World of Warships Update 0.9.9 Wows News US Battleships Early Access

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New Update 0.9.9 World of Warships Wows News US American Battleships enter Early Access, Mercenaries New test ships release + much more in the game all about warships!

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0:00 American Battleships Early Access
5:12 New Test Ships Added
9:32 Giveaways and announcements

World of Warships Wows Update 0.9.9. kicks off the early access event dedicated to a new branch of American battleships. Ships of the new branch have a large number of main caliber guns with very high salvo weight and firing range, which is compensated by a long reload.
The newcomers have high maneuverability for their type, good torpedo protection, but low maximum speed. These American battleships also have good AA defense, which is further enhanced by the “Defensive AA fire” consumable. Permanent “Golden Eagle” camouflages for Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont, and Florida were added to the game, as well as the new timed resource – American tokens. The Naval Base port will be updated for the event. wows news,world of warships news,wows update,world of warships,wows,dockyard event,update 0.9.9,wows update 0.9.9,world of warships update 0.9.9,american battleships early access,american battleships,world of warships update,game about warships,world of warships new update,world of warships new,world of warships new american battleships,new american battleships wows,new american battleships,american bb updates,world of warships new ships 2020. Mercenaries. To add a mercenary to a team, you only need to invite them to the division. The “Divisions” tab in the game client can help you find players. After the battle, the mercenary receives rewards according to the current league of the clan with which they went into battle. The mercenary does not receive any economic bonuses from the clan with which they enter a battle. Research Bureau. Added victory bonus of 200 research points for tier V ships, for branches reset after the release of Update 0.9.9. Added achievements for having 10/50/100/150 reset branches. Barbettes and main caliber guns of all ships were updated. Previously, when a shell hit the main battery, damage was dealt only to the module itself, and the player received the “Penetration” ribbon without damage to the enemy ship. Now, damage dealt to the main battery is also inflicted on the ship’s hit points in the form of 1/10 the maximum damage of the shell, so hitting a turret will no longer cause a penetration without damage.Test ships Hizem, Z-44, Strasbourg, Plymouth and Mysore will also be added to the game.



  1. Hello and welcome once again everyone, World of Warships Update 0.9.9. kicks off the early access event dedicated to a new branch of American battleships and will go live in early October. A host of new changes most of which seem quite good and more test ships coming. I hope you all enjoy the video and let me know in the comments what you think and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. I wish the split was brawling BBs instead of dreadnoughts, that would be tons of fun.

    • I still expect them to undergo some changes in the next month before early access but we shall see 😉

    • @Carbine Carlito I think they might actually be worth the grind

      1533 AA dps with priority side and DFAA makes you a no fly zone, I might actually try the ships but the 40 secs reload is a little too much. Jean Bart gets 7 sec reload max but Vermont gets 5 times more(!).

    • There’s still American battlecruisers to go. For T10 there were two fast American ships being studied B65-8 which was a Montana that could go 34 knots and and a 1934 Max battleship study armed with 8 x 20 inch guns with a 32 knots top speed.

    • yea cause the one thing we need in this game is more BB 20km snipers

    • @managarm1349 I doubt its 20km, more like 12-16 km.

  3. A lot of new changes & ships,cool!
    I like more to do 😉 Thank YOU for the update on info & your spectacular GIVEAWAY’S
    Server NA

  4. Hizen powercreeped Minnesota completely into oblivion.


  6. ShepherdOfMemories

    Aight. Notre Dame jokes for the new Bismarck camo being HE spammed can now commence.

  7. You remember that time when WH40K didn’t have a cathedral. Now Bismark does. Wtf WG.

  8. thx for the news!

  9. He should tag his videos as ASMR

  10. 150 TREE BRANCH RESETS?!?!….WHAT?!?..WHYYYYY would anyone do that? And even NEED to do that? 😮

    • maybe they count it like 10 per reset from t1 to 10
      so 15 resets would be 150 branch resets technically
      still struggling to get to t10 on 2 lines with premium and econ flags
      sooo i cant imagine how much grind or free xp would be needed for 15 resets

    • @George Zaf Yeah I guess that would make sense. Cus I can’t imagine WHY one would want to actually reset trees/lines 150 times 😛

    • Maybe they have an incredible need for self torture or just have all the free time in the world😉😉

  11. Time to be pedantic, the Edinburgh is a town-class :), great vid, looking forward to all the new ships!

  12. The USS Minne-slow-ta

  13. Great video Carbine. I’m assuming the Plymouth is going to be a Research Bureau ship?

  14. Thx CC.. always clear and simple. Go forth!

  15. Wow!! Excellent video, Carlito!! I love seeing upcoming ships and such and this really scratched that itch. The video being done by my friend Carlito, the golden voice of Twitch and YouTube fame makes it all that much better!! Looking forward to the next one!!

  16. Ahhh a new branch split… interesting, but max speed 23kts dodge torp will be hard. And reload time 40~45sec 1 or 2 salvo by game ;p

  17. u won’t believe it but i was just discussing this with my clanmates just days before this on how WG should implement a mechanics of mercenary clans for Clan battles wherein individual members can play in other clans as part of mercenaries and earn rewards as well as forming a separate rank league for mercenary clans. i am happy that they are trying it and thanks for the update

    • It’s strange that they were banning clans for something similiar recently but it’s probably to prevent it happening as a paid service in the future.

    • @Carbine Carlito I didn’t knew that but I think it would be interesting to see how this will impact the clans.

  18. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted

    1:27 good

  19. I NEED HELP!
    I can’t sell anymore ships and it says no more space for reserves, how do I fix?

    • Hi there, you can right click on any captain in the reserves to dismiss them to free up space or purchase more reserve slots with Doubloons

    • @Carbine Carlito I started yesterday I’m a rookie, I’ll do as you say… May I come back to you for help?

  20. So what make this “new branch” ships differs from other US BBs??

    • Less speed with larger gun caliber with bigger potential damage salvos but still works in progress so still subject to change before early access release

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