World of Warships- This Is Why Signal Flags Were Removed From Achievements

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Hey guys, today we talk about a rather odd answer to a simple question: Why were flags taken out of Achievement Rewards?

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  1. That’s all bs, playing with randoms and having hope in them is the wrong opinion in any game, they just want people to spend more money

  2. So I guess its a bad thing to YOLO in driving Georgia in order to get Close Quarters Experts to farm secondary flags.

  3. The usual WG rubbish, achievements are worthless now.

    • Domitius Severus

      I know right? Where is the incentive to play better?

    • @Domitius Severus they want more whales, lately most of my ranked games ive been coming across players with around 500 games with multiple T10s since you stack enough flags, camo, you can get a T10 ship in under 100 games even if you are a potato or just straight out buy it like Puerto Rico, ARP Yamato

    • They give you missions for containers so they not?

  4. It’s the usual WG dance. “How can we blame our greed on the players?”. Every change have been this. “Some players have reported…. so now we change this….. it just HAPPENS to line our pockets too”

  5. If that was the actual reason, there’s a simple solution:


    • @arczer25 1 and whats wrong with farming other flags? You get those by just playing well dont you

    • Well said. If this is even true, then Wargaming saw a problem and chose the solution where they could screw the player base the hardest and make the most money. More likely, it’s just a contrived excuse for something they decided to do already.

    • Steven Wiederholt

      @Joseph St Rock
      I have No problem with War Gaming Making money, and Lots Of It. All I ask is don’t treat me like I’m an idiot. Which is it sure looks like they’re doing.

    • @UCZhLGW0_CG9nbvB0LiRol-A you get it all wrong
      They don’t treat you like an idiot. For Wargaming we’re nothing more but Wallets

    • @Steven Wiederholt sweet home Alabama haha

  6. Good time to rethink stupid detonation mechanic. The community manager has it mistaken for devastating strike.

  7. ToughAncientSpark

    Signal flags were removed because Wargaming wants you to buy them now.

  8. OMG, such dishonesty. Why can’t they just admit they want to make money, why give something away for free when you can charge dollars or rubles for it? I mean it is a business, I don’t expect all those programmers and artists to work for free. If what he says is true, why not just eliminate the detonation flag reward? I probably have around 10,000 games under my belt and I’ve never met anyone who farmed detonation flags, I’ve certainly never done it.

  9. They should change the name of these “awards”, as they are not achievements anymore… achievements are met with rewards and benefits. Unfortunately, with great greed comes very little quality of life for the player. Personally I had stocked up hundreds upon hundreds of signals which have all but run dry in half a year with this change. Now forced to throw away research points, coal, steel and even credits to get the basic signals just so I can have a ship that performs the same as it used to for free.

  10. “This ship’s great for farming Detonation flags.”

    I feel like this is someone desperately trying to advertise the Krasny Krym.

  11. Since when does WG care about what “some players” do? “Some players” make CV huntig divisions, “some players” make divisions of 3x Ise or 2x Ise + CV – and WG doesn’t even blink.
    BTW, that guy has mistaken detonation and devastating strike. But still – BS.

    • That’s what I’m saying. Like why do you care so much what a small percentage does that you need to affect the whole base of players.

  12. 1:33 So instead of punishing a few people Wargaming decided to punish ALL players – even that vast majority not misbehaving.

    As if anyone would make that enormeous waste of time and repair costs just by driving straight to the enemy in hope of getting detonated..

  13. Farming? The only farming is Wargaming fleecing the players. What bollocks they talk. It’s so you spend credits. Most players have huge amount of credits. They are trying change the economy, to their benefit.

  14. Hearing any statement from WG is akin to listening to Kremlin News. Basically everything is a lie, and an obvious one, which makes it worse.

  15. “Throw ur ship away”….. such a BS response from WG the flags cost next to nothing to get

    • over 2 millions credit is a lot for new players. Some of the flags can only be obtained with coal which is even more rare for new players.

  16. The only signal flag that I farmed from the beginning is the secondary flag… No wonders why I haven’t got any more of it lately even when I got more than 1 CQEs in a single match

  17. putting my PR hat on, if they said something like “We felt that rewarding players who were already performing well with powerful buffs in the form of flags was creating too much of a gulf between them and less skilled players. We acknowledge the detonation achievement is not skill based, but for the sake of consistency, rewards for these were removed also.”

    I think that may have gone down a little better…

  18. Master Skilhollow

    Wow… WG isn’t bothering to hide their contempt for their own players anymore.

  19. “Constant complains about people who throw their ship away […]” Yeah, I doubt that the two suiciding DDs you get in every higher tier match always try to farm detonation flags. I really start to think that someone should teach these PR people that even when people do not like what you have to say, to lie to them (in such an obvious way) is always worse.

  20. WG is making signal flags the “gold ammo” of WoWS

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