World of Warships- Wargaming Drops The Nerf Hammer HARD

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Hello guys, today we go over some rough nerfs to the Brisbane and Z-42, among some soviet sub buffs, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Video Intro
0:43 Soviet Submarine Buffs
3:43 US Hybrid Battleship Changes
6:16 Sun Yat Sen Nerfs
7:13 Leipzig Nerf
7:40 Brisbane Nerf
9:28 Z-42 Nerfs


  1. Z42 looked sily strong but now too weak to be interesting as an investment of steel. With all the super DD’s coming out as well I don’t think it will work.

    • You do realize that if you apply buffs (skills, capt perk, mod) you end up with “pre nerf” reload?

    • @Random dude You do realize those same buffs when applied to pre nerf ship would have resulted in much higher stats, right?

    • @x. su of course … And pre-nerf value buffed by all reload boosting skills/perks would be totally healthy addition to the game right?

    • dead on arrival, just like the german T11 cruiser. “so strong it doesnt need a gimmick, despite being objectively worse than hindy”
      ok WG, your not really helping the argument against your being biased

  2. ShindyausMarzahn 99

    Ah yes wg, great job as always. Nerf mediocre ships but buff the Soviet fantasy uboats to oblivion. I love it

    • All of those soviet submarines are real.

    • To be fair Z42 was everything but mediocre. The initial stats were completely busted. Brisbane nerf wasn’t expected though.

    • ShindyausMarzahn 99

      I am referring to fantasy because they did absolute shit and the in-game versions are like giving the Kansas a top speed of 40 knots and 12x 510mm guns. But if there is for example a German ship, they just “forgot” the armor, the precision and the hard hitting ap ammo the german ships had… Yikes

    • Tbh I’m not surprised anymore when it comes to Soviet fantasy ships

  3. I understand z42 needs a nerf, but this kind of nerf to a steel ship is just straight up funny, and shows how well WG understand their own game.

  4. Z42 was going to be my first steel ship… Now im not so sure if investing 100% in the guns would be enough to make it worth it

    The torp range should never be so short

  5. As a DD main, the Z42 went from ‘auto buy’ to ‘pointless’. She is statistically worse than the Z52 with those changes, so why would you pay steel for something outperformed by the techline equivalent? It was definitely overtuned at first, and I think everyone expected some nerfs, but it hasn’t been nerfed, it’s been brutalised.

  6. Z42w went from a very strong and probably the best german ship to a dead carcass in a single move. Torpedoes were butchered. DPM nerfed by a whopping 45% in 105mm guns. Concealment is now worse than Z52. Its only redeeming factor is the british smoke. If WG gave the Z52 short burst smoke, it would be a be a far superior ship to Z42. That is how bad these nerfs are.
    I suppose I will get Mecklenburg after all.

  7. I was saving my steel for the Z-42, it was going to be my first steel ship and I can just about afford it.
    However after these nerfs I am not so sure. This is just beyond nuts!
    They needed to nerf 1 of the aspects of the ship, not all of them!

    • @SunSwan Su a year ago I would have gone with Shikishima 100%, now I’m not at all so sure. Maybe it will be Mecklenburg

    • @JohnDiabol Can choose between Mecklenburg and Bourgogne, for me Bourgogne feels more like a regular battleship with proper caliber and closer to reality. Of course, both are very strong and unique, so pick one that suit your play style.

    • @SunSwan Su thanks for the suggestion!

    • @SunSwan Su meckl is a smaller gk (fdg hull) with guns that are between Hindi and Gk.. not the best not the worst.. u have to keep changing ammo but most of the time, for what I have seen, it’s an HE spammer and AP only if u get broadside people.. like Hindenburg.
      The problem is GK firing angle, lack of hydro.. torps could be useful if u get close enough but most of the time u will be burned alive by spammers (the game is full).. secondaries are decent for memes.. It’s like a Battle cruiser version of Hindenburg

      Bourgogne is a BB in a true sense, squishy cuz 32mm armou and 74k HP r, but have the french black hole armor (like repu, patrie.. good luck citadel it), amazing speed boost, very nimble for a T10 (40+kts with boost and sierra mike.. french Capt talent and u get 43 kts BB) and probably the best 380 mm platform for pen, travel time of shells, Range and reload.. plus MBRB that cut down reload of -50% enable u to shoot very quickly on turning ships or slapping broadside with big chunks

      @JohnDiabol if u like IJN BBS (Yamato class) i could understand u want shiki but it’s less consistent than a Yamato due to 6 guns, same weakness, better AA and secondaries (the latter for memes).. that’s all.. satsuma improves Yamato in all aspects and u already have it.. using steel that’s a hard-earned resource, it’s, imo, a waste
      For BB i recommend Bourgogne and after incomparable, shiki (if u like it) or meckl (i got incomp)
      For CA Stalingrad (if u play comp, it’s a must).. CL Austin if u like to suffer but sometimes evaporate thing with insane booster
      For DD Ragnar (same for Stalin, very useful in comp too..) if z42 stay the same nerfed shit they posted or it can be a decent pick if buffed a bit

    • @SunSwan Su Dude when do you get a tier 8 cv in a 10 game? lol

  8. The only thing this video told me is that the actual decent ships that fit the games design like brisbane are getting nerfed, submarines are getting buffed to be more annoying, and hybrid ships are going to hurt more and hit harder

    So the crap ships get the buffs that shouldn’t even be in the game, and the good ships get crapped on, thanks WG

    • Maybe you watched a different video. The HE spamming mino would break the game. The russian submarines were sucking hard compared to the current ones.

    • ah yes the ships this game needs are more HE spammers, as if we don’t already have to many of them

  9. German nerf and soviet buff.
    In one word : WOWS

  10. The reason for HE on Mino was how unfun it is to play against a high DPM spammer with smoke.
    Brisbane isn’t that. I think you missed that it had worse DPM in the first place and also didn’t get smoke but Mino’s radar as only option.

  11. I think the real problem, and it might be systemic to all the balancing issues we have, is super testers tend to be really good players so that we get a skewed idea of how these shifts are acting on a perform then it comes out the rest of us 48% players and it’s nowhere near that good or useful.

    • It might be different on PC, but I’m a Super Tester on console and I can tell you they are just as bad as normal players

    • @Kazu42 nice, I would do that but I just don’t have the time. I was invited a while back as they wanted a few of us potatoes involved. Lol

  12. Ahh well was looking forward to using steel for z-42 but I guess I could just play harugumo, which has stronger torps with more range and guns with a much faster rate of fire.

  13. Not sure this is a nerf hammer anything: all the subs got dmg, reload and homing buffs, the hybrid CV got a buff. But the surface ships got nerfed. Sums up the state of the game…

  14. I was looking forward to the Z-42, but after this nerf, specially to the torpedoes, I will not get it if it stays that way.

  15. I’ve also noticed that American T6+ cruiser AP doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to. When did that happen? I used to love the AP of the Pensa guns but lately (some months) they’ve been kinda … meh.

  16. Submoron REMOVAL would be better. At least rank leaves the surface combatants in peace.

  17. I feel your pain regarding the Louisiana. I live in Nebraska, and it’s a shame that they’re applying my beautiful home’s name to that t8 monstrosity.

  18. Yeah, I don’t think the Z42 nerfbat should have been nearly that hard. It needed to be nerfed, but this is just insane. With these nerfs, the torpedo alpha is reduced to 109,600 – not enough to destroy any T10 battleship in a single salvo, and some large cruisers might survive as well. For reference, the Halland torp alpha is almost the same at 107,000, but with 24kn more speed and twice the range. And the Haragumo now shits all over the Z42 for torp alpha – 128,202 for just one spread, and TRB can give a second spread 5 seconds later. And then the guns – you go from matching the DPM of the ‘Gumo at 4th place for T10, to less than the Yueyang at 12th place.
    Overall, this changes the Z42 from a better Haragumo, to a side-grade (at best) Z52 (15k higher HE DPM, better smoke, 6mm less pen, 6k worse torp alpha, 10% worse torp reload, 30% less torp range, 0.1km worse conceal, 1kph slower, 600 less HP.) The only reason I could see to buy this ship is if you want to run a T10 DD with Lutjens but don’t want to retrain him off a useful tech tree ship.

  19. Acoustic torpedoes were not even widely used during WW2. If the sub was louder than the intended target, they had a nasty habit of doing a circle and put the sub that fired it at risk of being struck by their own weapon.

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