink why is that i have no clue :} !

  4. IGN: Tomaszoniks
    Server: EU
    [Insert clever joke here]

  5. Ign: jeeeeeeright
    Server: eu
    Let’s keep the Russian economy going!

  6. IGN: Zerstoerelot
    Server: EU
    Joke: the teams we get in randoms sometimes

  7. IGN: AimBotSwitch
    Server: NA
    My friend crashed his Honda Accord into a tree, so now he has an accordion.

  8. Batten: says the stalingrad is a small battleship


  9. Ign: Shiftonizer
    Server: eu
    “There are only two types of ships, carriers and targets.”

    Server: NA
    Imagine setting a CV on fire lol.

  11. IGN: S_h_i_v_a
    Server: EU
    “what language is that, Klingon?” everytime someone does NOT use english

  12. IGN: cougbat
    Server: EU
    joke: me in a DD

  13. IGN Leveline
    Server: EU
    Joke: my battle record-

  14. IGN: htizzle1
    Server: NA
    joke: SS Kamchatka- “do YOU see torpedo boats?”

  15. IGN: DrHairy
    Server: NA
    “I like turtles!”

  16. IGN: Black_Shadow_destroyer
    Server: EU
    Imagine Wargaming removing CV’s.

  17. IGN: Black_Shadow_destroyer
    Server: EU
    Richtofen devastating enemy team.
    *Wargaming calls it “balanced”*

  18. IGN: Magnustgegrate
    server: eu
    joke: Me being able to afford anything that costs silver

  19. ign: CaptinCaavemaan
    server: NA
    “ive been at 1/4 speed since 5 mins, and someone ALWAYS scrapes into my hull”

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