Massive Carrier & Submarine Changes Announced!

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  1. nice to see them acknowledging the problems and making even initial steps to fixing things

    • Well they said that 2 times already, haven’t yet implement any

    • the only “acknowledgement” I would love to see, are true reasons that made them reconsider current state of two classes.
      is it dip in older playerbase, open hatred of player toward two classes, dip of interest in certain game modes depending on team composition, … maybe all combined?

    • @@ImRandomDude CVs having been working as intended for what 3 years now as stated by WG. Only reason for change is profits are being hit somewhere.

    • We will see the results of this in 2025

  2. Gotta admit, WG actually straight-up acknowledging that there’s an issue and stating they want to make changes is kind of a wild paradigm shift from previous language (or lack thereof), so that’s pretty good. That said, I won’t be getting my hopes up at all, and I’ll believe it when I see it, so on.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one, this seems like a good direction.

    • Good that you will no longer be able to shoot planes as they travel to target, good that hydro Des Moin can’t shoot at planes as they pass over head to nuke the weakest AA ship in team?

    • ​@Cloudman572 dont you remember that CV cant spot as effective as before? If you not buff cv too its just unfair for cv either. Goal is to balance the game not delete the CV !!!

    • @@Cloudman572Pretty sure A: You’ll see the planes. B: DFAA can work around it. C: Fighters will still intercept them in Travel mode.

    • @@THE_MAGISTRI Hydro Des Moine has no fighter or DFAA so it gives zero support same as most cruisers

    • @@THE_MAGISTRI CV does not need any plus if you remove its spotting it will still play just fine, all that is needed is a xp buff to its other actions to replace the loss of spotting xp.

  4. This is all pretty complicated, I’ve played since open beta and this really seems like a lot. Planes only providing minimap spotting and the AA enrage timer would probably do the job without being so convoluted

    • I’m not completely sure, are just two things a big enough nerf to CVs?

    • Reduced spotting and enough AA damage to prevent planes from ignoring AA would definitely help. IDK about subs, I’ll keep it real with you. Not sure what the silver bullet is for them

    • I dont understand, when I play cv sometimes its impossible to do any damage because of AA

    • Well, the intend isn’t really to just make CVs and Subs unplayable anymore so we all can enjoy the game 2015 style, but to make them finally fair to play against … and that goes both ways. Currently both classes shit on everyone else, just swapping that around seems kinda stupid to me. I do want to play CVs, as I enjoy their history, but they are so boring to play yet so OP (just like sub).

    • ​@@FlamingZombie626it’s not as simple as just giving an AA buff to all ships, ships with already strong AA would become impossible to strike, while not really changing ships with weak AA unless said ships gets buffed to Worcester levels, and if they did do that, CV’s would need a larger reserve and attacking squad so they could actually get an attack off or a faster restoration otherwise they would become useless with no planes before mid game, leaving them to just fly around hunting destroyers even more than they already do, this would only be beneficial for cruisers and other capital ships, dd’s would still be getting harassed and still have its position given away even with minimap only spotting.

  5. Seems like alot of good changes I hop they implement the anti sub mortars that some ships have to have a sub hunting type of class

    • If they implement hedgehogs then it’s gonna be on an expensive but highly situational premium. They’re not going to make an entire class around just the hedgehog mortars

  6. I have my doubts but if they make these changes it would be soo good for the game and would help ditch this passive meta.

  7. It’s been six months or even longer since they announced in a dev blog that they were working on this, so it’s nice to see the fruits of their labour. I think the cv changes are interesting but complicated, I would have liked to have seen the results of boosting AA damage, and have plane spotting akin to cyclones however this seems like a step in the right direction. On subs, I get the feeling they still don’t have a clue, it’s nice to hear them acknowledge that shotgunning is a problem after all the denials in the past 12 months even though it’s been obvious. Bit concerned on the ASW changes as a good sub player at high tiers can almost never get hit because they are already ridiculously maneuverable, as well as the ‘ping’ director being next to useless unless you are a potato. Depending on how the shotgunning nerf works, it could be better, or just as bad, and more consumables while it makes sense makes me think of when all the radars are grouped in one team, which is pretty annoying.

    At the end of the day, it’s nice to see what changes have been in the works, but it can’t mask the frustrations of being left in the dark when we all know what problems are present, even going so far as to deny obvious problems for so long (shotgunning), WG need to be far more open with their testing and communications to win back any sort of trust because as it stands I’m still not convinced to return to the game never mind spend money on it.

    • “I would have liked to have seen the results of boosting AA damage”
      Go play CV and have an entire air-wing disintegrated before getting into firing range by a single isolated cruiser or battleship. Then maybe consider less simplistic solutions.
      “and have plane spotting akin to cyclones”
      It already is.

    • @@odinsrensen7460 you trolls aren’t even trying anymore. Or perhaps you are just a potato? If that is happening to you then watch a lot more videos and play a lot more of this game. And spotting is not minimap only for planes, what are you on?

    • ​@@GeneralCoxnah hrs kinda right

    • @@GeneralCox I’m not trying to troll anyone. Some ships are just impossible to counter-play because they have more AA than planes can get through. I’ve experienced it multiple times.

      “And spotting is not minimap only for planes, what are you on?”
      Oh, that’s what you meant. I thought you were referring to the reduced detection radius, which is a lot smaller than 8 km in some cases.

  8. This all sounds really great! I sure hope it happens. Two comments. First, it is ridiculous for submarines to have such high speeds on the surface in the game. they shouldn’t be any faster in the game than they were in real life. Also, it is ridiculous that a DDs most likely best option when confronted with a submarine is to run away. This not the way it was in real life and that’s not the way it should be in the game. DD’s are supposed to be submarine killers, not submarine fodder. Thank you for presenting this information to us!

    • Being destroy by a sub ramming you in DD is “quite” annoying… in fact it totally sucks.

    • @rosssuttonproperties

      Well, nerfing shot gunning will certainly change the paradigm for dds. But I should say that I never run away from solo subs in my dd. Quite frankly they are fairly easy to hunt and kill if not protected. I do however shy from top tier subs. They can do some serious shot gunning to dds.

  9. This is amazing. While I can grumble it took so long to get to this, I’m super happy we’re seeing signs this might occur! It could really revive Warships. Carries in particular have been a bad pill to swallow in terms of having fun in the game. Subs come as the next challenge. 🙂

  10. Absolutely loved this game at launch, stuck with it from 2015 up until about 5 months ago, and it was the frustration with subs and carriers that drove me away from it. As a battleship main, whenever I saw double CV/double sub matches, I’d play the match only because quitting out was a dick move, but I’d accepted it was just going to be a miserable experience, and most of the time it was. After dozens of matches where I was just getting frustrated and becoming less interested in carrying on with the game, I decided the occasional match where surface ship combat actually got a chance to shine wasn’t worth the frustration that I was having in the majority of matches and quit.

    If these changes go through, I might be convinced to come back.

    • My experience with WOWS appears to have a lot in common with yours, the game certainly headed in a direction that led to a lot of frustration for a BB player. The only thing I might add to your comment is that the game REALLY made it hard on a brawling/secondary focused BB, pushing in was chancy before subs got force fed into Randoms – its almost impossible to play them correctly now on a regular basis.

    • @@Rienzi2023 agreed. German BB’s were my favorite and it was painful enough trying to brawl at high tiers with massive superstructures and endless HE spam. Having subs around to constantly force you to burn damage control was the last nail in the coffin there for me.

    • If more people had “rage” quit those particular games or suicided then WG would have had to do something earlier maybe?

    • I feel the same way. I’ve been playing less and less as the number of subs and CVs keeps increasing in matches.

  11. What i would love to see that would look interesting in addition to new plane spotting is a cloud layer with dynamic openings between aircraft and surface.

    • Yeah the CV could choose altitude (above or under clouds): above: planes dont detected and ships neither.
      Under: both are detected. But planes are more sensible to AA.

  12. The CV flight mode sounds promising — sounds like it should keep it fun for both CV and surface ship players; pray that it manages to get on live server 🙏

  13. Nice changes. Hope they come through

  14. After many years of bs that Wargaming has been putting this game through I’m extremely skeptical regarding all these potential changes. But the fact that they at least acknowledge some of the massive issues these classes have gives me a bit of hope

  15. One issue I see with a CV attacking same ship in the new way they mention how does a CV defend itself from a DD or cruiser bearing down on it if it can’t attack the same ship multiple times. As a DD player I am happy to see them addressing the spotting

  16. as a light cruiser player i absolutely cant wait for these changes!

  17. I’m honestly just excited for them to finally get their head out of their own ass and finally admit that there is a massive problem. Here is to hoping they actually follow through, it would be GREAT for the overall health of the day. Here’s to hoping they follow through

  18. Great to see WG ACTUALLY ACCEPTING there’s a problem with cvs! I’m still concerned that surface ships won’t be able to tell which mode the planes are in and if they are capable of spotting them or not, in which case the threat of random spotting is still there especially for DDs. I hope this gets noticed as it sounds like something WG might not consider until they have put too much work in to change it. Maybe WG could implement something like high level clouds that the aircraft fly above in travelling mode and below in attack. This would explain the lack of spotting and let the surface ships know which mode the planes are in.

  19. Best thing WG has come up in the news since the introduction of new CVs. They finally communicated about it and acknowledging the problems. Gives some hope to really enjoy all the facets of the game.

  20. Some good insights in there PQ, one of the better WOWS YouTuber takes I feel. As a DD main then for me anything that dampens CV spotting is a good thing. There’s a few too many times within 90 seconds of a game start before I even make it to a cap I’ve been clapped from above relieving me of half my HP. My main beef with subs is the entire use damagecon to clear ping… at which point they ping you again you get hit my torps and start to sink as you have no damagecon… I suppose being able to detect them a bit easier at closer ranges may help you try and avoid that situation.

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