World of Warships- WTF Is This New Battlepass?!?!

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Hello guys, today we go over the quite odd selection for the final reward for the premium battlepass this go round, enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. The seasons bonuses attached to the Battlepass don’t seem worth paying for anymore… only real benefit is the 5% extra coal / steel / research points which is not worth the dubs
    Now the premium BP is okayish, but the final reward not being a premium ship makes it far less favourable value… I would rather a tier 7 or tier 8 randomly generated premium ship crate be the final BP reward personally.

  2. Knowing WG, I have no doubt their plan was to suck us in early with the BP program with reasonably generous awards, and then, once we were acclimated to the idea of buying the BP, gradually dialing back the rewards. Instead, they did it much faster than I expected. A BP whose ultimate reward is a tech tree ship is no reward at all, at least for adults who don’t have an obsessive need for immediate gratification. Such greedy, grasping bastards. I’m out.

    • @Wojtek yes but did they adapt the price accordingly?

    • I honestly don’t mind it that much. Yes the reward is bad, but i just don’t get the premium pass this time.

      The other ones were nice and didn’t removed previous rewards we had, but added stuff on top for dubs. It seems weird to me that some players go crazy about extra stuff for dubs they can simply ignore because we didn’t had stuff like that anyway a few months ago and they are mad that the “paid” stuff isn’t good enough.

    • @Wojtek Oh yeah. Will ya look at that – the first free tier of steel is missing. Greedy, greedy WG 🙁

    • i have luckily, never paid a penny to play this game. its so bad, i honestly dont know how idiots fall for it. paying money for nothing and to spend time with morons who have no idea of what they are doing (which are the ones paying the money normally).

    • YOU, stflaw, ARE CORRECT SIR! The first rule of WarGaming is thou shalt not send $$$ to WarGaming. And that’s from someone that USED TO buy things from WG. They’ll always screw you in the end. It’s never worth it.

  3. On the hybrids, the main reason why there is only 1 CV at T10 is because multiple T10 CV are a nightmare for DD, with the rocket nerf DD got a reprieve however HE dive bombers like the ones attached to the hybrids are hard for DD to dodge if the CV player is any good… dark times ahead for DD as the game just got a lot more accurate HE dive bombers that can spot and wreck DD.

  4. This current Battle Pass no longer has the free dismounting of upgrades like the previous one. Now you pay the 25 doubloons like always. Free demounts was a nice perk in that I could test different configurations or swap them to a seldom used ship without having to buy new upgrades using credits.

    • Wasn’t that only with that highest cost battle pass?

    • @Krzysztof Narloch o yea my bad,but the rewards are relatively less for this pass

    • @Krzysztof Narloch You’re talking about the Season Premium battle pass, and no for some reason this time you don’t get free demount with it. However this BP is only 4 weeks long vs last BP which you had to grind for 6 weeks. Not sure what will happen between finishing this BP and the next patch, maybe you get the extra stuff for each level past 40 like the last one.

  5. I personaly hope wg is still experimenting with what they can put as final reward in the battlepass, but this is only a hope, and knowing wg, this hope might get shattered pretty soon.

  6. Thanks for the video, I am one of those suckers who gets easily hooked into a Battlepass but this at least stopped me from wasting my money. Also because of RL stuff I couldnt play actively the last few weeks and the FOMO pushed me to actually pay for the last 10 levels of the BP because I couldnt make it in time.
    When it becomes a chore i stop being motivated, but devs already have their money by then and I just miss out on my moneys worth.

  7. I paid for the BP last patch only after reaching level 60 because the sheer amount of coal and steel plus the 5 Megas made it worthwhile. I did only get a Mysore out of it, but hey, it was a ship. Generally, it holds no interest for me.

  8. I think it kinda makes sense that they’re putting the T – 8 in BP as they replaced the daily/weekly combat missions which originally Nebraska would’ve gone for, but I’m iffy about the inclusion of tech tree line ship in a bp where i pay for, i think this one deserved to have more rewards or better rewards i.e. the amount of doubloons for a premium t 8 ship, or have two different variants of Nebraska premium or special and the tech tree counterpart.

  9. I got 2500gold and three ships out of the 5 containers and felt really lucky. Just two tier 7 and a tier 5 though, but I always wanted the Japanese Maya. So that was randomly great^^ If I wasn’t such a huge fan of hybrid ships I think I wouldn’t care. But they look like they fell out of an anime from the eighties and you just expect some verytechs to start from them Macross style. They just look awesome!
    But yes, more planes is not really better ^^

  10. The previous 2 BPs were good enough to get me to part with dubs, a combo of the final reward plus a bunch of coal/steel/RP felt worth it. But this one is a hard sell. I see the argument from people that you’re essentially paying to skip a third Colorado grind (which I commiserate with, I remember hating the Colorado) but you could always freexp your way up. Putting that aside, imo the biggest problem is that there are 10 fewer levels this time, for the same price. Quite frankly, WG is trying to get away with robbery here.

  11. One thing to remember, you can wait until the end to buy the Premium BP. That way you can consider if it’s worth it for you, depending on your progress etc. Unless you want the extra Premium BP for the missions etc.

  12. Good video. Your general quote applies to almost every WG event “It looked dubious from the beginning then it took a left-hand turn from there.”

  13. As a player that is still working on many tech lines paying for the premium makes moving commanders and respecting them cheaper plus the extra goodies is nice. Plus the extra weekly quests takes the pressure off of reaching the end of the BP. I would prefer to see premium ships every time and a bad end reward may detour me from getting the BP. As I’m currently on break from the game the current BP is a none issue, but if I was playing I would consider it a bad reward. Not sure I will ever play that tech line, I like CVs and I like BBs but I don’t like the combo.

  14. Could you imagine a team with double cvs, every bb is a hybrid, then they have Dutch cruisers and lets even say their dd is tromp, and you get struck by every single one of them at once.

  15. I bought the ultra-premium version the last two passes, my favorite thing was the ability to switch out equipment modules for free, no dubs for demounting. but this battle pass, I bought the ultra-premium again and they took that ability away. charges dubs to demount equipment modules.

  16. I may be wrong but didn’t they used to have early access events where you could get a ship or two simply by doing combat missions? Like maybe back when the Italian battleships came out? Really sucks that they are selling ships in this manner when they could honestly have really good rewards in the battle pass, even some super containers would be preferable imo.

  17. Thank you for making this video. I enjoy your content and getting your opinion on things. I have bought the previous battlepasses because it was the best use of my time in acquiring resources. I won’t be buying this batttlepass because my finances won’t allow it. I totally agree with you on the end prize, but I never had a shot at them any way. Just my two cents worth.

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