World of Warships- “Torpedoes Are Overpowered And Need To Be Nerfed”

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Tipp in the Ostergotland shows us the power of the Pan-Euro DD line, enjoy!

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  1. Also love how the video ended right before you hit the Brest with your guns 😂

  2. When he said “still in the hands of the enemies”. Yeah sure, 2 full HP BBs are scary. But against 2 torp boats and support to reset the cap? Nah, those are dead in the water.

    Yugomo was just too cocky, happens even to the best of us. Otherwise, I would say, even just the two DDs could have won.

  3. I always die with torps either with shima or halland🤣 when playing bb. Funny is i didnt even saw who did it 😂😂😂

  4. My favourite recent salt in the game chat was an enemy Pommern reporting me because I used submarine homing torps to kill him. He did follow through with that report, though I’m not sure how he could mistake Hector for a submarine. In other news I should really try out the European DDs, they look fun.

    • Yea try smaland if you can get it

    • @the soviet union You can’t get her anymore, unless you go to Sweden and steal the actual IRL ship. That, or crates but you’re going to have much more luck with stealing the actual Warship than by getting her in a gamble box.

    • Hector gets ripple fire, right? I guess they thought that any single file torps are sub homing torps.

    • Well, homing torps are neither historical at this time period OR fun for anyone other than the sub. No real counterplay in a heated battle. Using damage con to throw a homing signal is not good enough and screws the player using it later. IF they keep in homing torps then there needs to be counter play involved.

  5. I can remember being in a tier 5 IJN premium DD with 3 BBs to fight. Then they keep on pushing into me running in straight lines and I had moved over to the side.

  6. I am the type of salty surface ship player that reports sub players for shotgunning. I regret nothing.

  7. Overpowered or not, fact is that torpedoes are one of the most artificialy empowered weapons in the game (comparing their real WW2 counterparts).

    • me when the arcade game is unrealistic (how is this possible)

    • @ARS33NIC MARIE While it is arcade, you tend to judge things a bit differently when developer boasts about “historical accuracy”. Besides im not saying its wrong or bad to buff stuff, just that when you buff one mean of damage while nerfing all the other you invite skepticism and discussion about balance.

  8. I quite like the Pan-Euro DDs.

  9. WG makes the IJN torps detection range too high. To get a good game like this DD had, the red team has to help you.

  10. This is why nerfing secondary guns was a bad bad idea. A secondary BB with strong secs should make torp spammers jobs harder. But in its current form, they have about 30 seconds to get in and launch, which is more than enough time.

    • In my experience, secondaries hurt gunboat DDs a lot more than torpboat DDs. Schlieffen secondaries shred most gunboat DDs right now. Not sure buffing AI-controlled secondaries to kill every spotted DD within 12.8km range in 30s is very balanced.

  11. Fun video. The premium DD is T8 Orkan. It has radar and one rack of torps. IMHO with a 21pt gun build it’s an average ship.

    • The problem with this ship was always lack of smoke and AA, so in randoms Orkan is pure suffering. But in game modes without Cvs and subs, like some ranked seasons and sometimes brawls and clan battles, Orkan is kinda cracked.

    • Currently in solo randoms, I think radar DDs without smoke need to have top tier DPM to be OP. Otherwise, you’re limited to using the radar on the low DPM torpboats or relying on your teammates. Just not consistent enough to be considered good.

  12. One of the most satisfying things for me is hunting and blowing up overextending DDs in Brit BBs because for some reason I’m good at hitting them constantly.

    • Someone is able to hold a DD in a British BB, and only the DD is overextended?? That’s incredible! However… It seems like you should be easily able to hit any overextended DDs in Brit BBs, but I’ve never seen that before!

  13. Torps ARE OP with that super-fast speed and reload, they are more like rockets than torrpedoes, but I always forget that this gam is not about realistic ship mechanics, but an arcade game, so it is probably OK

    • The 90 kt torps are ridiculous either way. Even playing as a DD, the pan-EU torps are still ridiculous. They traverse the 6km DD detection distance faster than the time some DDs take to do a 180 turn. Basically you just have to be pre-kited. Also, not sure why sub homing torps are also 80+ knots. Luckily, we don’t have a pan-EU CV with the 90kt torps yet.

    • the euro torps are NOT OP they do much less damage than even US torps, let alone the IJN fish. sad part is, most people who complain about torps being OP? fail to follow rule one. keep your head on a swivel. or in this case. your eyes constantly moving and checking the mini map to see where last spotted is for dd’s or anything else for that matter. They also fail to follow rule 2. Stop. Sailing. In. Straight. Lines.

    • @LoboGaming52 The Gdansk’s torps should probably be slightly nerfed so they aren’t better than the Halland’s as it doesn’t really make any sense, but yeah. Its not even like you will necessarily get more torp hits with pan-euro compared to IJN, Pan-Euro destroyers have a very narrow spread requiring greater accuracy and IJN torpboats get an extra torp rack. And thats not even mentioning that even if you got double the number of hits, you would still end up with less damage

  14. Hey Sea Lord, you know how the new three kingdoms event just dropped? The random bundle that WG has put out with this event has the 2 tier 9 premiums. I opened the bundle knowing I would get something useless and not worth the dubs, but I got the tier 9 Battleship Louchuan that is in the bundle. I spent the dubs that I had saved and got the ship. Is it a good ship? Also what build do I go with for the ship?

  15. Unlimited torps from undetectable ships isn’t fun when you’re in a BB. I don’t know if this will help me avoid torps but I’m going to try some things I got from this video.

    • 2 things. never forget the mini map is there. try and keep tabs on where last knowns were for DD’s when there’s a lot of them. 2. never. stop. moving and don’t always be moving in a straight line. it was always amazing to me how I was able to land hits, if not outright kills. with a broad side of torps from a BLACK, which has some of the slowest, if not THE slowest, fish in the game at that tier. what’s worst is most of them? were at the full range of those fish!

    • When I am detected and there are no ships nearby, I just assume a DD has me in their sights and keep maneuvering to throw them off. Straight lines or sitting still is a quick trip back to port at upper levels.

    • yep. movement is life. idleness is death
      @Mark Emerson

  16. I think people forget that different things are considered OP at different skill brackets, hence all the back and forth and disagreement. Some super-unicums can cry about CVs all day because they can already dodge DD torps, position well against HE spam, etc. The average player cares less about the 6k damage Midway drops while being spotted all game, and more about being dev-struck by Shimakaze or Paolo Emilio.

  17. You must have the Premium Pan Euro “Orkin”… not the Oland.
    Östergötland is very difficult to play these days as there are so many dedicated Gun boat DDs in the game.
    Even that Shima would have ripped him a new one guns to guns.
    Another note is that Pan Euros are comparibly slow but in this video his camera angle is so high that it makes it look even worse.
    He does have a speed boost that’ll take him up to just short of 40kph. as I recall.

  18. Reminds me of the many torp boats in the game, if there are no CVs or hybrid BB-CVs in the game you can really be significant for your team. However, much of the time you are spotted (due to planes) and lets face it without smoke you are roadkill pretty quickly. So not sure boats like this need a nerf. They are quite slow as you can tell. I did get a charge out of the torps wiping the Smolensk from the map, lol even better because Tipp sounded his horn when he laid waste to him 🤣. Now where is my coffee….. Also i still think it would be cool if WG allowed teams to place Shore Patrols on some of the islands who could counter ships hiding behind islands. You could get X number of them to place on a selected map in the game.

  19. Tops need longer reload times

  20. Gg tip! Love these type of videos

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