World of Warships: Valkyrie Mortars are OP as Hell – Key Battles

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Mortars are the best in Key Battles. Nothing else comes close.

0:00 Key Battle
18:51 End Screen
19:21 My Valkyrie Setup
20:12 Outro

World of Warships footage of the


  1. I find that these do less damage than the AP rounds. Had a match one time were I and 2 others killed all the other players and all three of us got keys and left. Another I was the sole survivor after everyone left with their keys so I won the octagon battle before it began because no other players were alive. But the thing that baffles me is what happens when someone kills you but your final salvo does enough damage to kill the player that killed you. What happens then?

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    I recently get the Support Consumable and it helps for divisions
    I can’t wait for the battleship though.

  3. I’d say vamp + RoF would be a whole lot better than redux. Ramming hull is a gimmick; mortar murder while ur dying enemy watches u go back to full hp is eternal.

    imo … mobility hull, speed boost consumables, 9km 2dary, with the mortar mains is OP. Always go RoF n vamp above everything. You have firepower and you dictate engagements. And them mortars just hurt if they hit… range, angle, none of that matters as the enemy takes pain while you decide what range works best vs your opponent

    • Range does matter, if you aren’t far enough away to hit the superstructure and deck you will shatter on the side armor

    • Yes, but it’s fun! FUN!

    • I love to ram enemies in this gamemode. it is how I won 2 octagon battles. you fire till they activated immunity and as soon as it runs out ramming them for easy victory. also did it to three enemies on the normal map. it is really satisfying to bait invulnerability just to destroy them by ramming 10 sec later

  4. The monsters are more vulnerable when you target the tentacles they drag behind them – the main body is armoured and they take reduced damage for it, but tentacles seem to take full damage from anything that hits them.

    • @The Doctor on monster it doesn’t say citadel but it does, on player well …

    • AP can nail a good chunk on monsters, I actually did a couple of 70k salvoes with it

    • @Rémi Marchese oh i thought on players

    • @Miyano311 HE is not that bad, id say still the best anyhow

    • While aiming at the tentacles works all the monsters actual weak points are the mouth cannons on the sides, you can get reliable 60-70k on Lobsters and 50-40k on thunderidge’s aiming for those. Also reload speed is the best upgrade for mortars, you can shorten the reload on them to 14 seconds with one reload upgrade if i remember correctly, And the support consumables are best for valkyrie as they protect you from rams and torps both are great for Div teams or playing solo and allows you to play the extra health or speed body on Valkyrie, The Ram Body is just a gimmick and gets countered by the consumables stated above or a decent Gale player.

  5. That day was… …a good day to die !!!

  6. That thing with damage bonus is quite crazy plus with dmg reduced/nullify consumable, it brings havoc near the portal

  7. “Mortars aren’t that good against monsters”
    Proceeds to annihilate a monster in one salvo

  8. North Carolinian Mapping

    What you did to the Gale before the portal closed was super inhumane 😀

  9. ちゃん行行にゃ

    Imagine if this event is actually Russian Misslie Cruiser Test Part 1

  10. Every octagon I do gets me 10k points.. where points cap at 10k.

    • You get 5K points max for killing things and players in the arena but then you get an extra 5k for going through the portal or 5k for winning the octagon otherwise you remain with the points you gained before being killed off

    • @Charlie Lynch I just have had better luck farming xp to make myself an unstoable tank and waiting for the octagon than using the portal… most I have gotten with the portal was about 8k.. and you can level again in the octagon if you enter short a level.. I have also worked a full set of damage and vamp bonuses befor.. heals you to full for every salvo you land. And detonated literaly everyone.

  11. They could do so much with modes like this, I hope wg adds a permanent mode with wild ship buffs like the ones in key battle.

  12. Lmao, the only thing missing from that ram was an audio clip of “Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!” lol

  13. 3:43
    A little correction:
    It doesn’t give you addition 5k points, but it doubles the points you have when you enter the portal 😀

  14. I just run a full tank build with mortars, and good lord, that is just disgusting

  15. Zalectra The Fearless

    I just realized that War gaming might be testing new buffs for arms race with this game mode, along with the other things that have been mentioned.
    Also potentially if ramming could be made more viable as a strategy

  16. i really suggest that you try only mortar and try to get one competent teammate at the start and then hunt the rest of the game players that what i do with the valküre .. bcs it doesnt really matter if you cant deal with mosteres they are not really a threat … btw i really loved the part where you took more dmg from torps than from ramming

  17. Mortars might be op but the event in general seems lacklustering. Even outright boring. Tbh its pretty damn shit.

  18. mortars op, maybe against other valks but since the valk is just food anyway … meh.

  19. i would go for reload on these mortars
    have u tried them when they fire every 12s? it is MUCH MUCH fun to use and abuse

  20. The yellow shields aren’t the Invulnerable consumable. It’s the one after that that lasts much longer but ‘only’ reduces damage by 75% for you and your allies on the whole map.

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