World of Warships- World of Warships Vs. War Thunder: Naval Redux

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Hey guys, today after just over a year from the release of the first video, I discuss the common topic of “Which is better?” between WoWs and WTN. Enjoy!

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  1. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    Realistic naval for War thunder is going to be SUPER SLOW MOTION. We thing WoWs is slow paced wait till you play WT Naval with BBs. Going to be as slow as Molasses even if they get to USS Iowa.

  2. SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

    5:30 Have to keep in mind in WoWs shell flight time 3x real life speed, while ships and torps move 5.3x speed of real life. To keep the combat within a 20 minute game. Also ships are scaled to 2x real life. So yeah WT is going down the realistic rout oof.

  3. War Thunder Pros:
    The dmg modeling
    The detail.
    Things “feel” heavy/weighty

    The grind, oh god the grind
    You think WG makes weird decisions? Try Gaijin.

    • @Graf Spee We said the shell type grind on some tanks(you start off with chemical shells or crappy old tech APCR or APDS shell)which are really bad and most tanks have really good chemical protection in high tier, what they did? ALL TANKS START OFF WITH HEAT. so you suffer with the stock grind even more. Another thing, unbalanced vehicles, instead of changing BR after THEY themselves idioticly lower the BR of the vehicle, they increase the repair cost in return so you go bankrupt for playing that vehicle, like WTF. there are more, but explantion is long listed and stuff xD

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      Russian companies, Russian wierd decisions

    • War Thunder Pros:
      The dmg modeling

      not exact pro, WT navy Damage model neither is exactly realistic nor really enjoyable gameplay wise..

    • wait the damage modeling lmao are man your a funny guy really please tell another joke

  4. My issues with WT
    1.) The battles are way to slow and drawn out to the point where I’m just never excited.
    2.) The grind is just unbearable, like if you want to progress basically dont play any other games whereas WoW allows you to progress while playing other games.
    3.) Currently in WT naval, you need your wallet a lot more than you do in WoW
    4.) lack the ‘woah’ factor, like when you sink a ship or take out planes it just feels really unclimactic, just kind of like ‘ok now what’ rather than on WoW it still like ‘oohhh yeaah!!’

    Overall neither of them are bad games, just think WT requires a lot more time to be invested and its difficult to play causally. I personally don’t believe you need to be more skilled to play either game apart from maybe in WT you need more patience as games are a lot more ‘meh’.

    For me if the grind was more approachable and gameplay was a more thrilling i would more than likely switch over to WT as my prime game and make WoW my on the side game.

    • @M4XIMUS135 Maybe because i’m not talking about just hitting shit, and instead about all the rest there is to War Thunder naval battles,

      War Thunder naval is boring, its not worth playing that crap just for a few ammo hack shots every now and then,

      Maybe you enjoy long matches of preparing to engage the enemy, sailing around, maybe shoot down a few planes, finally engage the enemy, fight the boring ass battle, maybe kill some, and die.

      War Thunder Air and Ground battles are Fun, very fun, its just naval battles are not.

    • @M4XIMUS135 more pray RNGesus that you hit ammo (and even then it might not explode), as accuracy of 8inch+ guns is abysmal..

    • Pretty much yea.

    • the problem with wt naval is that unlike tanks or ships there isnt alot of skill you cant flank an enemy and suprise 1 shot them, you cant get an alt advantage over an enemy, it is simply who has the better ship, yea you can hit an ammo rack but good luck hitting that from what? 10-14km in a light cruiser? what wt naval needs is 1. more hard cover 2. perhaps a fog of some sort to hide ships better where at 10+ km only light and heavy cruisers will be visible 7-9 km are where destroyers/frigates are visible, -5-6 km are where smaller ship classes are seen, less effective torpedos so when your cruiser gets hit it isnt a 1 shot and idk maybe give me some time to try and repair it? yea sometimes they dont do anything but i never get a chance my ship just turns into charcoal immediately when in reality it would take a bit for me to sink, a rework of the repair system so players can stop being overwhelmed with the fucking siren, and the icons on my screen, and a rework of the naval tech tree because seperating them should not have been how it was done, they should have made it similiar to every other vehicle type have types tier 1 has well tier 1 pt boats, destroyers, frigates, and maybe some really shit dreadnoughts like the types that have just the couple huge cannons and some auxiliary 76mms and they get progressively better from there, also if anyone is intrested in me continuing this pls respond ive gotten tired of typing for now.

    • I’m colour blind so I struggle to see some of the details or the enemy nor do I understand too much of the game but that can be solved by time but there are aspects of each game I would like to see shared

      A collab to implement new ideas with both games would be great

  5. In WT naval battle your shells gets the horizontal inertia from your ship, in wows you don’t

  6. Personally i find WT really hostile to new players whereas in WoW is a lot kinder.
    WT feels like i need money to play whereas WoW i can play without it.
    Things from WT i would like in WoW is thing like ‘how the ship feels and moves’ as ships do feel like ships in WT whereas in WoW they do feel somewhat more arcade like.

  7. As a casual player one game taking my money is enough. I used to play WT a few years back but i find WoW is better for me overall.

    • Waldherz FeuerClan

      Yea, WoWs is just better for “Ima play one or two rounds before I get to work”
      (Or while you are at work and no one is looking xd)

  8. If WT is even worse it does not mean that suddenly wows is playable now… Sorry wows.

  9. Cecilio Sprayetti

    If WarThunder’s grind wasn’t so absolutely dogshit it would be one of the best vehicular combat games available

    • I first started playing WT in closed beta, back when it was just some aircraft with little to no module unlocks. The grind was fine back then, but after release they kept piling on more & more BS to increase the grind to mind numbing levels. I played less and less over time due to how ridiculous that grind had become. I was far from the only early adopter with that complaint.

    • James Bigglesworth

      @NefariousKoel me too

  10. I would have never thought that a game could be worse balancing wise than any WG title, but then WT arrived.
    First it was quite good (planes) but it got worse and worse and more pay2win over the months.
    I recently deleted my account, there is no future for this game, somehow russian developers love to sabotage their own games.

  11. Marcus Jones Stinks

    This is why I love ultimate admiral dreadnoughts. It’s RTS instead of a shooter but building fun designs and getting alot of fun fights makes it worth it. It’s so much fun only having a 20″ gun on a 1930s hull BB in skirmish.

  12. I was thinking about trying WT until you mentioned what you have to research on ships…fuck that….

  13. When it comes to “realism”, I really don’t care much for that when I play a naval battle game,

    A good portion of the naval battles in the pacific would happen every now and then, even so, it would be mostly carrier strikes or shooting something so far away that you wouldn’t be able to see it.


  14. Mountbatten: “I recommend against straight out buying a tier 9-10 premium”
    WG: ARP Yamato anyone?

  15. Good to know I’m not missing a damn thing in WT.

  16. All I can say is I am now back to playing WT way more since WoW started reaching for something to screw with last year. As for the grind, well they both suck the same, easy to research parts but they make it hard to buy, good stuff expensive to play, its the same in both. one thing about WT, why give players gifts then ask them to buy a key with cash to open it?(not a reward that’s bait) Both games have as many high tier idiots as low tier. I say both games are about the same, it just comes down to personal preference. Every player gets the giggles from different things so neither game is perfect for everyone. Me I hate carriers being added to WoW I think they destroy the great brawl battles I used to enjoy but others like them so ya cant cater to everybody.

  17. Waldherz FeuerClan

    Up until you mentioned the insane grind (which I completely forgot about from my Warthunder time) I was like: Oh neat, ship mechanics look great! Fuq my WoWs premium ships this looks cooler…

    Then you mentioned the grind: Oh lawd nah! Already have enough of those games that I paid full price for (Elite Dangerous e.g.). Stay away from me!

  18. Some say WG ignores players. But Gaijin has open contempt for their players.
    Grind is simply insane. If you want to get to an F4, you start out with a biplane.
    And if you don’t like double CV games in WoWS, you’ll hate playing WT “Ground Forces”. Plane spam is flat out stupid.

  19. If you want ships to look big in wows, than just zoom in to the max when game start. I play like that all the time. It gives me feeling of gigantic scale of those ships. I dont know why is everyone playing completely zoomed out.

  20. Actually War Thunder does have a “you have to wait for the battle to be over” thing, its called CREW LOCK.

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