How To Play The New Hybrid Battleships – Delaware

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. yesterdays stream was just built different… looking forward to more of this “funny” content 😀

  2. Can’t wait to get almost perma spotted in a DD with these things comming out, hiding behind an island…

    • @Vytautas V you havent been focused by the cvs if you can say that

    • @Vytautas V really? You cant be serious? Without support DD’s get smashed. Even in a Crawlorado, I obliterate DD’s, because they overextended themselves and outrun their support.

    • @Swarm509 the downside is having a massive tumor on the side of the ship overmatched by everything

    • I don’t feel sorry for dd players, especially torpedo cancer like shima.

    • @Killjoy maybe true for the kearsarge but at least the T10 of this line has a 38mm flight deck, the only squishy farmable part is the side, a much smaller target than kearsarges megatumor. They really made these things super busted.

  3. I’m glad WG is finally putting more planes in the game. I mean, what’s with all these ships anyway?

  4. I hear Battleship Galactica is being prepped for update 14. It will include a compliment of vipers that AA can’t track fast enough and a hyperdrive consumable that allows you to relocate anywhere on the map with a click. 20km secondaries and auto ASW twice as good as CVs.

  5. The satisfaction of watching that Conq burn with all those fires, glorious!

  6. Finally and at last! BB’s have a reason to exist!

  7. I had the honors after 4k battles to have @potatoQuality as my first Random battle Content creator face off 🙂 Thank you for the entertaining content and keep up the great work! For what it’s worth i was The Alaska B in this Match and played mostly on the Northern end and middle late game. I found myself having to hold my fire alot because of your teams Yamato but think i did ok overall. Also got that Cheeky last shot on you as the match ended 🙂 GG …I thought you would lose this game from the start because of your teaming sending alot of ships to your side. Other than the Yamato i didnt really have much cross fire to worry about.

  8. if there where no carriers these things would be fun to have in the game tbh.
    but with the aa as it is it just adds more frustration.

  9. Wows best BB player also becomes best CV player!

  10. if the hybrid ships were classified as a cv instead of a battleship I think it would make the matchmaking more reasonable. Otherwise you can end up facing off against 2 sets of planes with only 1 cv on your side.

  11. I am from Delaware and I approve this ship.

  12. The Matrix red pill

    The very last thing this game needs.

  13. I know people hate these things but I’m really excited. I love weird looking ships and these are the weirdest of them all

  14. PQ thank you for directly saying your true opinion that these even though strong and maybe fun, are just not good for the game, and are gonna make the game much worse. Thank you for that.

  15. Airplanes actually irritate me less than DDs that couldn’t be bothered to scout for the fleet and constant submarine pings.

    If someone can scout for my guns while we’re flanked by enemy DDs and ours are all smoking up, meaning I can at least see something to actually shoot back at, I’d call it net-positive for me.

  16. If these can be used in a Div they will be so OP, eventually you will have 3 BB’s and a CV, maybe even 2 CV’s hitting you at once.

    • trickle down economics fail

      and because of the braindead cv overhaul they did, no matter how many planes you shoot down; they will keep on coming.

    • Flashbacks to the bb only brawls and entire teams were Ise’s. Complete busted

    • @trickle down economics fail plane wise these are going to be worse than CV regen.

      You get the plane strike every time its off cool down with no care about how many you lost last strike.

      It’s not easy, but a CV can run out of planes and then it’s useless (look at saipan in a t10 game) but with these tactical style flights you always launch full. Even if the last 5 got wiped you don’t care.

  17. __Not_One_ Step_Back__

    you will soon have the Ruski Missile Cruiser CV in the game.

  18. best to fire he shells first then launch planes since shells have less chance of starting fires than the planes atleast from what i know

  19. @__Not_One_ Step_Back__ I hear one of the features is a chance to “catch fire and sink by itself” if there are any Ukrainian players on the enemy team.

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