World of Warships – USS Indianapolis CA-35

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There’s a new premium cruiser arriving in World of Warships and, wait it…. drumroll…. it’s not Russian!

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  1. OMG! This video proved one thing to me. I am 3 years older than Jingles!

  2. I hope WORLDOFTANKS today :)))

  3. Well if you think 11,8km concealment range is “ridiculous”, say hello to
    the Atago and her 9,1km.

  4. I like nick cage :(

  5. That bloody boat game again

  6. Lamborghini Lam

    That story of the captain’s superior blaming him of the loss of his vessel
    and crew he couldn’t not avoid reminds something from XCOM 2 that is
    similar.I wonder what that could be

  7. Michael Cartwright

    Should grab the people who were on that court marshall board and execute
    them. Scumbags

  8. Any chance that the Alaska class heavy Cruiser will get into the game?

  9. Philadelphia Freedom

    Whats the music in the introduction?

  10. Jingles you should always cap, if you dont understand that you should learn
    before trying to teach.

  11. Anell “AZD” ALL

    Seems like I finally caught up on your WOW (World Of Warships) videos.
    From the very first in this playlist to here.
    Looking forward to more. Guess that means I have to subscribe huh?
    I’ve been enjoying them since.

    I don’t know why but I love listening to your stories on ships you review.

  12. Last spring, i was surfing with my mate near my house in perth. Anyway we
    were waiting for a decent wave and we just started looking at the seal
    colony and the birds around us. Then all of a sudden the birds starting
    fucking screaming and flying off and the seals started bolting for land.
    Honestly i was literally running on the water, ive never felt so sick in my
    entire life

  13. 8:51 Oh Jingles… That’s an i-400, not a type B.

  14. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    “But as it is starred by Nicholas Cage it is probably going to suck”

    Oh Jingles please never change :)

  15. Thanks Jingles. I’m very moved by the background facts. What a tradegy.
    Both the event and the aftermath. The fact that the Japanese submarine
    captain testified in favor of Mc Vay is in my opnion deeply honorable. Such
    a theme I’ve seen in the movie Rules of engagement as well.

  16. Hey Jingles have you checked out Dreadnought already ? It’s kinda like
    World of Tanks, cept you pilot huge ass ships and whatnot…space ships
    that is. Give it a shot. Feels very similar to WOT.

  17. Looks like the US gets a nice russian like trajectory on this…. Now WG
    make it flatter on the tier 6-10 dd’s and I’ll be over joyed

  18. Below the last main turret, there is some sort of “bumper”, on each side of
    the hull. Other ships have it as well, what is it for?

  19. Jingles it would be nice if they added the Adam’s class DDG for
    the Aussies!!!!!.And yes I no they were a US vessel but HMAS Brisbane 41
    was a fast bad ass ship, even with boilers!!!

  20. The Indianapolis was also the last US warship lost in WWII.

  21. It even looks good.

    But the fate of the original and her crew…what a tragic combination of
    bad luck and incompetence.
    Kind of like a World Of Warships game when the team carry gets blamed for
    everything after he makes a mistake while fighting half the enemy fleet

  22. I grew up down the street from a survivor.

  23. RainbowDashie 1990

    I’ve heard some stories about the Indianapolis, but never in the vivid
    detail in which Jingles describes it. I feel so bad for the captain and
    everything he and his men had to endure at the hands of our messed up
    military command structure. It just wasn’t right what they did to him.

  24. Hey Jingles. Listening to your history lesson, I realized that the events
    around the Indianapolis are the template for Thomas J. Fleming’s Time and
    Tide, a novel which I read and enjoyed last year. The Captain in the novel
    is called McKay. This seems pretty obvious. Have you read it?

  25. best part of Jaws was you didn’t see the shark until way later into the
    movie, and all because of a machine breakdown. That random event upped the
    tension of the movie and made it one of the greatest movies of all time.
    Funny how random shit makes a difference. Like rng in wows.

  26. Wait… did you change your name again? What happened to the poor old
    Newcastle? Ship hopping now, are we?

  27. Screezilla (Screezilla)

    American military cover ups anger me so very much, i know other nations do
    it, but it seems so much more prominent in the American system. :/ The fact
    he ended up committing suicide is even worse. the poor soul his guilt must
    have been horrid losin all of them men, but to then have all that put atop
    of him? vile.

  28. Nick cage…. /facepalm

  29. jingle you stuffed it up against, you said i-85 at the beginning and then
    said i-58, which is the correct one. the best way to tell it is a genuine
    jingle video, there will be mistake!

  30. @ 11:45 worst moment in jingles story telling history. im sick to my
    stomach and rather upset right now.

  31. Soulbound Golden

    What’s the name of the First ship in jingles intro? (if jingles replys, God
    must be fucking real :L)

  32. cheesycheetah76

    I love history lessons with Jingles!

  33. I think I was 13 years old when I saw that movie, funny thing was I went
    swimming at a local beach about a week before I saw it… and that is the
    very last time I ever swam in the ocean. To this day I will not swim in a
    sharks house…I am now 53….that is one hell of a powerful movie.

  34. The Indianapolis was sunk by I-58 FYI. Also lol, I did watch mission of the
    shark a couple months ago, and I’m really excited for this ship.

  35. Everytime i hear one of those stories like the one about the captain of the
    ship or any of the shared stories below, it frustrates me… the navy was
    out for blood and ruined a life. i hope that they had to pay the family
    something after congress aquitted him…
    and dont get me wrong, i respect our military, its some of those high up
    officers with the chests full of “i was there” and “i did this” medals who
    do this kind of crap that get me…

  36. I hate the Pensacola

  37. “Sunk by the Japanese submarine I-85…”
    >checks wiki
    > the ship was torpedoed by the Imperial Japanese Navy submarine I-58

    gj jingles. you had one job

  38. i was 10 when i saw Jaws…scared me to death

  39. Pensacola isn’t as bad as everyone says, the problem is the detectability
    range and the terrible armor. I learned to like mine, but not love it.

  40. Well if we want happier film news on the USS Indianapolis I know Robert
    Downey Jr. and his film company (through Warner Brothers) are actually
    looking to do the story of the Indianapolis as well with the addition of
    the tale of Hunter Scott who as an 11 year old in 1996 with what started
    out as a history fair project launched that final successful campaign to
    exonerate Captain McVay. The book Left for Dead by Pete Nelson is a good
    read on the subject (One Jingles is probably aware of, if not read, but for
    the sake of those who don’t know).

  41. Why is it better than the Aoba? It has the same caliber guns, but no

  42. nobody watches nicolas cage movies anymore

  43. Thank you for your commentary about the captain. It’s a sore spot for many
    naval vets. It’s nice to see the truth repeated.

  44. Love the history as always jingles!

  45. Actually Jingles, it was the submarine I-58. But it’s okay, too much time
    on the sea can make anyone a little dyslexic.

  46. How do I submit videos for you to view?

  47. That’s got to be a rather surreal trial, where the man who sunk him
    testified in his own defence.

  48. Hey Jingles according to the comments you told the story of the William D

    I am having a hard time finding it, but I’d love to see the video if it
    exists! Thanks in advance.

  49. when’s the next armoured warfare vid

  50. Starring Nicholas Cage, so it’s likely to suck? Take it back, Jingles.

  51. You got to Love It.

  52. I live in indy :D

  53. orlos The Druid

    I really have no respect for WG using this ship. This in my opinion is just
    a dig at US NAVY vets, and its sore spot and bad memory for a lot of us.

    Damn commie fucks.

  54. WOAH THERE so you are saying that a Nick Cage movie is bad???

  55. My brother was about the sam age and still gets quezzy at the sight of
    blood from that movie

  56. My history teacher’s father served on the U.S.S. Indianapolis between July
    23, 1942 to July 30, 1945, he was one of the 317 survivors. He came in and
    told a few of his stories, very kind and openhearted person.

  57. The story about the captain made me really sad 🙁 Like it wasn’t bad enough
    that he lost his ship and a big part of his crew, he also have to take
    blame for the mistakes of others. Comitted suicide with his dads toyship in
    his hands, just goes to show how all his dreams had been crushed by this..

  58. How do you sell ships? Thank you in advance. “I’ll never put on a
    Lifejacket again”

  59. You can use AP against broadside BBs, and even slightly angled BBs,
    especially at close range.

  60. Is the full german battleship tree out yet

  61. When will this ship be available for purchase?

  62. That story of the Indianapolis is sickening. I can’t believe how some
    pieces of shit find a man guilty on BS charges and drives him to suicide
    all because nobody would take responsibility for the death of 800 sailors.
    Thank you for enlightening me Jingles.

  63. the airbornepotato

    You so silly Jingles… the sub at 8:58 is the I-400; the expermiental,
    unproven, submarine aircraft carrier.

  64. Hi Jingles another good run down on a new ship.
    But Dear Jingles I have a confession to make I broke rule one. and I am now
    pink. please don’t send me to the salt mines. Anhydrite mines are worse,
    been there, done that, have the tee shirt. . In mitigation I did yell torps
    in water but to late the following DD eat 3. he said sorry his bad, which
    only made me feel worse. keep up the good work.
    Please can you take your Warspite out. I am having a hell of a time driving
    mine and it cannot be all my fault.

  65. No Jingles, Great white sharks have been seen not that far from Britain. So
    yes, you have sharks.

  66. So basically trial ships for you jingles are like when we were able the get
    the Ognevoi and Konigsberg for sea trials before the German cruisers and
    Soviet destroyers were released

  67. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    McVay’s court marshal is complete bull shit.

  68. Fire AP at battleships if they are BROADSIDE ON. You CAN score citadel
    penetrations with those 203 mm guns. I do it frequently and consistently
    with my New Orleans.

  69. jingles comes visit Pensacola we have a great naval aviation museum

  70. Soooo, this is the ship we SHOULD be having at tier 7, but as a Prem.
    While the junker that *Should* have been a prem alongside the other is wot
    we have to grind through…. lolz

    (on the flipside, at least the USN gets a Good prem cruiser now, lol)

  71. I really wish WG would bring back the Measure 22 paint job for American
    ships as stock paint job. Currently they just look like rust buckets

  72. Goddamn you Navy… Just like blaming a homosexual relationship for the
    1989 #2 Turret explosion aboard USS Iowa…

  73. Just one thing Jingles, it’s not pronounced Connect-icut, It’s basically

  74. Poo, would have been cool to see a ship named for my home town, ah well,
    having the ship class at least is pretty neat.

  75. thehoustonian245

    Who thinks they should put in the Northampton or the USS Houston as either
    a ship or premium ship respectively.

  76. hey jingles what about the worst alligator attack in history… it happend
    in ww2 in japanese controlled pacific island and it happend when 200
    japanese solders ran into a swamp and one day later only 12 where
    discovered by us solders, you should cover that story next… just an idea

  77. I’ve seen “Operation Shark”…. disturbing.

  78. Jon Oregon (Kelarius)

    Jingles, I’ve had some great success firing AP at battleships in the
    Pensacola, which has pretty much the same guns. The key is that it only
    really works well against Japanese battleships since they tend to have less
    consistent armor. I sank a Kongo from full health in my Pensacola once,
    with several citadel penetrations, firing pretty much only AP. You’ll also
    get decent damage firing AP rounds into the superstructure on some
    battleships, if it can pen, you wont do citadel damage of course but you’ll
    get around 1k per hit, which is better than you’ll do with HE rounds many

  79. Jesus that toy sailor bit was depressing…thanks for that, Jingles. D:

  80. Because of the coming movie?

  81. Is it CN 35 or CA 35 you say CN in the first minute but the video title in
    CA ?!?!?!

  82. Descent armor but still a Treaty Cruiser. At least it isn’t another Russian
    premium. I’m sure we will get a few more of them before any NEW navies are
    revealed. Hell, they still have an ex Italian BB they can make a premium
    Russian ship since they took possession of it after the war. They already
    have a bunch of Italian designed dd’s on their roster. I know the Italians
    had a bad rap as being ineffective in WW2 but they built some beautiful
    ships. Litorrio class BB looks better than the Bismark class imho and far
    better than any other BB.

  83. I am sorry but putting the Indianapolis in the game is a disgrace to the
    people who served, fought, and died on that ship. You can have a Portland
    class sure but not this ship. But what should American’s expect from a game
    with Russian dev asshats? Why not just put the USS Arizona in game too so
    WG can shit on the sailors who served on her as well. It also adds to the
    dishonor of Captain McVay and his legacy. I can see it now douches in
    destroys saying utterly stupid things when one of these gets sunk in game
    by OP torpedo spam.

  84. My mom remembered being on the USS Indianapolis while it was in New York
    Harbor for fleet week (or something like that). It was either 1938 or 1936.

  85. oh woo… yet another cruiser to throw in the pile. I’m tired of them
    pumping out premium ships every two weeks. I just want new branches on the
    tech trees.

  86. the movie jaws scared me I stopped taking baths and started taking showers.

  87. Hey Jingles, I live on Martha’s Vineyard and am old enough that I was alive
    and a kid when Jaws was filmed on my island. You mentioned the filming
    scaring you and keeping you out of the water. Me to : ) I did not swim for
    the entire summer. Another thing, I remember fishermen who were very much
    like the character portrayed by Robert Shaw in the film. His character is
    an accurate portrayal of a type of fishermen back then.

  88. My parents took my brother and I to see Jaws while on vacation on the outer
    banks of N. Carolina. And what did they do on the way back to the camper
    (caravan) . Yep, you guessed it, a midnight stroll on the beach. Of course
    wading thru the surf over the objections (crying and screaming) of my
    brother and I.
    I could be found at the pool for the rest of the vacation/holiday.
    Thanks mom and dad.
    Thanks a lot.

  89. Even more amazing that it is not a Russian ship, it’s not a up-rigged clone
    of something already in the game. Nice video.

  90. Bad luck ship, not getting it. Would rather have a USS Alaska though.

  91. ‘You can’t sneak up on the Indianapolis.’

    I think there are around 300 sailors that might disagree with you.

  92. came for the gameplay stayed for the story.

  93. The story of how the Captain of the Indianapolis got screwed over reminds
    me of the sinking of the USS Frank E. Evans by the Australian carrier HMAS
    Melbourne in 1969.

    The Evans was to take up planeguard station off the Melbourne’s port bow
    and that required moving from her starboard beam to her port side. The
    Evans was specifically ordered to make a starboard turn and go around
    BEHIND the Melbourne to take up her station but for some reason sailed
    instead directly into the Melbourne’s path and the resulting collision
    resulted in the Evans being cut in two and the bow sinking rapidly with the
    loss of 74 crew. The stern stayed afloat and was recovered.

    At the joint RAN-USN board of inquiry the US called all the shots and in an
    amazing case of someone having a vested interest in not being to blame, the
    captain of the Frank E Evans was placed in charge of the inquiry. Despite
    all the evidence to the contrary the US Navy overruled the few RAN officers
    they had allowed onto the board of inquiry and laid all the blame on the
    captain of the Melbourne. It ruined the man’s life and career and it was
    only a couple of years ago (once everyone else who were to blame were dead)
    that the US Government came out and admitted that the Melbourne’s captain
    was made a scapegoat. The Captain died years before this was announced.

  94. it sad for the capt for Indianapolis for the shit he took because some one
    navy was retard.

  95. It seems WG gonna release crappy normal ship and better premium ship. Case
    of point, this ship, New York AA vs Texas AA, and that russian CA with
    smoke. Meh, I wont fall into the trap.

  96. That scene in Jaws still gives me chills. Saw the movie as a kid too and
    it’s still frightens me from the memory of being truly terrified as a kid.

  97. Actually Jingles…. The Indianapolis was sunk by I-58, not I-85.

  98. Darth_sean emperors wrath

    Jingles I will definitely buy this ship and being former navy as I am hard
    to believe you were afraid of the ocean. Although I can understand after
    watching JAWS. hope you enjoy the comicon I plan on attending Awesome con
    in DC so you enjoy yours and have fun and remember Justice Served lol

  99. I’ll probably pick up this ship too, I liked my pensacola, that and now I
    know how to use my cruisers better. the only thing I knew to do with my US
    CAs was acting as an escort ship when CVs were around. =]

  100. LOL, I too was 5 years old when I saw that movie…still don’t like sharks
    or large bodies of water.

  101. Jingles, Aoba review, please! Don’t think you’ve done one.

  102. Norman Hairston

    Three comments: 1) The US actually had 2 navies during WWII, one reporting
    to MacArthur, one to Nimitz (Nimitz had his own army, the Marines, so
    MacArthur argued he should have his own Navy). Nimitz had the fast ships
    for naval combat, McArthur had the slow ones for shore bombardment and
    troop movement. MacArthur needed a fast ship to transport the bomb parts
    and was lent the Indianapolis. After completion of its mission, the
    Indianapolis was to return to Nimitz command and it was the paper hand-off
    of the ship that got botched. 2) The I58 also carried Kaiten, Japanese
    suicide subs. Though denied by the Japanese, it is widely speculated that
    it was the Kaiten, not torpedoes that sank the Indianapolis. 3) The
    Indianapolis was a “Treaty Cruiser” an old design modified to comply with
    the treaty of Washington. As part of the modifications to lighten the ship,
    it had very, very large fuel tanks and was essentially hollow. Depending on
    how much fuel was in those tanks, it would have been easy to blow the ship
    in half with a well placed hit to a mostly empty fuel tank (a fuel/air

  103. is it bad that when he started playing the music at :30 i wanted to start
    playing fallout 3

  104. ThankzCaptainObvious

    its like a tank destroyer that floats

  105. what button to follow your shells?

  106. Sounds like playing a kongo

  107. MelancholicThug

    Man, what a sad story =/
    As always, assholes in power trying to escape the consecuences of fucking
    up by shitting on the nearest scapegoat. Disgusting.

  108. now now Jingles. Nicolas Cage isn’t that bad.

  109. oliverreedslovechild

    ACTUALLY Jingles, there are plenty of sharks in British waters. The Shark
    Angling Club of Great Britain was established in Looe, Cornwall in 1953 and
    according to their records, a 500lb Mako shark ( a very close relative of
    the Great White ) was caught off Looe in 1971 by a woman called J Yallop.
    So maybe you were right not to go near the sea for a long time after all.

  110. Thomas Underhill

    USS Underhill? Awesome!! Not cool that it sank though.

  111. dear jingles
    as a normal person who enjoys watching video games and history i thank you
    very much for making and putting the time in to show the historical events
    that happened to that ship. i had no idea before today. 🙁 your a good man

  112. Man when you got to the part where the captain shot himself, that got
    depressing real fast. :<

  113. Listening through the sinking story…Stay professional, USN, stay

  114. If Jaws came out in 1975 and if Jingles was 5 when he saw it that makes him
    younger than 45 or 46

  115. Privatepain1234

    yeah jingles.. i love idiot CV caps in my Cleveland.. its funny to watch
    them try. i remember 2 games in particular.. the first was when me and a
    random player both in cleves were escorting my buddy who was a fully
    upgraded new mex.. and the enemy jap cv sent almost all his sqauds against
    us… lets just say.. not many planes returned.. and they never got to drop
    on us… the other was i was in my cleve agian and for some reason.. idk..
    maybe i pissed him off.. idk.. but the enemy cv just had the most massive
    hard on for me.. and kept sending squadron after squadron agianst me.. and
    i ended up spending like 5 minutes constantly maneuvering and evading
    before he finally lost to many planes and gave up lol

  116. Poor Captain McVay, if anyone should be responsible it should be the people
    responsible for initating the search. I read the book about the
    Indianapolis, it was intresting. Also, RIP Hood. Nice video Jingles, such a
    tragic story

  117. stop stealing the public’s money WG and release the full tech trees for
    crying out loud…. there’s plenty of prem ships already

  118. OverPoweredPotato

    28:10 that quote seems a bit ironic eh Jingles?

  119. wow, who ever was on the court marshal board, dig up their corpse, shoot
    them in the face, and cremate the remains

  120. Jeff Trowel (Pnakotus)

    Still waiting for the Tone :’)

  121. It is videos like this that I enjoy the most. You have done some research
    and give us a bit of history about the ships. Thanks for the great videos!

  122. I am a Seaman in the U.S. Navy and that story disgusts me everytime I hear
    it. I just hope to God something like that never happens during my time in
    the Navy.

  123. Thanks Jingles… I had a good day today… and you made me realize I’m
    still in a shit country…

  124. The Indianapolis is only supposed to have 127mm of armor, not 146. If WG
    goes that route we want 900mm she’ll velocity for balance and Des Moines.

  125. Jaws did the same thing to me. Robert Shaw was an extraordinary actor and
    help make the movie. Great back story filling in the history of this great
    ship and the wrong done to her commander.

  126. Jingles, Indianapolis may not keep her advantages over Pensacola for long.
    With WG introducing C hulls for numerous ships, we had a look at a likely C
    hull for the Pepsi.

  127. For a good read based on actual cruiser warfare during WW2, including an
    harrowing account of the Indianapolis sinking (under the guise of the
    fictional USS Jefferson City) I highly suggest this book:

  128. Christopher Fink

    I built this in minecraft

  129. I have a number of books on this ship and its sinking. It was a complete
    railroad to protect those who really screwed up.

  130. Cool

  131. Most attacks on the survivors were done by the Oceanic White Tip Shark, not
    Tiger Sharks like most people believe. Although Tigers may have been
    responsible for a few attacks, the wounds found on 90% of the victims were
    proven to be OWT Sharks. Unlike most Jaws set me on my career path as a
    Marine Zoologist.

  132. Jingles, You were 5? I was 9 and I lived in one of the beach towns of
    Massachusetts … I wouldn’t go to the beach for years!!!! Jaws scared the
    crap out of me!!

  133. Mikæl Yykmirov

    yay another premium cruiser… now when will non premiums come out?

  134. u can actually use the ap on the kongo…

  135. Never heard of the USS Indianapolis. Found a couple web pages and started

    OMG what a tale. Those poor souls

  136. Almighty Nipples

    That’s gotta be the best looking cruiser ever

  137. JIngles i live in indiana indianapolis, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  138. I think you’ve got the class development history wrong there. 🙁 She was
    designed with those 8″ guns from the ground up. The Washington Naval Treaty
    was the reason for which she was redesignated as a heavy cruiser (CA) from
    a light cruiser (CL) (although technically CA35 was never ever designated
    CL35. Last ship to be launched as a CL and redesignated as CA was Portland
    herself, CL/CA33).

  139. so your 45 years old

  140. Hive Tyrant kraken

    damn that was so fucked up what they did to that captain Charles

  141. Why the hell is ‘On Wisconsin’ playing? It’s Indianapolis, Indiana!

  142. Hive Tyrant kraken

    anyone have problems with video around 9:39

  143. Actually jingles…..

    Sorry, I just feel its worth noting that part of the indianapolis was not
    known to be missing in part because she was the ship that delivered the
    Atomic Bombs to tinian. thats part of why there was a fuck up with the

  144. Wait….I thought Indianapolis was sunk by I-58?Since when did the name
    change to I-85?

  145. Ronald de Rooij

    Who was pulling the strings behind the scenes of the court marshall?

  146. I was going to try and be scathing when I first heard “I-85″… but good
    ol’ Jingles, you not only recovered, you went on. Thank you for the
    information regarding the loss of the ship, and anyone reading this comment
    wanting to look further into the story, I highly recommend the book “In
    Harm’s Way” by Doug Stanton. Warning; it is very, very graphic.

    As for the ship herself in WoWS… I’m not sure if I’ll cough up the money.
    I think I better just grind towards what could have been her sister, the
    USS Minneapolis (CA-36, a N’Orleans class).

  147. Not “the single greatest loss of live in US Navy History.” Many more people
    died on the USS Arizona.

  148. Awesome video Jingles! but i can’t believe how ridiculous the army command
    was… covering a military error by blaming a guy that commits suicide
    because of soooo many lies. The superiors of the USA military or military
    in general (but the US army kind of have a reputation for military crimes)
    disgust me because they sacrifice thousands of lives for a mission to kill
    innocent civilians in cities in Japan that had no military bases…

  149. Looks like ur getting some bad comments. But thank you for the history! I
    love wows and I’m buying this ship when I can right away! I have every ship
    so far and I love ww2 navel ships. Never knew about the story of the
    Indianapolis. Happy I know now and how messed up the USN was in ww2

  150. Sergio Seminario

    hey the Pensacola is a very good ship!

  151. The story surrounding my good lady Indianapolis is fucking disgusting. How
    dare the brass place blame on the honorable Captain. How dare they Court
    Martial him with bullshit charges.

  152. Am I the only one having synchronization issues while using 720p60fps? The
    audio is always faster than the video o_O. I actually had to reverse to
    480p to get an acceptable viewingexperience….

  153. GeertHabbenJansen

    Jingles, the only person to review a ship without mentioning any stats
    untill halfway in the video. Please never change

  154. A wee bit of trivia: these alleged shark attacks are far more likely to
    have been sharks feeding off the corpses of already dead sailors and a
    number of so called ‘test-bites’, whose wounds certainly can be fatal (and
    were in some cases), but are not to be mistaken as an attack.

    That said, the shark species most likely to have been the main perpetrator
    in the sinking of CA-35 is believed to be the oceanic whitetip shark, which
    is known to be very liberal in its choice of food and can descend into a
    feeding frenzy (due to the general lack of readily available food in the
    open ocean, so get what you can when you can). Whilst certainly still not
    even close to the much propagated killing machine stereotype (whitetips
    don’t prey on humans, our low content in fats is an alien taste to most
    shark species and would be like a human biting into … whatever alien
    stuff you don’t typically bite into), a feeding frenzy on say drifting dead
    sailors is very likely to have been the cause for the much inflated horror
    stories about shark attacks on the surviving members of CA-35.

    Why might this be interesting to know? Because ‘Jaws’ is a bioeconomical
    disaster whose (umintended but nontheless tragic) misrepresentation and
    subsequent paranoid public reactions and shark hunts caused were an almost
    extinction-level event for shark populations worldwide.

    Also, don’t eat sharkfin soup. It’s bad for you (no really, it is, shark
    meat is rich in mercury and incorrectly processed meat is also rich in

    Oh, and Jingles, actually … there are sharks around in the british
    waters. Most of them a seasonal visitors, but that’s not the point …
    Jingles? Jingles, please put that oxygen tank away, Jingl-

  155. FYI, iChase had confirmation from a RU dev over the weekend that the armor
    was bugged and the ship sat too high out of the water, and that would be
    fixed before release – so the armor should perform much better than shown
    in the video – iChase as well said that if the armor bug was fixed, this
    ship would be well worth purchasing.

  156. Maybe I’m reaching but could WG be trying to tie into the 100th running of
    the Indy500 this weekend too?!?

  157. Connecticut is pronounced “Conetticut”, you silly foreigner.

  158. Additionally and from Wikipedia – In his book Abandon Ship, author Richard
    F. Newcomb posits a motive for Admiral Ernest J King’s ordering McVay’s
    court-martial. According to Captain McVay III’s father, Admiral Charles B
    McVay Jr, “‘King never forgot a grudge,” he exploded. King had been a
    junior officer under the old man’s command when he and other officers
    sneaked some women aboard a ship. Admiral McVay had letter of reprimand
    placed in King’s record. “Now,” he raged, “King’s used you to get back at

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  180. Jaws scared the sheet out of 5 year old Jingles.
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    U.S.S. Arizona in there. I did not know about the Nicolas Cage movie until
    you mentioned it. That just makes it worse. They have missed so many
    cruiser classes they had plenty of other choices. My favorite was the U.S.S
    Alaska! Why not that one?

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  186. Shaw’s performance is, indeed, excellent in that scene, and throughout the
    movie. Due to the problems the shooting suffered (mainly due to the
    malfunctioning mechanical sharks) tempers frayed a few times on set, and
    Shaw’s drinking didn’t help. However, he redeemed himself in that scene, as
    he had taken Ray Gottlieb’s script for it and reworked it himself, then
    delivered it in basically one take. Keep up the great work, Jingles!

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    outrange you is WAY OP and a bad move. Meet MrConway and PoityHairedJedi
    in Indianapolis once. Lests say their armor wasnt good enogh to stop
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    actor Robert Shaw had the amazing idea to get drunk before this scene, to
    give it more authenticity since the crew was drinking rum, the problem was
    he was got so hammered they had to stop filming and redo the shoot a few
    hours later, after Shaw sobered up a bit.

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  195. Jingles,I have seen reports that there is or was and armor bug where DD HE
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    experience this or know if it was corrected?

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  197. okay I’m having a huge argument with an American friend about what tank is
    just say Challenger 2 or M1A2 Abrams as you have mentioned before your
    opinion isn’t to be taken for granted but this american friend isn’t quite
    that intelligent and I managed to convince him you were an expert in modern
    warfare, particularly vehicle design.

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  199. You should shoot ap shells at battleships if they’re broadside on (expect
    with the smallest of guns). Just shoot the upper structure of the
    battleship and you will do more damage than you’ll get with HE. Though it
    lacks the nice bonus of fires, if you want to reliablely damage battleships
    who are broadside on shoot the upper part with AP. Don’t aim for citadels,
    because you will bounce.
    Hope this tip helps someone out there!

  200. Jingles, you do know that the actors were all actually drunk when that Jaws
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  203. Court Martialed “For being responsable of sinking it’s own ship due to not
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    In every culture that is considered a dick move.

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  205. Ser Garlan Tyrell

    Wow, i honestly don’t know what’s worse, all the reasons why the
    Indianapolis’ sinking wasn’t reported or the way the Navy framed that poor
    captain because of the ridiculous blame-game they seemed to play.
    I hope whoever was responsible for that farce of a trial was themselves
    court-martialed after the truth was revealed!

  206. If I was McVay I would have came into the court room and I would have

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    ship reviews are great. But what I really like are the history lessons and
    the stories about the what the ships accomplished in their heydays. Keep up
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  209. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    Jingles, have you ever played the Admral Hipper, with how much you prase
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    you need to play the Hipper its AP pens lower and same teir BBs, and treats
    CAs like there armor is butter. as well the Yourk is ment for BB hunting
    with its AP. Long story short, GO PLAY THE HIPPER! its great!

  210. I remember watching mission of the shark. It was a good movie actually and
    went into good detail of the event. If I recall right Mcvay was made target
    despite his senior officers defending him, due to his family having
    powerful enemies within the US navy and it was somewhat a witch hunt.

    It certainly a sad event. Just being in the salt water that long can kill
    you and be quite painful as your skin peels away from your flesh. Plus the
    hunger and thirst.

    By the way there are many sharks around the UK. The Porbeagle looks like a
    mini great white.

    Seems to me the best way to play her is the same you play a
    Pensacola…dance like you never danced before. Fire, zig, then zag then
    fire again. The Pensacola is a GREAT DD hunter. I expect if used right the
    Indianapolis will be a great DD hunter too. Few know how to make the
    Pensacola shine, I have a feeling few will be able to make this ship shine
    too. Pensacola is deadly to anything she faces too, I sink BBs in my
    Pensacola all the time, her AP can pen up to Colorado deck armour. More I
    see of this video the more I see her as an improved Pensacola. Don’t get
    concealment on your average cruiser…you want xp? get those guns firing
    and keep them firing.

  211. Sharks are fine Jingles… usually. The Indianapolis sinking was unusual, I
    very much doubt there have been more than a handful of such mass shark
    attacks in human history. Even with the shark attacks I seem to recall that
    the majority of those who died in the water died of the usual things,
    exposure, drowning etc… they were in the water for 4 and a half days…
    long time.

    I have grown to dislike that scene, sharks eyes are not dead… at least
    not when they are alive. Also, most of the sharks involved were Oceanic
    Whitetips not Tigers…. which a professional shark hunter WOULD have
    known, the two species are very different.

  212. Small corrections – those are Pensacola guns, and Pensacola has better
    rudder shift with the same turn radius. Other than that, love the video.
    Much more to the point than others.

  213. That US Navy court marshaling of him is absolutely disgraceful.

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  216. Mister Jingles, to add to your “lessons learned” part of the tale… the
    debacle which was the aftermath of the sinking led to the start of the US
    Navy’s MOVREP system. Any naval vessel leaving port must file a MOVREP
    showing it’s intended track and time of arrival at the destination.
    Classification of this message is dependent upon the vessel so it may be up
    to and including TOP SECRET. Any variation in track must be reported and
    if a ship does not report arrival within 24 hours this automatically
    begins queries which may result in SAR operations. It’s worked
    successfully in a number of occasions.

  217. I had a teacher, years and years ago, that said that the original message
    was probably ignored because of the top-secret nature of its original
    mission. They weren’t “supposed” to be out; her mission was too secret. On
    the other hand, the idea that you talked about, gross incompetence, is
    easier to understand, and even easier to believe.

  218. The discovery channel also did a special during shark week on the incident

  219. Bradley McDaniel

    No one can sneak up on the Indianapolis huh? 😛

    Fascinating video, even if it is the first video of yours to piss me off
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  222. I’ve seen Mission of the Shark. It was a good film, given the subject
    matter. Worth seeing if you’re into that sort of thing.

  223. +The Mighty Jingles

    One thing to note on the loss of life for the sinking of the Indianapolis –
    it was the greatest loss of life AT SEA for a US Navy warship. More people
    died on the Arizona when she went down (1,177) at Pearl Harbor after the
    Japanese blew her up at anchorage.

  224. The final Indianapolis tradgedy was the way they gave the Captain ..McVeyh?
    I think? the real green Weenie. I think he killed himself. The Japanese sub
    commander came forward and exonerated him years later saying that the
    things he was blamed for not doing he did…and regardless it made no
    difference to the destruction of the ship either way. They really
    scapegoated him because they had to explain 900 or 1000 guys that they
    didn’t even know were missing let alone getting eaten by sharks for days.

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  227. You can use AP on battleships when you are 6km or less away from them.

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  229. Thanks for the very informative history lesson on this notorious ship and
    her crew, however, I feel the need to give you a lesson on sharks in UK
    waters. Whilst the likes of the White Shark/White Pointer are not
    frequently spotted in our coastal waters, remember that they do move around
    and has resulted in in numerous unconfirmed sightings in British waters,
    especially in areas where there are seal colonies, but then, they move
    around too! The numerous remains of munched on seals is more than enough
    evidence for me not to swim where such evidence has been found. When I
    lived in North Queensland, Australia, locally sharks weren’t so much of a
    problem ……… crocs have eaten them all!! ……..Nom nom

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  231. Funny thing about the new Nicholas Cage move is that it is being filmed on
    the USS Alabama BB-60 South Dakota class battleship in Mobile, Alabama,
    instead of filming on a ship more similar to the Indianapolis which is a
    Portland class cruiser.

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  233. heartbreaking story that was.

  234. You should have watched iChase’s video detailing problems with the armor.
    It’s not as effective as you’re reporting. iChase clearly shows DD HE
    penning the Indianapolis’s armor, which makes it another glass cannon. WG
    is releasing too many of this ship type, recently. Here’s the link to
    iChase’s non-historical, but better overall evaluation of this ship. Thank
    you for the historical info.

  235. And what happend to the bastards who screwed over captain McVay?

  236. IIRC the Indianapolis was derisively nicknamed “Swayback Maru” because of
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  238. The American admiralty is just terrible in this department. Just look at
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  239. Wouldn’t it look cooler if destroyed ships in WoWs sunk really slow with a
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    would be a lot of wrecked ships and fire/smoke. I think this would make the
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    Also, just FYI, the orange boat that crosses behind your ship in the New
    York harbor screen is the Staten Island Ferry, an iconic part of New York
    daily life.

  249. Lets not forget it was a twelve year old’s school project that led to the
    high court overruling and exoneration of McVay. (Yes I know the US
    equivalent of high court)

  250. NitroMonkeyGamer 500

    Jingles its Hero-shimae (silent e) not heroshimA

  251. My father served 20 years in the US Navy, my brother was in the Navy and my
    grand-dad was a Marine, so I knew I was joining the Navy. Until I saw Jaws.
    I spent 25 years in the Army instead!! Once you get ankle deep in the
    water, you’re now at the >bottom< of the food chain! Cheers!!

  252. Pensacola is good-ish, fully upgraded the 203mm guns can and will destroy
    cruisers, Aa is all right as well, you won’t be wiping squadrons from T7 or
    T8 Cvs, but it does the trick, they will keep you safe, most of the times.

    And btw the trick to get air kills, every time than you see an Air fight
    between 2cvs, park your ship under them, you won’t need to trigger the As
    boost and the carrier will appreciate that, every time than I can if I see
    one and is somewhere in a 8km range I will change the course and help the

    And Pensacola can take on battleships, I was successful most of the times,
    on favourable scenarios, you can get 4k+ damage rolls if you hit the super
    structure of any battleship, if your aim is decent.

    I don’t really understand the hate for the Pensacola, is good at
    everything, not perfect, but good enough.
    And the guns are really good against everything, even a Dd whit a well
    aimed barrage will take massive damage.

    Its all down to skill I guess.

  253. Not sure if they were told ahead of time but I was watching a documentary
    about Jaws where they interviewed actual survivors that went to see the
    movie. Every one of them said they couldn’t stop their emotions when the
    scene comes up about the sinking. Most never told their own story of the
    sinking before they saw Robert Shaw telling it (which I can understand
    because of what they went through). I think some even sent letters to
    Spielberg thanking him for telling their story

  254. False Jingles, AP from a 203 will pen a BB if the angling is good. You can
    get way better numbers from using AP correctly. But most noobs dont have
    half a brain and just spam HE.

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  256. Indianapolis residents! REPRESENT

  257. you should know by now that cruiser ap is effective against a battle ship.
    you aim above the armor belt and you’l do good damage. you wont get many
    citadels but solid penetration damage. Angling of course applies.

  258. in short … politicians are cunts….spooks are cunts and the brass are
    cunts …………… then again you have to be a cunt to want to nuke
    someone ….so theyre all cunts


    the story of the Indianapolis was what kept me out of the navy.

  260. >Cannot sneak up on the Indianapolis.
    >Was sunk IRL by a submarine.

  261. SV-001 Metal Slug

    I-58 Jingles, give Goya credit!
    Edit: Ah-ha! He got it right later in the video. Very good Jingles, carry

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    First time youtube made me cry.

  265. Siberian Medved

    A big reason Congress actually investigated the sinking and exonerated
    Captain McVay was because a sixth grader did a school project on it.

  266. Typical goddamn cowardice in upper echelon of command structures that are
    essentially bureaucracies.
    You have to wonder what the USN would have done if Nimitz (and Spruance who
    commanded the battle of Midway no less) had said “if you prosecute him I
    will resign; try explaining that”.
    The USN has a history of this sort of rubbish; people might want to read
    about the case of the USS Frank E Evans that was rammed by HMAS Melbourne
    after disobeying specific instructions of how to navigate to the stern
    guard position from ahead. The captain of the Melbourne essentially had his
    career ruined even though not finally charged. I read a wonderful book on
    the subject called “No Case To Answer”.
    Another great one is the loss of the HMS Glorious which I recommend people
    read about (there’s a great documentary on it on YouTube by the BBC I
    Just makes my blood boil when I realise how many moral cowards there are
    out there, the defence forces ironically enough not being immune.

  267. Great Job as always Jingles! look forward to your next video sir.

  268. gotta love “history with Jingles” . I honestly dont give a rat’s behind
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    I play CV’s often and it is easy to sneak up on the clevelands 😉 wiht
    torpedo planes and bombers if they are alone and shooting at somebody they
    wont spot the hurt thats is goner hit them.

  271. Jingles the issue your having is the big box in the middle that houses the
    plane. The vertical sides there are thin and easy to hit at an angle and on
    both sides of those walls are your citadel.

  272. Jingles… I hate to say it, but capping actually gets you more experience
    than doing damage and getting kills. Because that’s what warships did,
    isn’t it? That’s how the Battle of Trafalgar was won, by Admiral Nelson
    sailing the HMS Victory into a random ring of buoys

  273. Remi (Battleship Arizona)

    Had I-58 hit Indianapolis when she was delivering the parts for the Bomb
    and not after like had actually happened, i cant imagine how things with
    the Atomic Bomb would’ve turned out

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    sport), is if all of the commentary is Morgan Freeman and Jingles.

  275. I hate politics in the military. My sister was an MP in the US Navy. She
    detained a sailor who was drunk and trying to drive home from a party.
    Turns out he was an admirals son or something like that. She was
    dishonorably discharged

  276. Calvin Hellesen

    Hate to break this to you Jingles but…. that might be Japanese naval
    music. I have a game that has the same song as back round music, and it’s
    done by japan. :/

  277. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    It is that bloody boat game again. Good.

  278. I’m gonna love this ship. I usually play Japanese and American cruisers,
    and I love cruiser hunting.

  279. That Mr. Hooper is the USS Indianapolis.

  280. WatcherMovie008

    Actually Jingles, it was I-58 that sank the USS Indianapolis, in which even
    the I-58’s commander defended the commander of the ship when he was being
    courtmarshalled- um, Jingles?

  281. Wargaming PLS listen to me I need you to add the HMAS Canberra it would
    make us Aussies very very happy indeed also add the USS samuel b. roberts
    destroyer escort plssssssssssss…….

  282. To this day, “In Harm’s Way” is by far the best book I have. read in all my
    years in school. There should be more WWII classes offered in High School.

  283. Was the armor still bugged when you made this?

  284. What I don’t get is how every reviewers on the ship says the AP isn’t THAT
    effective against Battleships, in the meantime, Pensacola’s guns citadels
    battleships and land 10 to 15k salvos on pretty much every battleships it
    encounters Under the 12-13km range. Indianapolis uses the same guns as the
    New Orleans Class-cruiser, which are slighty better guns than the

    So, how on earth can the same guns except they’re improved for 1 Tier
    (basically) have less penetration value and less damage output than the not
    improved gun on a same tier ship. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

  285. Interesting they decided to put the Portland class (USS Indianapolis) but
    not the North Hampton Class. There were only 2 Portands (as Jingles stated
    ) that led relatively uneventful careers but there were 6 Northhamptons all
    of which saw heavy combat and 3 of which were sunk (and USS Louisville
    seriously damaged).

  286. wasn’t the loss of life on the Arizona higher than the Indianapolis I’m
    going to look it up but almost 70 % of the Pearl harbour losses were in the
    Arizona. Love your WOW videos, it got me into playing WOW.

  287. Ahh, we have some misconceptions here historically. The Indy (and previous
    US treaty cruisers) were all initially classed as light cruisers–since
    from a design evolution standpoint it’s what they were. The design of all
    these ships were driven by political developments. The Washington Naval
    Treaty set an upper limit on cruisers of 10000 tons and 8″ guns, which, of
    course, became the default design criterion until the London Naval Treaty,
    when a distinction was made between heavy gun cruiser (6.1″ or greater) and
    light gun cruiser (less than 6.1″) and tonnage limits were enacted on total
    construction. The armored cruiser of pre-WW1 vintage became the
    battlecruiser, which was a capital unit and was already restricted under
    the WNT.

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    Command thought it might be a trap for the rescue ship and there wasn’t
    anybody really in trouble. That event, combined with how the US military
    treated Captain McVay afterwords is nothing short of one of the greatest
    disgraces in US Military history.

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  328. Jingles, some more information for your interest. 😉
    Both the Portland and Indianapolis where originally part of the second
    group of Northampton-class cruisers but with serous upgrades intended to
    them. Both the Pensacola and Northampton where originally designated CL
    because there armour was downright non-existent and not benefiting the CA
    designation according to the USN. That changed in 1930 with the London
    Naval treaty. Heavy cruisers where now ships with 155mm+ to 203mm guns and
    the designation changed accordingly.

    Back to the ships. Only two where build because these hulls had been laid
    down at commercial docks and scraping them for new cruisers would have been
    very expensive. The other three hulls of this group where being build at
    military yards and where scraped and restarted. This was done because the
    Northhamptons and especially the Pensacola’s turned out to be about 1000
    tons of there 10.000 ton underweight. The two two ships at the comercial
    yards, Portland and Indianapolis then where improved with a lot of armour
    and structural improvements to the hull. They eventually became about 200
    tons overweight but by this point the USN had abandoned the entire design
    and started from scratch with the Astoria-class. (often called New Orleans
    while the Astoria was the lead ship)

    Then for sh*t’s and giggles lets look at the seaworthiness of the Pensacola
    class. Sailing parallel to the waves with a moderate beam see and firing
    there guns as part of there working up they managed a roll of 40 degrees to
    either way. 😛
    In 1931 the Salt Lake City lost her main mast when she rolled too hard and
    fast and it snapped off. Both ships ended up taking a few hundred tons of
    ballast to remain stable but they where failures. The Northampton’s where
    designed with the anticipation that the Pensacola design would have some
    issues and had higher freeboard, less top weight but still where pretty bad
    ships. Not as terrible as the Pensacola but still bad. What they did got
    terrible wrong was the turret-design. By placing three guns to close to
    each other in a single gun cradle the dispersion became pretty terrible by
    interference of the shells leaving the barrels at the same time. Sadly I
    can’t find the exact figure but I recall that it was about 900 meters at
    18km or something in that order. Sounds great for WoWs, a cruiser which
    makes battleships look super accurate. 😛

    source: Norman Friedman, US Cruisers: An Illustrated Design History.
    (Yes, I am a history student so don’t feel to bad and please don’t shoot
    me. 😛 )

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    (at the bow / stern ends or in the superstructures). You don’t get citadel
    penetrations, but with 8″ guns you can do up to 5k damage per salvo
    depending on how many shells actually hit where you aimed. I do this on a
    regular bases with my Pensacola, I only switch to HE if they’re angled. Few
    battleships are immune to carefully aimed cruiser AP, at lower tiers you
    can do it even with some 6″ guns.

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    you get hit from Behind or from the Front in that Hangardoors or what that
    is, it will penetrate the Boilers below the Funals causing max

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  358. My wife’s grandfather was one of the 317 survivors.
    Archie Calvin Farmer, 87, of Keller, Texas, formerly of Hot Springs, Ark.,
    passed away on Sunday, March 14, 2010.Mr. Farmer was a survivor of the USS
    Indianapolis, which was torpedoed by a
    Japanese submarine in the Philippine Sea and sank in 12 minutes. Of
    1196 men on board, approximately 300 went down with the ship. The
    remainder, about 900 men, were left floating in shark-infested waters.The
    survivors were spotted four days later with only 317 men still alive.
    This was the greatest single loss of life at sea in the history of the
    U.S. Navy. 65 years later, Archie Farmer passed away on Sunday, March
    14, 2010 at 87

    God rest your soul Archie.

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    they’re not very angled you can easily penetrate the fore and aft end of
    the hull and knock out steering and do huge amounts of damage too. Also the
    Russian DDs at high tiers have Stalinium AP shells and can wreck tier 10
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    This ship is too, meh… It basically IS a Pensacola, with a bit more
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  429. Pensacola, once again I’m coming to her defence, she is more than a
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    She is a hard ship to play, but most rewarding when you get it right. In
    fact she is the one US cruiser I bought after reaching Des Moines, because
    I felt like there was more fun in her than any other cruiser (save maybe
    St. Louis and Albany).

    The way to play Pensacola is to constantly look at map and look for
    isolated targets, which are NOT Battleships. Whenever you are dealing with
    cruisers, load AP, her guns penetrate even at high angles and their citadel
    potential is awesome. Since there is a distinct lack of CVs I opted to get
    the gun fire modificaion which increases her accuracy even more, and you
    can get “laser like” shots even at extreme range.

    The second most important thing in Pensacola is learning how to aim. It
    might sound rough, but most people suck at aiming, because Pensacola’s
    predecessors require only pointing guns in the vague direction of enemy and
    firing, if you miss it’s no big deal, you have another salvo in 6 seconds
    or so, but in her, if you miss you’re in trouble. From the 10 shells you
    fire 6 hits are a must, 8 should be a standard, if you’re aiming at
    cruisers and BBs.

    Ok so now how to deal with each ship you may encounter.

    BBs. Avoid them if you can. If you can’t, look at what tier that BB is, if
    it’s lower or you can get plunging fire (DANGER, explained later) stick
    with AP. There are Colorados which citadel said Hi to my shells on more
    than one occasion, if closer load HE and ALLWAYS wiggle. Staying at exreme
    angles helps as well, but be careful not to sail too close, wait for a BB
    salvo, then turn around and continue to wiggle and wiggle and wiggle.
    Now to the danger. I have bounced BB shells in Pensacola. Don’t ask me how,
    but it happened, however the most dangerous thing a BB can do to you (aside
    from you showing her broadside, which is your fault) is plunging fire. Any
    hit from above is a citadel. Doesn’t matter where the shell hits, it will
    penetrate deep.

    Cruisers. Hunt those buggers down. Keep your angle and you can laugh at the
    enemy because they will not expect bounces from you (especially german
    cruisers are yummy) and BE PATIENT. It is no good to blow a salvo on an
    enemy who is turning away, look for broadsides and exploit them to the max.
    If you know where and how to aim you can get mutliple citadels in one salvo
    (usually 2) and after loosing 11K hp any cruiser would think twice about
    engaging you again.

    DDs. Anticipation is the key here. You can’t reload your guns as fast as
    you want to, so load HE in advance. Then you have to learn to lead well.
    Don’t zoom all the way in, use the mousewheel to get a bit further, since
    the DDs are so fast you might not see what he is doing, when you aim.
    Pensacola’s guns are extremely accurate at closer ranges and she can
    (assuming that you are at angle where you can fire all your guns) sink a DD
    in 1 – 2 salvos or 3 salvos when using only foward guns. Pensacola is also
    suprisingly maneuverable and she dodges torpedoes like a boss.

    CVs. This is basic… Use AA consumable when there are TB in range and
    DON’T FORGET to set TB as main priority for AA, lastly turn like hell into
    them even if that means you have to expose your broadside (you’re taking a
    chance with the enemy who is shooting at you versus a certanity of a
    torpedo hit).

    Lastly her secondaries are ok as well, especially if you take the captain
    skills that buff them (as well as AA), so if you are in trouble they might
    save you bum.

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    Whats curious is what shark did it. Because the vast majority of sharks are
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    It really makes you wonder if the shark attacks even occurred in the
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