World of Warships – Worst Defeat Ever

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In what must be a first for the internet in general and YouTube in particular, that title is not actually clickbait.

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  1. Well, such a title requires a short break from the salt mines. I will be back soon mighty overlord

  2. Just started watching, can’t wait for “things to go horribly horribly wrong” 🙂

  3. I’m digging the Pink Floyd reference after that collision at start.

  4. I guess intelligence tokens sounds more marketable than idiot points, even if it’s less honest

    • Midnight Midnight

      Intelligence is intelligence. It’s the degree of intelligence that’s being measured.

    • @Midnight Midnight If it is actual Intelligence being measured, W.G. is f**ked! XD

    • Especially since the ‘super battleships’ are actually terrible ships that are just damage pinatas for the enemy team.

      So yeah…accrue ‘intelligence points’ for the privilege of getting farmed by other players.

      Really says something about how WG views their customers…doesn’t it?

  5. Probably 412k potential damage for that Fletcher. XD

  6. WOT replays just dont have the hilarity of WOWS ones

    • WOT replays gave us the memes Unfair Plane, He Kemp Bush, Violet Stet Peddler, and my personal favorite, the replay where a Doom Turtle plays the role of a scout tank because the tanks on the enemy teams was failing to penetrate his armor

  7. The slava would’ve won, even with his braindead teammates getting triple killed by a spotted shima, if he has only kept running away. Greed kills folks.

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      What do you expect after slava player , basically anyone can have that ship it trow enough money , smolensk was for coal , hannover “inteligence” , so there could be noob train there .

    • @Shaw Fujikawa slava had enough time, 50 points was all he needed, all he had to do was run for 30+ seconds and win

    • Those players arent exactly braindead(the triple div), but they aped.

  8. And he detonates a Slava!

  9. And to add insult to injury, the last kill was a detonation.

  10. “Some people are always trying to skate uphill”.

  11. “Careful with that Axe, Eugene.” Is that a Pink Floyd reference?

  12. Considering how shit I am at this game, I’m always terrified of appearing in these games as one of the ‘utter morons’ >_<

    • There’s a difference between blundering out from behind an island straight into a face full of torpedos and shooting your own division mate so much he rage quits. Blundering into a trap is also not as bad as trying to win harder by chasing a DD across the map and running straight into a wall of skill launched by said DD. Don’t worry, you’re safe.

    • Well I have to say if you admit you are shit at the game, you are better than most of the people in these replays as they don’t realize they are bad at the game.

  13. Plot twist: The Yueyang and Fletcher were in a division together. Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

  14. Yeah, it’s extremely rude to do that! I love that quote.

  15. All I can say, is I don’t feel so bad about any of my loses now, that was soo bad. Man that was so bad that everyone that wasn’t in that battle won.

  16. Fletcher driver is actually bfk_fer1yfe from 07 clan on his alternate account. He was featured here with his insane Smolensk performance. He was in division with Smolensk and Yueyang, so I think it was their usual fooling along, that anyone watching their stream, especially so called “Geargiong Experience”, knows.

  17. “Shima replays are kind of boring, if they’re doing it right they never get spotted and kill everything with torps.”
    And I would watch it all day, Jingles, lol!

  18. Said by that arrogant fool Napoleon right before losing at the battle of Waterloo 😀

  19. Worth noting is that the Smolensk, Fletcher and Yueyang in a division and the Fletcher is bfk ferlyfe, the leader of O7 and an absolute memelord, which could explain the throw at the end

  20. @arwing20 irony which fits the theme of the video.

  21. Napoleon.

  22. This is just everyone’s typical random battle experience in a nutshell.

  23. “He’s going to need to get extremely lucky with his torpedoes “.
    And the cold dead hand of Isoroku Yamamoto reached up, grasped that Shima’s wheel and spoke “I’ve got this”.

  24. @arwing20 Napoleon was definitely arrogant but he definitely wasn’t a fool.

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