World of Warships – Uncarriable

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Some games you just can NOT no matter how hard you try and how big of an effort you invest.
But what does it take?
Just how crazy does a game have to be sometimes to carry?
Watch this and tell me that itR;s not insane.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Not the Carrier rework. Good to see

  2. Australia needs more ship in the tech tree

    • Need cv like Melbourne and battleships like hmas australia

    • +Wayne Hurst HMAS Melbourne doesn’t need aircraft — even though it’s a carrier.
      It sunk MORE American ships (by ramming) during the Cold War than the Russians.

    • it sunk one USS Frank E Evans and one HMAS Voyager +Aqua Fyre she was an actual ship though, unlike the HMS Conquerer

    • +popefang You’re right. I stand corrected.
      For some reason I thought it was two American ships that the Melbourne had sunk.
      The name ‘Voyager’ threw me —-

    • No worries. A friends father was RAN and crewed the rescue vessel pulling his mates from the water +Aqua Fyre

  3. Last time I was this early, the Kitakami was still a thing.

  4. With all theses british cvs, i thought it was a new one, the Uncarriable xD

  5. Whats the opposite between the saipan and the midway?

  6. This is every battle in my Black. I have great stats in her, carry every single game but have dropped to a 43% win rate. You have to work your socks off to save a star too. I gained 2 stars yesterday, one of them when 1v4 down…ended up winning on points when 1v1. Its such hard work.

  7. “Uncarriable”… for a moment i thought it was one of the new RN CV’s 😛

  8. I think that we could name this rank season as the “YOLO rank”

  9. 4am im going to bed,…..ok right after this…

  10. Every IBUKI I saw in ranked was a complete muppet… usually they suicide in the first 2 minutes of the game …

  11. The playerbase has undeniably dropped in average skill in the last 7 months, it’s shocking to see the standard of ranked play

    • Why 7 months o.O that seems weirdly specific

    • +ainumahtar since the last season of ranked…. idk if still dropped or just different players are playing. I know a few unicums who refused to play ranked because of the shit show it became.

    • Some of that is a combination of the arms race format (had a few teams where my DDs clearly didn’t know what the ‘circle icons’ were) that people aren’t as familiar with and don’t necessarily know how to play, and it being a tier without carriers so random players are flocking to it because they’re guaranteed a match without at least one carrier.

  12. I refuse to play anything but Jutland and kitakaze now that I’m at rank 5. There are such poor players that if I don’t carry it’s almost always a loss. Also, yes. I see the camoless ships on NA too. Typically it’s players with very few if not any high tier games. There should be a ban on inexperienced players because it lowers the quality of play.

    • Seen plenty of people in every season bringing camoless ships, forgetting to mount anti-det flags, and bringing completely stock ships into ranked. Personally I feel there aren’t really any ‘bad’ ships in any ranked season (even one like this with a format that encourages close in fighting) as long as you’re comfortable in whatever ship you bring, but at least make sure you aren’t putting yourself and your team at a disadvantage because your ship isn’t bringing everything it can to the fight. I had a few teams last full season that were bringing the ‘best’ ships according to CC videos but had just gotten it and didn’t even have enough credits to get all of the modules much less any credits or xp to get out of the stock configuration, and then complained because they kept failing in ships that were supposed to be top picks.

  13. A lot of ppl play ranked to not meet those disgusting cv’s…… All i regret is not having a tier 9 to play also. So I took a break.

  14. I am trying to learn this new carrier play but I am losing credits EVERY game even when I score 20k damage (in COOP). Can’t see where the torps go when I fire them so I can’t make adjustments. So far, new carrier play has been a tremendous waste of time and effort at least for me.

    • How are you losing credits, are you playing t10?

    • +ainumahtar No tier 8 and I am using NO premium consumables and a premium account. My best game I did 20k damage (not good but better than nothing) and still lost about 25k in credits (and thats with my clans 10% discount and a credit boosting special flag). The lack of a tutorial and space in the training room is a huge failing on WG’s part. I can just imagine them in a design meeting saying “Oh it’s no problem the CC’s will fill in the gap”. I can break even/make a small profit in tier 6, but I need tier 8 for some of the campaigns and missions.

    • +DontFearDaReaper I usually make 40-60k credits in my ryujo (40-60k profit) and I think this gameplay is better than the old one (atleast for me). And my highest game is 58k now and around 40k in the old ryujo

    • +Tilen Gasparic Well I am glad you were able to quickly and easily adapt from RTS to the new system. I never played CV’s under RTS so I had no baseline to start from and I am tired of being punished for trying to learn carrier play so I used the inventory sell-off to dump my CV’s. I enjoyed the game for 3+ years without carriers, I will continue to enjoy playing the other ship types.

    • i play al shipclasses in game, t6 cv is ok-ish , bud t8 cv is nerfed to the ground.You always end in a t10 battle where you can’t do anything then throwing you’re planes to the AA gods.Stil i make profit in the t6cv ,not so in t8.

  15. That z needs to be punched in the cooch and perma banned. He was useless…never shot anything just torped and his. Dumbest dd t9 player I’ve ever seen.

  16. With Black isn’t life wonderful ?

    (ok ,old music joke ,i’m already gone :p)

  17. Worst ranked season ever… I cannot make it out of rank10…

    • Lucky man i am down to 12 from 9. Allways in looser Team. Ranked is done for me.

    • +Björn Wootton agreed…thats where Im at…win one lose one…win one lose one…win one lose one….wtf. Every game either with the good team or horrible team….no matter how hard you try and score well in loser….the people you are paired with have no business being in ranked. SOOOOOOOO frustrating. Every other game…..people using Black using smoke and radar on other team…getting old people using the most OP ships in the game . T9 was a horrible choice for ranked……7 should be the highest

    • Christopher Pittman

      Me either. I keep going up and down around rank 10 in my Fletcher.

    • +Harold Griswald I only have the ibuki for T9, absolutely not the best ship (probably the worst), but even when I perform very well I am stuck with losing teams. I try to support DD’s but get no support back (smokes) and when I dont support DD’s they die and whine that I didn’t support them. I got 200k 3 kills one game and we still lost.

  18. I was in a Fletcher and did 130K damage and 3 kills and still lost. So I know how you feel about that one.

  19. Disagree with you there flambass this years DDs absolutely suck. I’m not a dd player out of frustration it took out the Fletcher I free xped all the mods and set it up for ranked prior to that id used it 2 times. I have not played a destroyer in 6 months and fewer then 100 times in the last year. So first time out in ranked I kill all 3 enemy DD with it. Is it just me or have dds forgotten how to knife fight like they use to do. When a complete amateur can get in a DD and wreck the other team I know my dd players suck.

  20. When that CV rework is done being tweaked, they should seriously get to work on that MM….

    I join a match in ranked and it’s almost certainly a 4 DD per team match..
    Yesterday that AP nerf on BBs really came in “handy” – a Fletcher got spotted coming around and island, at 5km range – he turned in to rush, so every single one of my shells penned instead of overpenned – a full Missouri salvo got him down to half hp, and he then just waddled up and torped me to death, instead of being punished for actually taking pens………

    Have had so many 200k losses already I’m compelled to go into randoms instead, because I’d rather fight 2 T10 CVs in a T8 DD, than play ranked with everyone on the same tier…

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