World of Warships – Udaloi Revisit

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on Islands of Ice moves out to capture B point where we run into a enemy . I retreat but continue to fire on the enemy in hopes of setting fires. The enemy moves to the south and I move to follow them down there. A couple torpedoes and enemy US cruisers force me back to the center where I pick on enemies that stray too close. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Destroyer Udaloi Replay


  1. Right now I am at tier 5 Gwenevy and is fking painful…. I love the play
    style of the Soviets dds but at tier 5/6 seems a little unfair imo?

  2. If you had RPF then you would have known that DD was coming for you. But
    you didn’t, so you were surprised. Remember this battle the next time you
    say RPF doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know.

  3. you could have just smoked up at the end

  4. The Udoloi is a very nice ship. U did good Mr Notser, not one Notser
    pulled. :D

  5. Mr. Miyagi always said, “…the best way to avoid a punch is to not be

  6. Is the Trashkent a better ship now? Looking at the stats of it, i would say
    it’s the worst ship in the game (relative to it’s tier). There’s basically
    nothing on Tashkent that i can say it’s decent. I mean, other Tier VIII
    there’s Akizuki, Benson, Kagero and Z-23… compared to any of this ships,
    Tashkent it’s like a torture you have to endure to get Udaloi and Khaba. I
    have it now (because i want the ships that come after) but so far i didn’t
    play a single battle with it. I just look at stats and, honestly, i really
    don’t feel like wasting 15/20 minutes of my life with it. Am i wrong? Has
    Tashkent been buffed in some way?

  7. only 1.6 million potential damage? you need to work on your distraction

  8. The Yugumo is such a pain in the ass to the Udaloi. Everytime I play the
    Udaloi there tend to be a Yugumo that will pick a fight with me and die, I
    will in turn lose a lot of HP rather early in the game. It almost feels
    like the only thing they want to do as a Yugumo is to kill a Udaloi to
    prove that they are the real gunboat.

  9. LeonaTimberCompany

    Destroyer Bootie!!

  10. My favourite ship in the game right here. Quit playing battleships when I
    found out how fun gunboat mode DD playing is.

  11. misplay at end, soviet captain doesnt duel in close range, even u had smoke
    to use… Notser please try the adrenaline rush on soviet captains on PTS I
    think khaba and udaloill be glorious like back in day

  12. Russian DDs are the most fun to play ships.
    Like it should be of course, russian navy is best navy ;)

  13. Udaloi is better than the khaba

  14. Hey Notser, do you recommend using Steering gears mod 3 on the Tash and
    Khaba as well?
    i’m broke atm so i couldn’t test this module on the soviet dds yet.

  15. Wow! Great damage too! Fun ship and I’ve always loved how the ship looked.

  16. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Ossas

    wait what? they took away situation awareness?

  17. Brian Lock (神通)

    Typical Ruskie DD game, and Hmmm….. apparently RPF aren’t that usefull at

  18. can you do more German DDs please ?

  19. To mention the small things : I appreciate so much you try to pronounce the
    Names correctly. Can only judge about the german Names but these are fairly
    correct. Your more successful than Jingles at least ^^ 😉
    Keep the nice Work going Mate

  20. Notser, what do you mean when you say “dots”? I have heard it in your, and
    some other videos (I believe, but don’t quote me).

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