World of Warships- Top 5 Ships That Were nerfed To Hell

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Hello guys, today we go over my Top 5 Ships that WG brought the nerf hammer down on! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
1:08 5. Smolensk
4:37 4. Enterprise
7:48 3. Kremlin
11:57 2. Conqueror
15:12 1. Graf Zeppelin


  1. I think you forgot the Atlanta. She’s got every aspect of her nerfed to hell and back. I still love her, but how many do you see anymore?

    • I see my own, and the Occasional Flint. I haven’t seen an actual Atlants in years, except for the one I command myself. Even when my friends and I do Atlanta meme divisions they all bring Flints… it kinda hurts, even if flint smoke + atlanta radar is hilarious

    • I still play. but the problem atlanta is the AA. is super weak. need buff that AA crap

  2. What about every cruiser that lost access to the secondary build/small caliber gun skills durring the commander skill rework, the Agir, Siegfried, Spee, Atlanta, and Flint, the former 3 for the loss of secondary builds, and the latter 2 for the loss of main gun range and RoF, IIRC all tied to the same skills in the skill tree.

  3. Smolensk deserves to be nerfed.

  4. Don’t forget Germany DD line was also nerfed to the point you don’t see them in random matches hardly anymore.

  5. I pulled the Big E from the containers and I am happy for the history aspect of it. I wanted her or Missouri so the containers did me well and she is a def fun ship to play

  6. The Graf Zeppelin had the same secondary like Bismark or Tirpitz and some nice armor. So you were able to brawl in it.

  7. Ngl the Zeppelin is still bad yes, but if you wanna learn how to actually play cv, dodge flak and spot in place of being selfish and farming damage then GZ is literally a guide to CVs.

  8. How does Kremlin sigma get nerfed twice yet Stalingrad gets to keep 2.65 sigma?

    Next vid idea: favorite ship from each nation

    • It gets to keep that sigma cause it actually has a citadel that’s super easy to hit, has no torps, can’t spec for fire resistance, and gets battleship fire duration. So to balance it, she gets good guns. Besides, she’s for steel, they don’t really nerf steel ships

    • Because Stalingrad isn’t overpowered, and never was.

    • @Alec Whalen Highly debatable in the early days….

  9. Saipan was nerfed harder than Enterprise by the rework, RTS Saipan had T10 planes which meant she had T10 fighters which actually mattered during RTS Carrier days where you could grief an enemy cv by using fighters and de-planing them

  10. Khaba didn’t make this list? They had to nerf it like 6 times :p

  11. Lol. The conqueror is still pretty damn busted. Heck, even the Thunderer pisses it’s pants next to that thing.

  12. Sgt_Mastric, back in the videos! Petro forever! lol

  13. Just Wargaming being Wargaming. Release an overpowered ship, sell as many as possible, nerf the ship, repeat. How can the players have any confidence in purchasing anything WGing sells, when they know Wging is going to nerf it in order to increase sales of the next best thing to come along?

  14. Right, so paid for these ships, then wows can change them. Hmmm….

  15. i dont have any of these ships but the Graf Zeppelin, and i am so upset that i cant build into her secondaries, thats literally the only reason i wanted her, i suck at CV gameplay, so my thought was maybe my secondaries can help me out. but nope, horrible range,
    but playing her in OPs has been her only redeeming quality

  16. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Kutuzov was nerfed pretty hard with the smoke-firing nerf. Add her AA used to be god-tier, but the CV rework killed that

  17. Good list. 1 Ship that I think deserves to be on this list is the Khabarovsk. That gunboat was a pain to deal with back in the day. I didn’t have it then but from what I can tell they nerfed the range and rudder

  18. Look at the bright side: WG is willing to nerf overperforming ships and I appreciate that.

    Also, if it has not been done yet, how about making the inverse of this video? Top 5/10 ships that are buffed to heaven.

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