World of Warships – Try Hard

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The title of todays video isn’t strictly appropriate because todays’ hero is anything but a Tryhard, even if he did try hard. If you see what I mean.

English is hard.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. sturmpanzerwagen ATV

    Remember, Jingles, to upload another triple Lyon division game as soon as you get it, because that stuff is just spectacular

  2. The real try hard are people who use T67 to boost their win rate and wn8

    i have see people who have 150000 battles with 17K battles in their T67

    • T6-7 are the most inturesting and dynamic tiers by far. Just because everybody doesn’t want to do the world of warcraft lvl 120 with you doesn’t make them any less competitive.

    • Southern Pacific Lines

      My Hentai Girl and by waifu you mean Kongou XD

    • tryhard is when you’re just giving yourself a braincramp trying to win and actually do well. stat padders don’t care about winning as much as high damage and other nice stats. key difference: ranked is pretty much tryhard mode all the time whereas most statpadders wouldn’t be caught dead playing ranked because it’s too balanced to reliably pad stats. unless you’re a really good cv player that is XD although i haven’t played ranked in a couple seasons so that imbalance may have been addressed.

    • Let’s assume the average battle time is 10 minutes. That’s already 1.5 million minutes, 1k+ days, or almost 3 years straight. You’d have to play from about the day the game released with no breaks to do that.

    • Yup I seen guys with a ton of games in e25s and t67s. Not sure I could do that frankly. I hate playing same vehicles over n over

  3. General Cartman Lee

    Calls the Bogatyr slow while the Colorado at tier 7 is 3 knots slower and has to deal with maps 4 times the size…
    And about the AA, the Arkansas Beta has no AA too and as a tier 4 very often meets CVs as tier 4 is the starting tier for CVs.
    Oh Jingles…

    • But but the colorado is A FKING BIG ASS BATTLESHIP…While the Bogatyr is a cruiser..

    • General Cartman Lee – He never said it was the only low-mid tier ship with no AA.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Davtwan But pointing out a tier 3 ship has no AA while the only possibility to meet a CV in a tier 3 ship is being bottom tier is a bit funny.
      Kolberg. Oleg and Varyag have no AA too, Tenryu has one 80mm gun and 2 MG with a total of 6.6 DPS.

    • Arthedain TheDarkbringer

      The actual weakness presented here is the combination of slow speed and no AA. Tenryu can dodge bombers much more easily.

  4. A full health battleship slinging HE… Surprise surprise surprise… At least he has the excuse of being terribly slow :/

    • I have sent more than one South Carolina to the bottom, giving it 100 percent of damage received, with my St.Louis.
      Keep your distance and start out with HE, get her burning good with repair on cd, then switch to plunging AP while still at close to max range.
      Piece of cake.
      At that point I don’t think the South Carolina firing HE even mattered.

    • +wrayday you DO know that shells coming in at 20 km is comign in at roughly a 30-40 degree angle right? it sure as fuck isn’t coming in at the 60-70 needed to be called plunging fire. Your overpens you think went through the bottom of the ship went out the side. Add to that flooding from shells doesn’t exist in this game.

      USN battleships CANNOT actually start getting true plunging fire until about 35 km out and the ONLY warship in the entire game that can fire at the ranges where plunging fire is a thing is a fully range specced fletcher class.

    • I didn’t mean slow as in retarded. I meant slow as in, well, slow.. He only travels at what 20 knots on a good day. It would provide some explanation to why he has full HP by the very end. He was passive but part of that could be explained as he just couldn’t catch up to the battle. Who knows.. Not a great excuse but it’s something.

      I should have clarified this from the start

    • HE is 100% the right call here. AP vs protected cruisers is… weird.

    • I’m not saying he was wrong. It’s just that good ole stereotype of battleship players.

  5. “im not gonna laugh at it”
    5 minutes later: laughs anyways
    ohh jingles pls never change

  6. I’ve seen this game elsewhere already, but your commentary was a different and very valuable take.

  7. I don’t have last stand on my shima, have a 15 skill captain. I chose rpf instead. I use it to not get hunted to begin with.
    Also When torps on reload against a single battleship I used HE on them get a fire or two as I retreat, because they recovered thier flooding they cannot repair so they burn to death!

    • RPF is a 4 point skill, last stand is a 2 point skill. They are not interchangeable. Also, setting fires after flooding is not a revolutionary tactic.

    • HA! @ellax159 got ’em! Anyways, no, not revolutionary… infact better if in position where they know where you are (generally speaking) and it’s viable to do so… to set fire(s) first while torps on way… if you get two and they repair (or they repair one like a n00b), and RNG timed it right, your flood will then be whats permanent.. and as a flood does a LOT more DOT than fire, that’s the better option. Not to mention you can relight the fires as well while flood is happening.

  8. More low-tier gameplay, please.

  9. I like how cocky the South Carolina is acting at the end when there’s a not-quite-so-brave reason the ship has all its health.

  10. The WoWs channel just uploaded a video saying that they’re canceling the Ring contest until they can rework the scoring formula. Jingles you can renter since all of those school kids should be off the internet next month!! #Jinglesforcaptain

  11. Boy do I miss your low tier replays! I tell ya, I’m here for your voice, character, and personal insight however you mostly concentrating on high tier battles well…gets boring month after month. But you mentioning ship names I haven’t heard in half a year or just plain old predicting how these ships will operate really brings a smile to my face! It’s very fun and I know new players to your channel can relate to it because again, low tier ships.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      airglide2 Still waiting for that Nagato review we were promised after the Fuso one :/

    • I don’t even play WoWS and I’m also just here for the good commentary because its very entertaining. Depending on the commentary, even a bad game (in general) can be fun to watch.

  12. Jingles you need to stop these Tirpitz jokes.

    My Tirpitz is really sensitive about it. Can you imaging how it is: Always hearing about your tough sister giving the royal navy a hard time while you were forced to sit in a fjord your whole life. It wasn’ her fault. Stop picking at her! This cyberbulling have to stop.

  13. Restarting the ring. Jingles captin here we come.

  14. @Jingles, The name of the Thai destroyer is pronounced “Pra Ru-ang” it means Monk Ruang, a Buddist Monk. The word “Farung” is the Thai slang word for westerners and the word for the fruit guava

    • I think that Farung is similar to the mangled english word foreigner. It is not used as an interchangeable word with guava but more along similar lines as we would use derogatory terms like “Krauts” “Rag Heads” or “Curry Munchers”.

      The Thai Language is tonal – Unlike english, words pronounced with an upward intonation and downward intonations are completely different words. As a result, Thai Jokes are, for the most part, play on words type jokes that leverage the different tones to replace something normal with something absurd. I suspect that may have contributed to the origin.

    • The irony of naming a destroyer after a Bhuddist monk…

    • Kalle Halvarsson 1.No, it’s not name after a Buddhist monk.
      2.”Cardinal” Richelieu is also in the game.

    • K. Teerawit, Kop Khun Krap for the clarification. I will defer to a native speaker. The Tonal aspects of Thai written language not traniterating into English very well strikes again. 🙂

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      Teerawit Onsuwan – comparing a Buhhdist monk to Cardinal Richelieu is like comparing apples to machine guns lol. He was a bit of a warmonger.

  15. And to this day, I never won a single game in the Bogatyr.

    Thank you for the wonderful commentary Jingles! Was awesome to watch.

    • Trollseidon I’m wondering what he means by seal-clubbing in a bogatyr, its so crap

    • Na, the Bogatyr is arguably the best t3 Cruiser IMO. Others might argue the St. Louis because the higher health but when I play my St. Louis I find fighting the Bogatyr rather difficult. The DPM it pumps out is really high.

    • The firing angles are amazing, so dodging while firing is easy. AFT makes things more comfortable and lets you lob over a few islands. It can’t really take hits though. The St. Louis on the other hand can bounce quite a few AP shells off the belt.

      Slow? the St. Louis is 20 ish, the Tenryu is on par, and if the Caledon is faster it pays for it by being made of paper.

    • Keep working at it, you’ll get the W eventually. You did very well. Get some upgrades and some captain skills and eventually you’ll turn into a broken record like DJ Khaled, “another one. another one. another one..” etc.

  16. Destroyer Inazuma

    Trivia: the Canet 75 mm secondary guns on the Bogatyr eventually saw some use as anti air guns, but roughly as early as World War One. But the reason the Bogatyr didn’t have any AA is simply because nobody used war planes at that time! The Wright brothers had just flown in 1903. It would take a decade for nations to actively start using planes on the battlefield.

  17. Jingles, they’ve paused the Ring contest until September and are changing the formula. This means that #Jinglesforcommander dream is still alive.

  18. Emmanuel Dupey-Garcia

    Jingles… Enter this พระร่วง in Google translate and ask for listen to it so you can pronounce the name of the thai destroyer better than you are doing now… lol

  19. WHAT THE HELL? he sinks TEN ships and not even ONE of your Kraken Unleashed? shame on you sir, er, master. I’ll take the discipline gladly for my insolence

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