World of Warships- Top 5 Rare Premium Ships

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Hey guys! Today we go over five rare premiums that I would highly recommend picking up if you ever had the chance! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 List Intro
1:23 5. Mass
4:41 4. Musashi
8:47 3. Jean Bart
12:02 2. Benham
14:33 1. Georgia


  1. A very interesting list and it’s strange I have 2 or 3 of these ships which I paid almost zero money for

    • Sure howd that happen,?

    • @B.A Georgia, the only ship from this list I own, was available for 228,000 coal in the Armory back in 2021.

    • ​@JimBlock999 That’s how I got mine.

    • @B.A via coal, steel etc and saving up my free gold and also lots of coupons…. did not log into my NA account for months and when I did I triggered a happy return bonus and then I used my 20% off purchases gold and then used my 20% off ships costs so my Mass ended up like 80% to 90% off list price – I did buy a black mass at Black Friday sale for my EU account.

    • I have 3 Musashi, Benham & Georgia , Musashi my first T9 and my main credit earner I farmed FXP for 4 months to get her , Benham I lost whole summer to get her , and Georgia coal so basically free ship , Ijust regret I did not grabbed Jean Bart when he was on coal , I have chosen combo Smolensk & Thunderer steel + coal , and when I made few month break from game , and when I was back JB was gone :/

  2. I should have a go with Musashi again. Last time I took her out, I got 6 super CV games in a row, and, unsurprisingly, 6 losses on the bounce.

    • Yep T9 is the old T8. I notice premiums most all the time end up being uptiered, must be in the match maker programing

    • It’s a damage pinata for CV matches. That’s it’s big weakness. Terrible AA and moves like a dinosaur. I’m playing CV and see a Yamato or Musashi is on the other team, that’s always one of my first priority targets.

    • Then HUG those AA cruisers and hope you get air support.

    • @bmvhusky I agree while in a CV i have done several times and they are Hp cows lol

  3. I have the Massachusetts and Massachusetts Black…Pretty sure the MB was a give-away or container or something. Always a fun ship for brawling! Have the Jean Bart also…lots of fun! I love my Georgia! Super fast… I was shocked to get a Guilio Cesare in a supercontainer last year, never expected I would see her.

  4. Gremyashchy.. The OG premium ship and still probably the most powerful tier 5 DD

  5. I have all of those except the Musashi. Benham is the most recent one, and it is a blast. Just don’t get into a gunfight unless the target is very low HP. I think Jean Bart was the first one I got. Not as good as when it was new, but it’s still fun. Having both the Black Friday and regular version is handy, one is focused on main guns, the other on secondaries. And I’m a mad brawler, so I love the secondary build. I even secondary-specced my Yamato. Still testing that on out.

  6. The kamikaze would probably fit well on this list. I have not played it personally but some of the videos I have seen of the kamikaze killing tier sevens with ease make it look quite good.

    • Agree 100%! I try to get one (within reason) buying Santa containers every year

    • I use this little assassin to build commander Xp and then move those commanders up to mid to upper tiers.

    • DoubleWide Motorsports

      Kamikaze R with a 21 point captain is pretty brutal, I think mine has a 22 second torpedo reload but don’t remember exactly. When ranked battles uses Tier V ships, my win record has to be over 80% with the R.

    • imperator nikolai

    • the trio minekaze ( tech V) kamikaze R and fujin are more or less the same. sure minekaze as weaker torp ( less dmg but still 10k, and a bit slower), but work as same, very short limit of invisible torp, but fast reload on torp , only pain is the gun that take age to turn

  7. Soundstorm99 WOWS

    4:41 Yes
    12:03 YES YES
    THESE SHIPS were one of the best things to ever happen to the game compared to new TRASH PREMIUMS they ever made

  8. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    I would have substituted Alaska for Musashi. She’s a lot easier to get since she has a Black version and she is a lot more versatile than Musashi since she has radar, hydro and good AA.

    • how does being easier to get makes her a better canditate for top rare list?

    • Ashleigh Elizabeth

      @First Name because he clearly stated that anything that is completely unavailable is NOT on this list. If I’m going to make a list of rare ships not available in the armory or premium shop I’d give a higher ranking to those that have better options for being acquired. Musashi has an infinitesimal chance of being acquired by 90% of the player base that doesn’t already own her. Therefore she is of little interest to me and would thus rank lower on my list of “rare ships”. This is doubly so since the current meta makes her a less than ideal rare ship to acquire.

      Alaska on the other hand, while difficult to acquire is not nearly impossible to add to a player’s port. There is a reasonable expectations that like Jean Bart and Massachusetts she WILL be available for a set (albeit very small) time frame each year without relying on luck of the draw. That in my mind makes her a better candidate for this list.

      I could argue the merits of including Benham for the same reason HOWEVER I give Benham a pass because she IS in fact one of the most busted OP rare ships in the game and Musashi just ISN’T. Alaska on the other hand is still highly relevant and versatile in the current meta and is definitely worthy of being included. The fact that she is easier to acquire than Musashi is IMO just a happy bonus.

  9. Georgia is my highest played ship and I have a 67% win rate (mostly solo play). This thing is beyond busted. Average damage is like 112k for me (max only about 250k). Granted, I only have about 104 battles with it so I could have just gotten some good match making for these stats.

  10. Christian Valentin

    Now that WG has expanded the tiers that can participate in Scenarios, the Massachusetts is my go to ship. In Narai in particular she is a blast.

  11. I really like the Massachusetts (of which I have two, original and black friday) and the Georgia. In spite of the nurff the secondaries of both ships are awesome.

  12. I would definitely have put HMCS Haida in this list.

  13. I feel somewhat honored to have four of these five ships (I do not have Benham)

    The Musashi suffers in co-op play for being too tanky. The algorithms and heuristics of the bots order targets based on how easy they are to damage. Not only are bots reluctant to push against a Musashi, they seldom even shoot at them.

    There is something weird about the spotting mechanics that means that Jean Bart and Georgia are my go to ships for farming spotting damage. I suspect that it has something to do with BBs being able to see further, or BBs drawing fire and causing ships to reveal themselves. I point the ship towards the enemy side and hit the engine boost. The resulting spotting damage is not great (10k to 30k), but greater than my results trying to get spotting damage playing DDs in co-op.

  14. I got three out of 5. I bought the mass b last Black Friday, and I got the JB b in a gambling box. I got the Georgia instead of Thunderer for coal on the last couple days before both were removed. I would have liked to get both, but I only had the coal for one.

  15. Musashi is quite good in the modes where max tier is 9, no CV and no Musashi on enemy team

  16. Everyone forgets Haida on these lists. Having a tier 7 version of a vampire 2 is crazy, especially with that super good concealment.

  17. I agree, The Georgia is a great ship[ to use. The Musashi is the least favorite of mine, but for different reasons (really slow turret crawl). I can never really line up a shot unless the player waltzes in front of me.

  18. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Pity didn’t include the Kamikaze R. Easily number 1 spot for rarest premium and the most fun to play. Is available in Santa Containers now for the first time since last Christmas.

  19. Hmmmmmmm Jean Bart, what a wonderfull ship. One of the few i am chill with. Good gun, with good mobility, reload booster, eventually playable with a secondary build ( i don’t play mine with this build ).

  20. Gota say, I was surprised to have none of your list on mine, except Benham. The JB and Mass, are both available via black Friday, so easier to get than most. Maybe because I’m a DD main, I would have said, Msashi or Georgia, but then Haida, Kamikaze, and and easy #1: Smalland.

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