World of Warships: Worcester’s Magical Armor

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Worcester has some very magical armor. It’s paper-thin, but somehow battleships have a really hard time dealing with the Worcester. It’s an amazing ship.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 American cruiser Worcester.


  1. over pen of the citadel wooooo

  2. The tournament Strefs will run:

    I’ll be doing the stream on twitch for my 20+ hour stream.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Wooster and the name is British not American.
      Blame the brits like trying to pronounce
      Worcestershire –
      not War-cester-shy-r
      but as Wooster-sheer.

    • Also when pronouncing ‘V’ in English, think of the word ‘Revolution’. The way you’re pronouncing it sounds like ‘we’. Love your vids BTW!

  3. I think although this is an American ship, the “blame” for the name’s pronunciation as “Wooster” (with the “oo” somewhat shortened compared to, for example, “hooligan”) should be placed on the British, as the Americans merely reused the name. Your regular pronunciation as at 1:54 is perfect.

  4. It’s pronounced Wouster – I live just down the road from the (English) place.

  5. 8:25 a HMM reference without their claim-to-fame quantity of “Zounds”?

    Also, if you armor your ships with cardboard, the opponents will get wise and swap to HE.

  6. I will try to drop by during the stream on the 12th!

  7. In my experience the only BB which can consistently do a lot of AP dmg to the Wooster is Conq (and the preceding RN BBs, ofc)
    Everything else scores nothing but overpens

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Wooster The CL that has better armor and damage output than a CA I would be ok if it was more easy to land citadel it consistently on it For BBs it can be easy but for cruisers it is not And because the absurd HE output, of you fight it in another cruiser, he out DPMs you and kill you without little you can do ably it

  9. Figure out your American? Its a country populated with immigrants and guaranteed there are some from your country, so want to take bets this name did not originate from your country? odds are not in your favor but beside that Dasha made sure to tell us all how to properly pronounce this when it first came out. If a German can figure it out, why cant you?…;)

    For the sake of argument though it is pronounced “Wooster”.

  10. It’s the „Whoopster“ actually ?

  11. The dispersion of the shells was terrible. The shells went everywhere.
    I would like to have that magical armor on Mogami.
    @1:06 the global warming joke got me laughing ^_^

  12. Real boys and girls play the Manotaur because it actually has a weakness.

    • Pfff the Minotaur’s smoke cowardice is even worse, only saving grace is the fact that it won’t burn you down.

      If it had HE no ship in existence would have a chance…

  13. i remember once i shot a Worcester using my front 2 turrets in the Musashi and got all overpens. then i shot with the rear turret and got a devastating strike

  14. After a generous tip, the barkeep whispers: Aerroon has learned his quantifiers well.

  15. The cockboat, granter of salty overpen ribbons and giver of OP HE shells.

  16. 14:33 “Damn, Shimakaze was too quick”

  17. in real life, if u got no armor, HE will 1 shot u. thats why armor exists.

  18. LOL, thank you for the laughs this morning.

  19. Must have a top secret coating of Stalinium?

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