World of Warships – Update 0.5.1

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New maps, a mode, and improvements to several key features are ready! You can get the complete debrief in the video above, or by checking the full list of notes here –

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!
North America Portal: http://.com/


  1. After update, reached level 11 and didn’t receive 3 million credits for it.
    Wrote to support, but received wot style answer. GG WoWs Support

  2. Is World of Warships a Russian project?

  3. 02:00 ‘Capture only takes a minute, regardless of capturing ships and
    ‘inflicted damage’.’

    Um, WG I just played a ‘ZONE’ game and the only ship capping was having the
    counter reset by shots coming in from ships outside the circle? Wat?

  4. No division chat? hellloooo?!

    It shouldn’t be hard to implement at all, seriously WarGaming, listen to
    your customers.

  5. greetings captains im sex on legs and im hear to talk about 0.5.1

  6. Why the fuck does an american company need a translator. Use an american

  7. This chick is so hot

  8. Does anyone know that song at 3:30? It sounds great as I am a violinist.

  9. Where do we find her nudes?!? ;)

  10. I hope there is less issues with the sound chopping now.

  11. I still have some doubts about US Cruisers, specially the Cleveland… is
    it going to be nerfed or put in a higher tier? i heard many comments about
    this ship, it’s very OP for a VI tier cruiser. I’ve been using it for a
    while and it’s goddamn powerful even against some BB’s

  12. Unfortunately the kids don’t know what teamwork or battle formations is!

  13. Mrdoctile .Mrdoctile

    How about an English speaking model next time…

  14. What? I can’t hear you! THE MUSIC’S REALLY LOUD!

  15. stil absurd the custs for high TIERS a lot of player dont wanna play with
    low tier but they need to get money , and the bigest fail in this game is!
    We can’t play with clans . like i have a lot of friends playing this game
    but we can’t play toghether just 3 players. need think about this.

  16. Why the Dasha Perova? What is the point?

  17. Man.. I loved WOT.. Loved WOP… and Now, World Of Warships (WOW?). WOW is
    correct! This game just keeps on surprising me. keep up the good work :D

  18. she’s so beautiful. I missed everything she said. god dammit!

  19. All abroad the hype ship!
    I can’t wait to see the tutorial!

  20. Nice lady

  21. why do she speak Russia

  22. damn, she is hot

  23. Waaaaaaaaaaaat You have add the polish warships and not the

  24. just put it in russian and subs in other languages

  25. They should also put a harbor where you repair ships or something like in

  26. balance wargamming hahahahahahahahaha

  27. Wow the girl got actually nice hair this time and already she looks very
    pretty way better then in last patch notes 🙂 (and she has nice rack :D).
    The trying to balance carriers more is good (specially late game tiers, as
    early are ok), but i would like some less RNG in cruisers relying on fire
    mechanics, and make them actually not forced to pick AA consumable after
    tier 6, and have still some DD fighting possibilities so late game ninja
    torp spam can be countered (or just allow cruisers to have AA and
    hydroacustic) so they dont have to hide near their bb’s

  28. good job WG WOWs DEV TEAM!!! keep them coming

  29. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    IJN cv’s are getting mor eand more nerfed while the U.S counterpart is
    getting more and more buffed -.-

  30. nice

  31. Fatih “Turksta1986” mehmet

    Good no more gay poll dancing on the blue line.

  32. i think they should introduce the condensed carousel to WoT. quite
    irritating for me to sift thru 20-something tanks

  33. At least in this episode Dasha doesn’t act like she wants to suck mu cock


  35. I hope they let clans make their own flags for ships. That would be pretty

  36. Harrison Abreu (Rerison)

    top quem for BR adiciona lá. HarrisonAbreu

  37. Dasha needs to find an American cousin and make an English video for us
    guys…I’m sure there’s many English speaking players who’d like to see a
    Hot Blond giving us the updates.

  38. hey shes back

  39. I’m hoping this fixes my sound issues as whenever I play I get bad sound
    tearing whenever speakers or headphones put in

  40. I really like the rank flags :D

  41. Martin Stensvehagen

    Dasha is nice and all, but is it that hard to film the girl talking over
    her or some other english speaker? Looking forward to this update tho!

  42. Dasha is hot.

  43. James Allen (Legoscape)

    “Night map” Looks like dusk. Also WE CAN F$@KIN SEE IN NIGHT MAPS. WE ARN’T

  44. Pt boats and subs

  45. Did I see UK and Poland or my eyes f*cked

  46. Did the atago need a buff??

  47. Please, more maps for low and mid tiers

  48. Boris Haimerich Arís

    thank you russian Christy Mack

  49. Mejores creadores de juegos ; mejores personas ; me gusta el juego ahora
    aun mas con la actualización 0.5.1 .

  50. She looks like she is from the 1940s it’s kinda cool

    BAN YOU!

    WarGaming: For this update, we mostly focused on improving the game’s
    general effects, medium-term goal system, and tried to cut down on annoying
    exploits. We hope you enjoy it!


  53. were is Royal Navy?

  54. Well guys, I think I’m still in love with Dasha… so anyone know her
    situation? lol I don’t speak her language, but I’m willing to learn! haha

  55. I think I submitted something very similar to Trap Map in the recent map

    *goes to check*

    Yep, very similar, but not quite it.

  56. sweet, i wish there was a cloudy map with heavy rain lights on the ships :D

  57. love the personal flags!

  58. When are clans going to be a thing. Come on.

  59. Waves, waves would be great.

  60. Philippe Vassalotti

    Why they buffing the CV they not op enough ? -__-


  62. to slightly increase the torpedo range of US destroyers (to 5 or 6
    kilometers) would be nice, but why even increase rate of fire??? Even now
    it is impossible to engage a US destroyer with an IJN one. That´s ok
    because the americans can´t attack with torps from a distance. But if the
    americans now can do both and even better, that´s no balancing, that would
    make the IJN destroyer line completely obsolete!

  63. Clearly, Dascha is very upset with border scummers.

  64. Why Midway and Essex are still in the game ???

  65. What is the first 2 minutes, a vacation planner?
    I do love the norther lights though… and the dark.

    Alright, improving destroyers is the last thing we need.

    Good update, all in all. 9/10

  66. Beautiful lady trying to sell the game out, but No!!. You can keep it, I
    won’t reinstall that disappointing joke of a project .

  67. good stuff keep it up

  68. Interesting layout, however commentary while showing the features is a much
    more engaging way of presenting information.

  69. WoWS need to reward player with more money after every match, i just
    research the North Carolina but i’m 4 millions short :(

  70. Man, the border line should work like a wall, you crash on it? then go
    reverse, slowing down won’t do anything on high speed DDs and CVs they’ll
    just slide like always

  71. Klingon battle background music would be epic

  72. I want a lady crew member voice in my bridge. Make bridge bunnies a thing!

  73. well I’m heading back to sea again :3

  74. everything nice But when comes the Tirpitz back? My uncle promised to give
    me this ship for birthday But few days before Tirpitz removed from premium
    Store. please Put it back for two Weeks!

  75. Very hard to focus on what’s being said in this video, Russian with English
    audio together is awful. It takes 2 seconds to delete an audio track, why
    the hell would you want to play both together? Why couldn’t you just
    subtitle it?

  76. was it only me to see a Polish Warships in a port?

  77. Maybe add mines and minesweepers?

  78. Great can’t wait for win raters who rage and let an enemy destroyer cap.

  79. Pretty nice patch, why can’t we have such nice things in WoT?

  80. Holy Shit. This video was so annoying to watch…
    I’ll read the changelog instead

  81. I watched the video with only one hand.

  82. why on earth is the USS Cleveland not nerferd? and also why is the us dd’s
    being buffed? the IJN dd’s get worse after tier 5, the Minekaze has 7km
    torps at 69 knots, the tier 6 has 6km range and worse speed, the upgraded
    torps have an even worse speed even though it has 10km range! This is
    shitty balance and should be fixed ffs

  83. Empereur De RedShire

    Please we Want a Storm Map !

  84. The chick in the vid doesn’t work on me WG.
    I see no good improvements either to get me back into the game. Rather they
    nerfed the one thing I enjoyed a little bit, low tier Japanese Carriers.
    For as long they still don’t stand a fighting chance against american
    carriers, you won’t see me return.
    Game’s still an unfinished joke.

  85. I love you Dasha

  86. Generalissimo Rahman

    Will you give the Imperator Nikolai I a chance to be distributed to the
    North American Server? Im itching to add to my premium ships collection.

  87. Northern Lights will be to the same tiers as the North, right?

  88. Wish they could make a map that has waves and wind so aiming and
    projectiles will change (like the waves rocking the aim er). I want a map
    like the last battle scene in pirates of the Caribbean 3

  89. Game Explorer Gaming

    How to play rankee games?

  90. please, put the ships horn!

  91. Update sound? Sounds great! xD… I am running with a AMD system, and when
    i am in a battle my sound starts to crack horribly, if there is heavy fight
    between ships. When they are shooting, and AA guns. Hope the new update
    will fix this 😀
    Sorry my english

  92. AM I the only one to notice in 3:14 a Russian battleship?

  93. Oh my word… I think I fell in love with the presenter. And I’m not even a
    fan of red lipstick. But damn… YUM.

  94. Is there a storm map? I know it’s very hard to make but I’ll buy more gold

  95. Is it the same engine as in wot? Yes? So WHY THEY ARE TOLKING THAT WOT’S

  96. van dyke brown

  97. the IJN CV need a buff

  98. Kresimir Jenjic (Panzergranadier)

    Great update great game

  99. What about battleships ?

  100. Suicidal_Camo_Eisberg

    I turned down the volume on this video, opend another window to go on the
    Russian channel and synchronized both videos just to be able to listen to
    this Russian even though i dont speak it, and still can read the subtitles
    and dont have to listen to the english voice over.

    It was a bit complicatet i know :D

  101. Ridhwan Abdurrahman

    Finally, a goddamn night map

  102. The Nutty Professor

    Cam you get rid of that bloody russian jibber jabber in the back ground
    please, holy shit I just want to see the update.

  103. OH THANK GOD.maybe they’ll stop putting us in the noob maps, i’m working
    toward an ixuma for the simple reason i’ve never seen one in fault line or
    strait, i just park up the back of those maps and wait for them to finish.
    unless noobs can miraculously work out they need to kill the dd’s a bb
    can’t really do anything except die. at a hundred thousand credits a death,
    i’ll just wait it out thanks very much

  104. can we get dasha to do the voice announcements in the game

  105. looks great I can’t wait for this to be out so I can get to sailing lol

  106. Great and my paper Armor German cruiser gets no update -.-

  107. Wow Im excited to play with the new update

  108. Pueden hacer que se vean los proyectiles, no ahora que solo se ve una bola
    de fuego?

  109. The UI changes are awesome and Baltimore relly needed some love, overall
    great patch :)

  110. あきつしま清明

    again and again upgrade US
    again and again nerf JP
    japan tech line is suffer to play
    likely force player to play US line

  111. Polish Navy in the port list?

  112. Can we get this video with subtitles so I can listen to her actually talk
    without the voiceover?

  113. WoT could learn a thing or two from its sister game.

  114. Dasha Perova? More like Dashing Perova!

    … I’ll show myself out.

  115. They should use the original voice and use subtitles <3.

  116. Shameful Wall huggers we wrecked you in the Public Test server I seen then
    sunk quick three ships firing on a BB wall hugger 75% speed slow down and
    every shot was a hit.

  117. Awesome cant wait and the spokes person isn’t to bad either 🙂 .

  118. First!

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