World of Warships Team wishes you a Happy 2024!

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  1. @Temporaryname-ej5it

    For me it is the Commonwealth Cruisers that is gonna make 2024 fun 🤩

  2. All the ebst. Looking forward to the next year in my favourite FTP game :~)

  3. Happy New Year Wows team and fellow players 🎇

  4. thanks for all the boats in boxes this xmas…. i did pretty well with them – and they were mostly boxes from missions and so on.. i look forward to Swiss cv’s and Liechenstien BBs in 2024.

    • Careful what you wish for

    • cuban Aircraft carriers come first….

    • @smilingpolitely12345

      Crates suck ! , I have 16 super ships , 84 T10 135 premium total 438 ships , and what kind of ships I have won ark royale , maya & ashitaka from 48 mega crates that i have open , because game is rigged and more you play game reword you with weaker rewords because you are allready “in” so they dont need to care about you … I have buddy who started to play game , and he opened 10 big crates and 3 mega he won T7Huyga, T8 I56 , T8 Tone ,T9 Marco Polo , T9 Kronshtad …

  5. I wish this year all wars over and end. New age start with peaceful world sharing and smile
    i wish everyone have a very nice year and good times with friends and family always happy

  6. Happy New Year! To the community and the team at Wargaming!🎆

  7. If only the wows dev team listened to the wows community and didn’t do the exact opposite ! hope the dev team listens in 2024 for a change !

  8. @panagiotisargyris6423

    Happy new year to our gifted WOW team , all the best for you and your close people for the new year .Thanks for a fantastic game and we sub players we look forward to super subs in 2024!

  9. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 2024 dla całego Wow 😅❤

  10. I look forward to the awesome event’s you have planned in the coming year!

  11. Happy New Year everyone! This Christmas is the BEST from WoWs, 2 new Premium ships from Santa Containers! 🙂

  12. @gabrielpividal8329

    My struggle of 4 minutes of seeking for the codes has been rewarded with wo wo niang presence i just love her

  13. looking forward to spend another year with wows, happy new year and fair seas

  14. Together we will forge ahead unto another new horizon. Happy new year WoWS!

  15. 01:11 “New Stuff coming” 01:42 “Cool changes” Isn’t that usually announced in the WoWS Waterline series? The NA server has not seen such a video for 2024 new items. It is good to see all the WG staff healthy and still around. See you on the seas. ⚓ 👍

  16. I wish you all the best, happiness, satisfaction from your work, good teammates, fair bosses, good health and long live Wows.
    Happy New Year

  17. Happy New Year to the World of Warships Team! Here’s hoping for plane camo removal option, dual-purpose secondary AA animations, and of course, some more ship balance changes for older premium ships that sorely need it! **California buffs included, of course!** ~-~º(^v~)ºv~-~

  18. Keep Asymetric battles as a permanent mode!

  19. Happy New Year for all the player and WG developers. (I like the modules)

  20. Happy New Year to all of you

    Just one question – Are you guys adding another tier?

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