World of Warships – 0.6.0 Part II Skills

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0.6.0 will be relaunching on the Public Test Server today and I’m discussing some of the changes they have made to this version. A couple skills swapped spots while others received pretty massive buffs. Each change could lead to a brand new way to play, I share my theories and excitement to test them out. Hope you enjoy the game in the background and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. Notser, will you be making a video on the nerfed premium consumables? What
    are your thoughts on it? Plus it would appear that they nerfed concealment
    expert. I’m not really sure what kind of build I should go with my Zao and
    Kutuzov. I’m still going to go for concealment for both and demo expert,
    still not sure about inertial fuse, maybe for my Mikhail, but not Zao.
    Great video as always.

  2. Haha, my Fletcher rejoices! Survivability at 3!!

  3. Let’s hope there will be more iterations. So far it looks like they are
    trying to displace RDF with more valuable skills and fixing obvious OP
    skills (Fire prevention). ADR rush is becoming my goto skill to complement
    TAE or BFT depending on the destroyer type.

  4. you know if they are going to introduce Takao’s voice as commander?

  5. @Notser, the 10% fire reduction chance is not small at all, considering a
    Yamato has roughly 50% fire reduction in the first place, meaning the total
    fire reduction chance becomes 40%

    This is a 20% Total reduction in fire chance, nullifying the +2% of
    Firechance demotilion expert gives to a shell with 10% Base fire chance!

  6. In addition with all the other BB nerfs, this will nerf BBs into the
    ground. I really don’t get it. Do ONE nerf and see if it is enough. Don’t
    make 10 small nerfs that all tackle different things and whose mutual
    effects you can’t even calculate.

  7. The fire protection. One in ten times that u would be set on fire you
    won’t. It’s not the worst.

  8. I think fire prevention is still worth at tier 4. With the current meta in
    the game with the lack of cv’s I rarely spec into aa. In my BB’s I burn
    every game and often have to pull back to repair up the light damage I’ve
    taken. I know I’ll catch on fire every game. I know I won’t see cv’s every

  9. I’m not very excited about the new skills. Being able to acquire commander
    skills in a reasonable amount of time is nice, as is “free” retraining, but
    there’s so much utter horseshit in the new tree.

    I hate that RDF is still around because its mere existence prevents DDs
    from spotting, screening, flanking, or ambushing; those tactics only work
    when the enemy doesn’t know where you are. Most of the playerbase already
    has all the testicular fortitude of a neutered chihuahua, and this just
    further discourages aggressive play.

    Fire prevention was far too strong. It’s still strong, but maybe now BB
    drivers will learn the pain of not being able to take all the skills they
    want. Perhaps WG has noticed that more and more players are switching to
    BBs (because they’re the only class that’s relevant) and they’ve decided
    that maybe this is due to problems with the game design. Yes, I know,
    highly unlikely, but a man can dream.

    Double aircraft, aside from being completely unrealistic, is straight up

    On another note, am I the only person around that thinks that secondary
    builds shouldn’t exist? Huge amounts of automated damage that’s independent
    of player skill just seems like something that shouldn’t be a thing in a
    game that advertises itself the way that WoWS does.

    All things considered, this patch may be the end of my days playing WoWS. I
    had fun while it lasted, but there are too many other games that don’t
    actively punish me for playing in a manner that I enjoy.

  10. Hmm, let’s see:

    – Fire Prevention: Definite nerf moving it to 4 points since the -% is pee
    pee compared to the actual drop of a fire catching section in the middle.
    Then again, maybe WG felt it was too strong as a 3 point skill.

    – SE on tier 3 is awesome! I know you say that it slots it in besides other
    good DD skills … but also take into consideration that there is one skill
    at 4 points that *every single DD captain* will take first: Concealment
    Expert. So SE on tier 3 means you can take both SE and CE with a 10 point
    captain, which is HUGE. Plus it’s nicer to spend 3 points on SE than 4,

    – Adrenalin Rush being doubled is really quite nice. Makes an actual
    difference now.

    – Inertial HE Fuse is so much better than it was!

    -Evasive Maneuvers: meh. It was meh before, it’s still meh. It *could* be
    worth it if it only depended on your bombers have dropped their loads
    (heh), but not at all if it’s just when they are returning to the carriers.

  11. Notser, have you heard anything about the upcoming USS Black or the IJN

  12. I liked that they moved Survivability Expert to level 3. With this change I
    will be able to use my current Fletcher build, I will go heavy on level
    skills, taking se, bft, tae and vi.
    I think that level 1 is a bit useless. what you didn’t mention is that WG
    announced that bbs will now only have 60 second catapult aircraft, which
    will make the Double Fighter skill less useful.

  13. changes for me my fletcher gets AA get better with bft in exchange losing
    450 hp
    for my gearing gets vigilance without losing torpedo acceleration and other
    for my khaba firechance drops to 10 percent in exchange former glorious RoF
    for my shima I could use torpedo expertise inexchange superintendent
    Im glad they nerfed that fireprevention, its like we destroyer captains
    sacrificed our SE for enemy BBs doesnt get FP
    still thinking Radio is broken and should be removed

  14. Adrenaline Rush still feels pathetic: A 10 second reload is now 9.8
    seconds. THAT is a buff? 90 second torp reload becomes 88.2 seconds. THAT
    is a buff?

  15. Fire prevention just got nerfed right out of most builds as a tier 4 skill.

  16. You should look at the game DRONE the game

  17. the nerf to the catapult fighters was too much

  18. 6:25 “drop your load” love it keep it up chase

  19. Pretty sure that Evasive Maneuver is applied when planes have dropped their
    bombs, it’s meant to trade their speed increase that they get after
    dropping (because they become lighter) for increased survivability. In the
    first implementation, the 40% reduced detectability made bombers absurdly
    good spotters from what I heard.
    The new version will make bombers that have dropped really hard to kill,
    which is nice for CVs that don’t have many reserves, I assume.

    Fire Prevention was definitely too strong at tier 3. As you said, it pretty
    much halves your fire damage most of the time. And while I’ve heard
    statistics that battleships’ incoming damage is like 15-20% fire damage,
    halving that is still a significant damage reduction.

  20. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    What REALLY bothers me Notser is that one fact remains nearly always
    hidden…that fact that WG lies to us when they say “We will make leveling
    up easier” EVERYONE thinks it will require less XP to reach a new level,
    but in fact ONLY from evel 17 on you need less, hell on the first levels
    you need DOUBLE the amount of XP to get a new Level!!!
    So the “now only 4 levels to reach the maximum” is also a lie, because you
    need to gind way more XP to reach it. I´m far mor concerned about this
    drastic slowdown then RPF could ever worry me!

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