World of Warships- Top 5 Future Premiums Of 2024

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Hey guys! Today we go over five premium ships I’d like to see added in 2024! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:39 5. New Jersey
6:14 4. Guam
9:17 3. Surcouf
11:50 2. Impero
15:02 1. Johnston


  1. I’d like an R class Battleship of any kind, HMAS Australia and Sydney. Rodney would also be cool.

    • Royal Sovereign/Arkhangelsk would fit as a decent t6 in both British or Soviet trees. A slower QE with better armor.

    • The R class could even use the supership mechanics with an alt firing mode, that increases range and pen, representing the supercharges that the15″/42s were capable of using,
      Rodney should be Nelson trading the super heal for the normal T7 RN heal, Duncan torps (maybe with reduced alpha for balance), Yukon’s rudder, a 8% engine boost, and decent accuracy, after all, this pays tribute to her performance involving Bismarck.

    • @Feathered_Hunter-rf5zx

      The Sydney was a cruiser but yes the game needs it

    • @@Feathered_Hunter-rf5zx ik

    • @@Feathered_Hunter-rf5zx Sydney was also an aircraft carrier (The Vũng Tàu Ferry)

  2. It is a shame Rodney isn’t here yet, especially since it sank the Bismark.

    It would also be nice to get a tier 8 KGV with realistic armor and some other thing like radar or hydro, and a faster reload.

    Soucouf should get a good french ap round only, great accuracy, and mediocre torps, but then great surface concealment, so the playstyle is to sneak up and try to land one or two citadels on a bb or cruiser then submerge and run. Maybe the plane could be some sort of super spotter

    • @borislavstoqnov5132

      I really don’t know why they bothered releasing that Collingwood fantasy when all they had to do was take the Nelson, slap reload booster and torps on her and move her on tier 8 as Rodney while also maybe exchanging the superheal for better extremities plating and less retarded citadel layout. That would have sold much better than the lootbox filler that is the Collingwood.

    • ​@borislavstoqnov5132 they have a habit of avoiding some real steel ships…I’m still waiting on the other Iowa classes…but it’s OK we got illinois..soon to be rhode island…yay..

    • give surcouf a burst fire or a reload booster so it can pop up shoot and submerge

    • tbh honest it barely did a thing since it was reported that the 16in shells couldnt pierce the belt. it was the ark royal that killed the ship with her torp planes

    • @cplchanb  yeah the planes did most of the work but for all its worth, the bismarck went down fighting like a boss and it took a fair few ships to bring her down which is pretty epic itself

  3. In general, I think the problem with most premium spitballing for built-in-steel ships is that the vast majority are USN (not to say having more USN ships in-game isn’t a bad thing, there are a bunch I’d like to see in WoWS), since we’ve basically run out (or already run out years ago in some cases) of distinct ships for every other nation with very few exceptions (RN never built any truly high tier BBs/CAs). It’s annoying to think of what/how many USN ships WG won’t include.

    Personally, I’d like HMS Sheffield (Tier VIII, Edinburgh with HE and a standard heal), HMS Ajax (Tier VII, Leander with better reload and a radar i/o smoke), HMS Norfolk (Tier VII, Surrey sidegrade, longer reload, superheal x2, and longer base range), Z-23 (in her historic configuration with 150mm guns), an up-tiered Eisatz Yorck (because Zieten is ugly as sin), another Gearing (a post-war refit which made some of them like a Kidd analogue), a Spaehkreuzer in the CA slot (Tier VI, Felix Schultz shells, standard German smoke/hydro, one rack of Z-44 torps, gets a spotter/fighter i/o the second torp rack), and a bunch of others which don’t currently come to mind.

  4. @captainpotatoaim9381

    The fact we still havent seen any R class battleships added at this point is quite frankly unbelievable imo

    • @christhompson9140

      The R class were inferior to the QE class. They could include one though.

      They could include Rodney, Howe or Anson

    • @captainpotatoaim9381

      If War gaming wanted to add an actual real Soviet BB they could add the HMS Royal Soverign in the Soviet Configuration as the Arkhangelsk@@christhompson9140

  5. WG did a version of New Jersey on the console version. Kept her the same tier as Iowa and gave her slightly more accurate guns

  6. @gregorioconti5998

    At one point Italy also thought of converting Impero into a full carrier, so there’s that too

  7. @papaversomniferum2365

    I imagine Johnston like Kidd with few thousand more HP, improved heal (more like light cruiser heal), exhaust smoke and SAP shells (or reload booster, but SAP would fit to Johnston more than regular AP/HE set). And ofc Johnston should be at tier IX.

    P.S I Would love to see another Polish DD, ORP Wicher, she was the only Polish destroyer, that stood in Poland (other, like Błyskawica or Grom went to England, conducting “Peking plan), Wicher was covering minelayer ORP Gryf at entrance to Gdańsk bay, near Hel peninsuia, bravely fightning off luftwaffe squadrons wich were supposed to serve on Graf Zepelin (ofc it never came true), later on moving back to Hel’s port and shelling german destroyer flotilla (1934 and 1934A DDs) that were advancing towards port, Leberecht Maas got hit few times and ran under smoke screen. Wicher stood bravely till the bitter end, getting at least 4 hits from Stuka diver bombs.
    I Imagine ORP Wicher to be tier VIII premium Polish DD, armed with decent AA, 4 french 130mm fast reloading guns mounted in single turrers with improved HE shell penetration, with flat trajectory arcs, short (like 8km range would be enough) two torpedo mounts. ORP Wicher in such configuration with extra healing repair party, defensive AA firepower and 15% speed boost. Wicher was comissioned in 1930, so i’d like to see her as a gunboat, able to take down “versitile” DDs (like german 1934 Leberecht Maas is portrayed in game) with AA powerful enough to stop same tier CV plane squadrons. Obviously no smoke screen on Wicher;s board to make her more balanced to tier VIII. Yet stil with unique gameplay, different from other Pan-European ships.
    Yeah, ORP Wicher would be amazing, last defender of HEL, making germans feel pain in the ass!

  8. Appreciate all the effort you put into your videos. Very helpful especially for a greenhorn like me. Happy new year 🎉

  9. @isaacstutzman2591

    Ship Idea: A tier 8 King George V-class battleship (maybe Prince of Wales or Anson) that’s armored to the historical KGV specs, but as a tradeoff it doesn’t get the British improved heal. Maybe in addition to that you get improved guns, with better accuracy or faster reload, maybe even a reload booster if you want to gimmick hard with it.

  10. I’d really like to see Laffey (the Allen M. Sumner one) as a T10 coal or even steel ship or something, she could give up smoke for an emergency engine boost, improved def AA, and a heal, maybe even give her SAP and HE

  11. I would like to see the Wisconsin in the game with Texas level AA before rework pretty much a regular Iowa but with AA that is pretty much the bane of CVs that’s gold right there especially since CVs are on everyone’s blacklist

  12. USS Washington with Radar and Adm. Lee as her Captain and with very accurate guns and better secondaries as well.

  13. @frankjohnson4134

    LOVE the idea of the Johnston. I’d like to see the USS Laffey with insanely good AA.

  14. I thought of the Impero as a ship that needs to be in World of warships before 2024 and I wanted it to Be unique and playing into her History.
    My concept for Impero is inspired by the Idea that if the Italian Navy needed to get Impero into Service regardless of the Fact the Brindisi Dockyard she was moved to in fear of a french air attack that never came, had Complex logistics problems just to get parts for her engines and Rudders delivered. the only way I could see her finished in the dockyard is by scavenging weapons from other warships and some Land-based AA guns to speed up commissioning.

    Impero- Tier 8 Battleship concept.

    Main Battery: – Nine 320mm/44 cailber guns, found on the Andrea Doria class battleships, Has High Accuracy combined with a high Muzzle Velocity with access to either HE Shells with Poor Chances of starting fires, or A.P Shells With improved Ricochet Angles. effective against Cruisers and Destroyers.
    Secondary battery:
    (8×1) 90mm/50 caliber – fast firing Dual purpose guns with 2 turrets on each side, fires HE Shells with 15mm of pen.
    (8×2) 203mm/50 (8inch) weapons from a Trento class cruisers, two twin turrets per side replacing the 152mm triples. They have a Slow rate of Fire ( 13 seconds ) but good damage and accuracy with Flat ballistics, Fires SAP shells.
    Max secondary range 11Km.

    AA: (8×2) 20/65 modello 35, 20mm guns.
    (8×2) 37mm model 40 twin cannons.
    (4×1) 76/40 model 1916 (Cannone da 76/40 modificata 35 mounting)
    continues damage: 174
    (6×1) 90mm/50 (3 flak puffs)

    Ship hull characteristics: She gets 60,900 HP and Impero would have poor Armor for her Turrets (280mm for durability sake) and thinner upper belt armor then her sisters (55 from 70)

    Special gimmick: Impero gets an improved heal that restores more HP then the Lepantos heal at tier 9 by 20HP, but has a slightly longer cool-down to compensate.
    She could come with an Exhaust Smoke generator with a longer action time then the Vittorio but not as long as the Giuseppe Verdi’s smoke.
    Imperos Main armament module would have increased HP to make it more survivable in higher tier matches. The 203mm secondary turret modules have good HP and less likely to be destroyed by initial engagements with enemy ships due to the limited number of other secondary battery weapons and long reload time of the 203mm secondaries.

  15. Although it would add further craziness, I’d like to see the cruiser submarine minelayer USS Argonaut (SM-1). She had a dedicated minelaying system unique in the USN, plus two 6-inch (152 mm) guns. Actually, all submarines could lay mines via the torpedo tubes, although it would impact torpedo stowage.

  16. A cool one would be Scipione Africano, another capitani romani class ship. She had short but interesting service history with the RM. One of the very few italian ships equipped with a surface search radar (the gufo) and used it successfully during operations scylla where she engaged some british pt boats at night. A radar smokeless regolo would be interesting.

  17. @cerneysmallengines

    The Prince Eugene, T9 American Cruiser

    The infamous ship, the Prinz Eugen, was handed off to America after the war for reparations. She was unfortunately sank at the Bikini Atoll for Nuclear Testing. I propose 2 options to re-introduce her into the game.

    Option 1, what if America kept her. Have her keep the 6km hydro, lose one of the torp launchers on each side, give her a 9.5km radar, a little better armor, a little better heal and put her as an American Premium T9 cruiser.

    Option 2, nuclear monster from the depths. Have her rise from the depths as an undead ship. Keep her EXACTLY the same and put her at t9, but give her an insane version of the French saturation. All of her hull is pre-saturated, so shells do less damage to you as a result. Make her rudder gear and engines more susceptible to being knocked out, but give her a fast action heal to compensate for it.

  18. @britneylheureux1663

    My suggestions for ships

    1. Tre Kronor, VII pan euro cl.
    Mabye make it have hydro and DFAA since it was a post ww2 ship, and also because of that it woul probably have weak armor

    2. Gotland, VI pan euro hybrid cl. To compensate for its low number of 5 6 inch guns, it could have a squadern of torpedo bombers since it was a hybrid ship

    3. Bolzano, VI italian CA
    Basically a trento but it can actually take hits and has more farther range

    4. Minas gerais, V pan american BB
    It could have DFAA and a improved heal to replace the old Texas

    5. Rivadavia, IV Pan american bb
    Idk mabye have improved AP or somthin

    6. Taksin, V pan asian cl
    Give it SAP shells instead of AP since it was ordered from italy

    7. Australia, III commonwealth BB.
    Mabye a better indefatigable?

    8. Shinano, X japanese CV
    Give it the plane smoke genorater and good torp bombers

    9. Riachuelo, tier V or VI pan american BC
    Fast ship speed but weak AA

    10. Clemenceau, X french CV
    Give it the minefield thing that the american escort CVs had during testing

    11. Witcher, tier V pan euro DD
    Hard hitting HE and good concelement

    12. Magnificent, VIII commonwealth CV
    Maybe AP carpet bombers like malta

    13. Nagara, V japanese CS
    Just make it a tier V kitakami with only 20 torps

    14. Dubrovnik, VII pan euro DD
    Smaller Split
    With better AA and speed but no radar

    15. Veinticino D. Mayo, V pan american CL
    La Argentina, just that with better reload and HE shells

    16. Espana, III spanish BB
    Its a indefatigable with some burst firing

    17. Nevada, V american BB
    Its an Oklahoma with A superheal and 20 second reload

    18. Ersatz Monarch, VI pan euro bb
    The Virus Unities but how it should have been since WG put a Tier IV bb at tier V

    19. Illustrious, VIII british CV
    Tier VIII Ark royal
    20. Royal Oak, V british BB
    Tier V repulse with a good engine boost and super heal

    21. Rodney, VII british BB
    Nelson with Torps, engine boost, and a normal heal since it fought and sunk bismark

    22. Jeanne d’arc, V french CL
    Just a tier V dupliex

    23. Ontario, VIII Commonwealth CL
    Edinburgh with hydro, great concelement, super ASW, and a crawling smoke but terrible AA, tiny HP pool, and omaha level citadel

    24. Tosa, VIII japanese BC
    Yumihari but not a shitstick. better AP accually accurate guns

    25. Wasp, VI american CV
    Smoke genorater for its planes and tier VIII Bombers
    Since its looks like saipan and a escort carrier

    26. Novara, III pan euro CA
    Just a tier III cruiser with worse armor that goes fast because it was a scout cruiser

    27. Isaac Sweers, VI pan euro
    Gallant with Dutch airstrike
    And a different hull since its dutch

    28. Churucca, V spanish dd
    A normal tier V DD but with burst fire because its a spanish ship

    29. Reina victoria, II spanish CA
    A normal tier II CA. There is really nothing else

    30. Douro, IV spanish DD
    Same as the tier V one but at a lower tier

    31. Gloworm, VI british DD
    Gallant with a Superheal and a larger HP pool

    32. Bahia, III pan american CL
    Caledon but with an engine boost and HE shells since it is brazilian made and not bought from The Uk

    33. Yavuz, V pan euro BB
    Better Moltke

    34. Gleaves, VII american DD
    Take a mahan, give it crappy torps, and kidd guns

    35. Northampton, VI american CA
    Imagine an Indianapolis at tier VI not tier VII, its just that

    36. Mendoza, V pan american DD
    Only AP shells but it can not ricochet only pen. To even that out it has a AP alpha damage of 700

    37. Buenos aries, IV pan american DD
    Same thing as the mendoza, only ap with terrible alpha but super pen angles

    38. Lillicarp, VIII british BC
    Imagine an Albermarle that is alot harder to citadel and has bigger guns

    39. Echigo (No.13 design) IX japanese BC
    Its the Adatra with better speed and Great AA

    And lastley 40. Empress (K3 BC design) VIII british BC.
    Nelson with two turrets bow and 1 stern, it can go 30 knots and has torpedoes, however it has worse fire chances and only an improved heal, not a super heal.

  19. for me, my personal want… project 1047 was initially supposed to be based on the dunkerque, but eventually the dutch went with the germans, leading to the design that wound up roughly in the game as the gouden leeuw. in order to scratch that itch, and to make up for the personal disappointment that is the marseille, i’d love to see an alternative 1047-ish design for the dutch at tier 10 with the dunkerque’s 330mm quad guns!

  20. Given that a lot of players don’t like submarines in wows (or in the current iteration of their mechanics), but Dutch and Italian submarines are my top wishlist for tech trees. Especially when dutch’s subs are the MVP of allied naval operations during early stage of pacific theatre against japanese. Other than that, a new branch of torpedo-focus American tech tree with Allen M. Sumner as the top tier would be nice too

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