World of Warships- What SHOULD You Play In 2024??

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Hey Guys! Today I answer a common question: “What should I play in 2024?” Enjoy!

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  1. I just got Yamato today, which was so good.

  2. I’m asking myself WHY I should be playing this game in 2024.

    • Sad to see how hard this game fell off, used to enjoy the gameplay loop but after get tier IX preussen line and yammy I don’t feel like playing anymore, I probably would play more if German preussen line wasn’t trash. Got the game too early to start on the better secondary German bb line

    • I heard they buffed subs manuverbility so now they can be stealthy AND hard to hit so they can reliably dodging depth charges after shotgunning a ship, also they introduced yet even more CVs into the game because obviously the majority of the playerbase want MORE CVs. That totally going to bring more players to the game and make veterants keep playing the game. No the game is not dying of course, what make you think that? /s

    • @@faynk.6247they’re rebalancing them. Rudder shift time better and nerf shotgunning.

    • @MichaelSayer-sf7gu

      @@faynk.6247submerged subs move way too fast! 😮

    • @@faynk.6247yeah that’s not true at all.

  3. @Metallicahardrocker

    Unbelievable. Those lucky cita on brisbane…. yet alone the accuracy of ur guns….. if only my yamato would perform that good…

  4. Asymmetric battles. Otherwise not a lot.

    • Agreed! I would play this game more if they kept asymmetric battles as a permanent mode.

    • For me i played just very few games asymmetric battles bc shredding bots isnt that fun to me in comparison to outplaying players

    • @@philipreber3314 I like how casual it is. More challenging than co-op but doesn’t turn into a sweaty snipefest like randoms. As a bb main it was fun not getting burned down by cruisers and torpedoed by submarines and carrier planes every match, but to each their own. I also get to do some damage to enemy ships rather than dds killing everything before I get to the battle like in co-op.

    • @@CoolCraig31 yeah asym is far better than coop but i am playing bbs quite often aswell mainly schlieffen and Ohio, also napoli very often which is basicly a pocketbattleship. You have position well if you do not want to die early and especially with ohio beeing able to do very well up close and on midrange it is quiete easy to survive early on midrange and then push in but even with schlieffen kinda being reliant to using secondarys i often survive long enough to do good dmg

    • @@philipreber3314not really into pvp modes in this game anymore but thanks for the insight. If I play something with pvp it’s probably an fps like battlefield 4 or the older cods.

  5. Start… Low… Tier.
    Thats my conclusion.
    Yes, everyone wants to be a captain of a high tier ship,with all that fancy $(/&t bolted on them.
    But..from my experience Sealord is absolutely right.

    The best way is to learn,is by understanding lower Tier game mechanics,grinding up different lines and classes.
    The purpose of different classes,what are their strengths, weak points, Armour,best positioning,minimap and environment awareness,
    Range,fire rate,reload time, dispersion, concealment,rudder shift time,Angle ,Bow tanking,throthle juking, Island cover,how to use consumables propperly,play around with different modules, captain skills,etc etc etc..

    All that stuff is way easier to learn step by step at lower Tier,and by the time you improve your lead, prediction, enemy ship knowledge,like radar, hydro,detection range and all that stuff.
    And that is basically important to succeed at High tier.

    Or go buy a high tier premium,waste alot of time and learn the hard way,like i did before I jumped back to tier 5/6..wich is the golden sweet spot of “learning the game”,imoo.
    But most important thing of all… HAVE FUN!

  6. @oneangrycanadian6205

    In my opinion when you get a line to tier 5/6 play that for awhile get use to how the ships and game play is then go to a new line. Rinse and repeat. Then when you get a feel for a few different ships and types then venture up the tier you have fun in. Then you get a better idea of what game style you want to play.

  7. I’m playing Helldivers and Star Citizen.

  8. Whatever you find fun. I was shocked to discover recently that despite being a “bad” ship I love playing Vanguard and can consistently carry with it.

    • I found that with Gneisenau. Long before I played the game, every WOWS Youtuber was saying it was bad, “GneisenNO,” and so on. After I got it and started playing it for a while and started picking up wins with it, it’s become one of my go-to’s in Random.

    • One on of the recent brawl seasons, I brought the Iowa for 4v4 matches. I ended with like an 75% WR, averaging 2-3 good kills a match. It was awesome watching people be baffled that a sniping BB could hold up in close quarters.

  9. Oh how I do enjoy spreading democracy in Helldivers 2! Or Enshrouded for survival game enjoyers out there. In terms of WoWS, USN Heavy Cruiser Des Moines or if you are looking for faster ship, IJN gun boat DD Harugumo are quite fun. In terms of coal ships Agir, Napoli, and Salem are all worth a look.

  10. Playing air ship escort I find that most BBs die early in the game. A few cruiser seem to do well such as Napoli (Italian premium tier 10) and Jinan (Pan Asia tier 10 tech line). Then some DDs that can fire a large salvo of torpedoes from beyond detection range. This game mode has changed from favoring brawling BBs to the ships I mentioned. I profess I do not understand random battles at this point. The game is not fun at tiers VIII and above. The lower tiers seem to less subject to crazy RNG and RPS. Perhaps you can discuss these factors and lower tiers like T7 down to T5.

  11. Battleships and their accuracy makes me recommend newer players to honestly try out cruisers. At least do a mix between battleships and cruiser and maybe destroyers to kept yourself entertained because the accuracy and rng in bb can be a lot for new players. Also premium time is underrated for many new players. Better bang for you bucks compared to buying a premium.

  12. I had a match the other day where my team had one CV and the enemy team had two… I didn’t realize that was a possibility. I thought the match making hard balanced the number of CVs on each team.

  13. Saving for a big tractor in Farm Sim 22

  14. Aww you cut out the ending of the battle with the Columbo ! Show the vid untill the end.

  15. Royal Navy destroyers along with Black those ships are so much fun

  16. Best advice ever Sea Lord, play what you enjoy!

  17. @broccanmacronain457

    I am so glad that you stress that this is a game and it is here to have fun. Too many players seem to forget that and turn into FLAMING TROLLS, whose purpose seems to be to degrade anyone that does not follow their idea of a player.

  18. @cptkilimanjaro3738

    I’ve heard the Terminid front is easy, but I’ve been posted up on Mantes and Ingmar for a week. I have only known the fear caused by the machines.

  19. I honestly recently used the training rooms, and I’ve never had this much fun in a while 😃

  20. My best advice is play T6-T7 (maybe T8) for the most consistent fun. The ships are relatively well balanced, the gun ranges aren’t quite to a snipe fest level, and overall, it feels like a much more forgiving and engaging experience. High tier can absolutely be fun, but I think it’s definitely a more inconsistent experience.

    My favorite lines so far are the US and French Cruisers, Pan-Euro DD’s, and British Battlecruisers.

    The Italian ships are fun, but they have such a unique play style, it’s hard to get back into the rhythm to play them well coming from other countries.

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