World of Warships: Vittorio Veneto – I ‘Hate’ This Game (Sometimes)

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Vittorio Veneto is not that great. I prefer the other Italian battleships to her. However, she can still do well! Sometimes doing well isn’t good enough though.

0:00 Vittorio Veneto Match
18:26 End Screen
19:16 Captain Skills & Upgrades
19:39 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto.


  1. She’s gorgeous in Azur Lane! 😍

  2. That Graf Zeppelin was…. special.


  4. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Wait till you suffer in ROMA

    also It’s coming ROME 🤣

  5. at 12:12, in the corner you can see the Alsace about to eat a second faceful of torps, meanwhile Aerroon wants to follow the zoom of his shells. I’m reminded of this:

  6. On the 16th, I sent some Paypal to aelloonthorne, your business email. It’s not accepted yet. Should I cancel and re-send to a different address or use Patreon instead? Wonderful videos, Aerroon. I’ve enjoyed ’em since I quit playing myself, about 3 months after the game was released in 2015 (didn’t realize it was that long ago). You make the best gaming videos. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, but I’ve genuinely not used the donation system in so long that I’m unsure about it working. I’ll have to check on it.

    • @Aerroon Cdn$50/US$39.40? Pretty sure that even if you don’t accept, you can see my email in the message and send instructions for some other method of donation. Expires Aug. 15, I think. Thanks for all the wonderful content. Cheers.

  7. In Azur lane : strong for med-player
    In wows : meh

    • I know right the Italian BBs are quite good in AL but the French are better lol. I’m actually researching Marco Polo and she is also meh in wows lol.

    • @Gundam Zeta just use her gun , it’s op because BB SAP

    • @Farand Apriza are you talking about Marco Polo from AL? Because I would get her anyway because I like her design and how her barrage looks. If you mean the Italian event BB gun I’ve got two lol. If you mean in wows then meh

    • @Gundam Zeta Marco Polo gun in AL is SAP. You can get it from blueprint research

    • @Farand Apriza yeah I know but I’m focusing on pr2 for FDG, Azuma and Kitakaze prints, I just finished the Georgia gun now gotta do Drake’s gun and the rainbow plane that isn’t the Wyvern speaking of which Perseus with Wyverns is op lol.

  8. im just amazed he survived

  9. Go Spleef Yourself

    To me the Italian BBs are Jack of No Trade, Masters of None. On paper theyre made for brawling, but then you look at them and it’s like…overmatchable citadel, secondaries are useless even specing into them they’re still inaccurate, their great guns are inconsistent, AA is short range so useless. They’re frustrating ships to play

    • Yeah I agree with the secondaries on Italian BBs are trash. They can’t even hurt DDs without setting fires on them. Their reloads especally on the teir 7 is bad. Sure you have faster than average turret traverse but the guns reload so slow I think they rival the Yamato on how slow they reload. Spite only being 15 inch guns not 18 inch.

    • To be fair, secondaries got gutted for all BBs so its hard to compare to Pre-nerf days. The T7 F. Carraciolo is extremely strong because its AP penetration is best in tier.

      Veneto isn’t awful, because its AP is still competitive… but Lepanto and Colombo seem paper thin and terrible against CVs… they are weird to play.

      Personally I wish they’d retained the maneuverability of the lower tier 7 and below ships…. going from Carraciolo to Veneto its like… what happened to my quick rudder shift and nimble, small Battleship….
      Then Colombo is huge and unamaneuverable… I think the mistake is the lines handling gets progressively worse, from Best T7, to Worst T10 as you Uptier… so it sort of spoils the flavor.

      Still F. Carraciolo is a gem… Very strong ship.

  10. Guardbeardia Beardio

    I run a secondary build Veneto and find it to be quite fun.

  11. i think this replay shows perfectly how disgusting a carrier could be that an Unending harassment attack on veneto

  12. The CV just kept going after the DD and failing. I was like why doesnt he go after the BB?! Then you typed it just as I was thinking it lol.

  13. I’ve had games like this in ranked, one moment we are winning, the next I’m the only one left, and I’m thinking “Why is everyone else dead”.

  14. Every time you ACTIVATE your Unique Commander’s Skill, your teammate SURVIVABILITY lessens to -50%.

  15. “WhAt KiNd Of DiSpeRsiOn” welcome to german bb player’s world pasta boy.

  16. I was literally looking for content on this ship yesterday and there’s basically nothing. Thx for posting

  17. Wow, that enemy GZ. Every torp drop made me wince. Probably just bought it and was trying to show mommy what her credit card paid for. Hopefully she slapped them.

  18. “This is looking great” and “…all we have to do…” hardly ever go well together in random battles

  19. Looks like WG is keeping Italian BB dispersion historical lmao

  20. Gareth Fairclough

    8 Guns?

    In three triple turrets?

    Mr, you’re filling in for Jingles while he’s on holiday, aren’t you? 😛

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