World of Warships- What The Hell?? They Listened!!

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Hey guys! Today we have some esciting changes coming to both CVs and Subs! Enjoy!

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2:23 CV Changes
10:33 Submarine Changes


  1. They listen to people’s wallets. Not people.

  2. As a Venezia main… I approve of the sub changes.

    • As a non-sub player, I support nerfing subs, especially German subs.
      HTF can a surface sub be slower than a submerged sub?

      From Wiki, for the U-2501:
      15.6 knots (28.9 km/h; 18.0 mph) (diesel)
      17.9 knots (33.2 km/h; 20.6 mph) (electric)
      17.2 knots (31.9 km/h; 19.8 mph) (electric)
      6.1 knots (11.3 km/h; 7.0 mph) (silent running motors)

    • I love playing subs and I like to send them back to harbour too.
      Learn and improve your game and stop crying.

    • @@marcom2248 you are playing sub you have no right to talk

    • @@marcom2248 too much trolling man

    • sure pal, when you can drive around underwater at 45 knots passing under ships wo them even knowing it and fire torps with a 100% hit rate its time for a change. I told you enjoy while it lasts, all the bitching seems to be coming from you. Being critical isn’t crying junior…relax@@marcom2248

  3. Why don’t they simply give surface ships a decent sonar consumable, like real ships have. No fiddling with torpedo damage and speeds.

    • Been saying that for a while, you can be in a dd pass right over a sub and not even know its there, total bs

    • @@TiberiusMaximus I want to agree with you, but after playing in a sub for a month at t8-10, i can tell you I sympathize greatly with sub players, and any bullshit interaction you may have is completely negated by the sheer cancer the sub player had to endure to be in that scenario in the first place.

    • ​@@user-gg7jx8yk8q couldn’t agree more with you here.

    • enduring cancer of what ?@@user-gg7jx8yk8q

    • One of the public test sessions had it.

      It made hunting subs something like hunting a bb with a cv – one sided and easy, subs only option was to shotgun or die.

      I mean I’d like to see them nerfed, but if a dd gets the ability to spot a sub properly then the sub just becomes an objective to get out of the way.

  4. Fires on carriers should NOT be automatically put out. The player should have to do it like ALL other classes of ships.

    • That would be a buff, as players could choose to not waste DC on a single fire…

    • Agreed. I miss how cvs could be more anti cv to actually help the team at the cost of damage. That and limited planes like it used to so when they are gone thats it. Also going back to the real time strat would be good as well. This is coming from a cv player mostly in coop but a dd in random and clan

  5. Limit the number of subs and carriers to one of each in a game. No more games with 2 CV’s and 3 subs per team.

    • meanwhile in a 5 dd game

    • 3 subs per team is still a bit much isn’t it? Not that I have ever seen 3 subs on one team.

    • yet again the main issue isn’t 2cv or 2 sub games but having 4 DD per team + sub + cv matches, what are Cruisers and BB supposed to shoot if more than half the team (if the players play correctly) are always invisible?

    • @@Ilias_Goddess This. Subs and CVs can be annoying but the bane of my existence is DDs. Insanely fast, insanely good concealment, can pretty much stay invisible the entire match while launching torps at you and keep you detected so enemy BBs can just lob shots at you from across the map. Very frustrating to play against 4 -5 DDs in a match as a BB.

    • @@giannerino2350 Your not. You’re suppose to be the damage pinata for them.

  6. I faced a Lexington in brawls. I hadn’t really put any thought into cvs being overpowered because i grinded up to the midway just to understand them and had little impact due to me using them as more of a utility role for spotting and forcing ships broadside for the team, till the Lexington straight up murdered a charging Massachusetts in the one on one. That was the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced, I’ve never been singled out because I usually div up and my wife plays US light cruisers so aa has never really been an issue, yeah no they are horrible to deal with

    • your Wife plays WOWs with you?! That is Awesome!

    • @@jackcrawford6078the luckiest man alive

    • i played a lot of 1v1s against cvs and as cvs after the rework to get a feel for their balancing.
      i found that it depended solely on the skill level of the opponent. i had no issue killing the cv in any of the other classes as long as i wasnt matched against a unicum, same thing on the other side, killing the enemy before they can reach my cv depended heavily on the skill of my opponent no matter their class of choice.
      you have probably faced a bad cv-player before where you didnt need to do anything and he still missed you somehow and on the other side a good cv-player that even with you maneuvering as hard as you can, still manages a bit of damage every time.
      cv attacks are basically the same as torpedoes from a gamemechanic standpoint, when you see them you have a few seconds to dodge, sometimes you dodge em completely, sometimes you eat some damage.

    • @@jackcrawford6078 Mine does, too; given, not very often and only at lower tiers, primarily because of the CV rework.
      That and neither of us can keep track of all the different ships in the game now, even with me watching videos daily.

    • Right anyone that actually grinded CV know theyre not OP and FLAK and AA hurt’s any CV line that isn’t USA and tanky. IJN has paper planes and a good 6+FLAK spotter is annoying and can ruin your planes if the enemy team knows how to combat CV. Some game it ezpz, but that no difference than a tier 10 being in a tier 8 game for any line. If youre a t8 CV in a t10 game you’re useless beside spotting. As a CV player leveling up other lines I never get singled out by a CV also I don’t play anything without FLAK.

  7. Cv spotting as the hydrophone spoting or mini map location for the team would work.
    For ASW just have torpedo spotting work for Subs and a indicater for where a sub is surfacing similar to the ping indicator.

  8. I’m curious how the repeat attack mechanic for AA will affect Russian CV’s….

  9. I like that some cruiser will have Submarine Surveillance consumable, but i think dds should have them too. Maybe with like a shortened range or something.

  10. I’m a CV player from back in the day. I remember this game play. Travel mode was stealthily attacked and spot. I did this a lot, stealth kill other team’s CV (using Dive & Torpedo bombers with or without fighters escorts)that when RTS was in the game. The attack mode was the result of RTS players abusing board wiping mode. As a result, they in increase AA ships then Nerf US CVs and ignore IJN CVs trying to do like they did to the M26 Pershing nerf to the ground on WOT and try to do on the Midway CV, but we put a stop to that. Bye the time they made this attack mode witch we currently on there was a heavy down turn for CV players and they get rid of odd tier CVs and promises to bring them back but never did and pulled the rug out under Graf Zeppelin that was need to be fix me and others on the Forums and there was a growing hated for CVs it force me others to leave the game (I did have CC/CL and BB/BC that played with) and others got rid of there CVs. That was my old WG account. Now I restarted new account though Steam so got long road ro get back current ships back on a budget.

  11. Perhaps a redio location kind of skill that shows the direction of a sub if its in range or something? like a commander skill?
    passive listening basically. that would solve a LOT of issues with the sub i think

  12. I really enjoy the way CV’s planes are played now vs the old way of the map view. But I understand all too well of how they’ll focus on one ship until they have completely destroyed it. I’ve been shotgunned by a sub a few times, but was able to make them regret it for the most part. I would love to see the number of them limited in a match though. I do like the idea of CV planes being able to travel at max speed in travel mode with no spotting or AA damage, but that’s going to encourage CV’s to just stay hidden instead of pushing closer.

  13. All it took was the years of feedback and the Russian version to blow them out the water for wg to FINALLY start listening to our wallets

  14. I think that Wargaming should go back to the way the AA consumable used to work. When activated it reset the Airplanes aiming recticle as well as increasing your damage output. If you timed it correctly it made dodging Torps and Bombs slightly easier. the downside of doing so was that your AA was activated on the wrong side of the ship for max effectiveness. (The planes flew out of that sector.) That would go a long way in the rebalance for the suposed AA ships….

  15. It would be really helpful when discussing future changes to note on the title whether it’s the Russian server or international server 🙂 just a small suggestion!

  16. As someone who is relatively new to the game I play every class and enjoy all of them. I’m personally not super annoyed by carriers or subs after about 100 hours. The changes sound okay but I think it’s a mistake to go too far from reality. Carriers are spotters in real life, it’s a huge part of their role. Carriers also focus on a damaged enemy ship to have the largest impact. Carriers already struggle to do major damage on a ship on their own.

    It seems like these changes affect the aspects of a carrier that make it a carrier. On the sub side concealment is literally the point of a submarine. If they ruin the subs concealment advantages they’ve just ruined subs imo. I love the cruisers, destroyers, and battleships but will get bored of the game if nothing else is viable.

    • Wargaming has already went far from reality with subs that outrun destroyers and superships with dispersion reducing active skills. That ship has sailed, partook in a tier 10 battle, got dev struck, and returned to port already.

    • HEY! You stop that. Logic not allowed!

    • But yeah in all reality, CV’s are not op…people just suck. That being said, there should only be 1 per team. Subs (overall) only OP aspect is the lack of detection. The German subs are OP due to their 2x amount of loaders on Brit and US. Thus, German sub is meta…(why use the worse of the lines when you can use the op one) it’s what people see &now “all subs are op”. Classic failed mindset of if one is OP, all are.

  17. I hope they increase the airstrike ASW range on some BBs. 5Km on the Massachusetts is just ridiculous and makes these ships a prime target for subs. I’ve been playing less lately as many matches are now 4 to 6 six sub games. It’s so bad that I used coal to grab a sub as it seemed WG was heading towards matches where CVs and subs were the majority in each match. It’s so encouraging to hear they are listening to us.

  18. And you, Wargaming….I will be watching these developments of yours with great interest!

  19. I have played CV loads, and played AGAINST CV loads. I have never really felt they were ‘overpowered’ and have never had an issue playing against them as any ship class. Most people, frankly, are trash in CV.

    The usefulness, spotting and damage output in CV is HIGHLY dependant on player skill and attention, unlike what most people think. In fact most of the people who really whine and cuss out the CV player in games usually have very few or no games in CV in their stats. I have checked often and seen a definite pattern there!

    • @therealspeedwagon1451

      Most people are trash in all ships honestly. This isn’t just limited to CV and subs. There are trash BB players who camp islands and are the ones taking to the forums when they got killed by a sub because they’re the primary target of subs. There are DD players who gung ho straight into the enemy and die first thing. 90% of all sub players overextend and easily die to ASW. In reality carriers utterly dominated the battlefield and rendered battleships obsolete, most fleet structures are centered entirely around the carrier and every other ship’s primary purpose is to defend the carrier from enemy attacks. If WoW was a realistic game (which it never will be considering this is the game where you can play ships from around the world and from different time periods at times) then CVs would be a menace to the battlefield because they would launch several squadrons at once instead of one small squadron at a time. Remembering how the Battle of Midway was won by launching one small squadron of 8 planes at a time instead of… Y’know… LAUNCHING SEVERAL LARGE SQUADRONS IN WAVES LIKE AN ACTUAL CARRIER DOES. A real carrier’s planes would blot out the sun, all ships should be fighting in the shade under a rain of AP bombs.

  20. @nathanielweber7843

    I like the more sub detection idea, especially if they took it a step further and made a function where destroyers moving at half speed or lower could track a sub within a radius maybe? Idea to be tested perhaps. But the single biggest thing is just to get asw aircraft to have reasonable ranges. I’m personally a lot less bothered by a sub who sneaks in close enough to shotgun me then I am by subs who stay at 10-12 km with sonar and I can’t even attempt to reply unless they are 8km or less

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