World of Warships – YOLO

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The life expectancy of a high tier cruiser that tries to bumrush 2 Carriers, 2 Destroyers a top tier Battleship at the same time can be measured in seconds. Try doing the same thing at and youR;ll probably die almost instantly too, especially if you’re in an Omaha.


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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920× resolution

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  1. Jungles u forgot about the Marblehead

  2. It’s not fair to say that the Omaha hasn’t received any buffs. They graciously doubled the amount of 30K+ cruisers you now have to unlock with it.

  3. Not sure where you got 186mm, Jingles. It’s actually _worse_ than that – you need only a 143mm gun or larger to overmatch 10mm, which means even light cruisers at this tier can pen you from the front.

  4. *checks name list at the start*

    Yay! It won’t be me dying after 5 seconds because I didn’t realize I over extended oh shit I just told everyone.. keep scrolling!

  5. Jingles are you watching a different match? the second enemy Langley is still there.

  6. As a BB player who got all the ARP ships and the ARP captains twice, the only explanation I can think of is that the ARP Kongo player only played enough to get the ships, then stopped playing until now.
    (I am one of those players who hope that submarines make it into the game so I-401 can be a playable ship).

    • He’ll have 20k or even 30 k and he won’t change. Cause he doesnt care, doesnt want to change. Some people after getting driving licence still drive bad, No matter how much time will pass they don’t change.

    • Just to play devil’s advocate, there is another option: perhaps he/she was letting a friend or their kid try out the game. Just because all evidence says THE ACCOUNT has been around for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s the account owner playing in this particular battle.

    • finally somebody agrees! i stopped playing for 3 years and only started playing recently and it took me a whole week to be able to deal over 10k damage or hit anything for that matter lol

    • I have had my account about 3 years and play regularly – about once every 2 or 3 months. And then PVE. Have less than 20 PVP battles. That could have been me except I have no battleships.

    • Christian Krakhofer

      u do realize the old events where pretty grindy and not cookie cutter like now? this player is the perfect example of the current playerbase, and after this people mechanics like smoke, surface detection for torpedos etsc got changed

  7. I can understand why you don’t show low tier matches they tend to be weird more than funny or very one sided. I have in the past tried sending in matches from my Kamikaze (yes everyone’s favourite OP Japanese dd) and while for me getting 8 kills and still having to be the one defending my base desperately with my guns is fun for the most part Japanese dd game play is pretty dull to watch unless something goes very wrong,

  8. Back in CBT “even” cruiser fired HE at other cruisers…
    You’re absolutely right Jingles and we have definitely moved forward since CBT

    Now “even” BBs fire HE at everything

  9. I should probably send some of my Emerald replays then. Edit: They are from the previous patch 🙁

  10. ?emerald is a bad ship? good thing nobody told me, i had a blast with her! 😉

    • I remember having loads of fun when the Aufklpanther was around in WoTs. It was a bad tank, but it was so much fun ram killing mediums, heavies, and TDs higher tier than me. I even managed to ram kill an E-100 once, and pissed off an E-50 driver, as well as an IS 6 driver who was salty that a light tank ram killed a heavy XD. I wish they bring the tank back.

    • I think it was alright, but I never got to know the Emerald that well because by the time I’d unlocked and played a small handful of games in her I’d won the Leander from the Christmas event a couple years ago. I thought the Leander was terrible, but at least it all got better when the Fiji arrived. 🙂

    • I think you guys just don’t know how to play RN Cruisers. I also won the the Leander in the Bismarck campaign, and she’s a great ship. I was still on Danae at the time but I remember playing against Emeralds and they were amazing with smoke, speed, endless torps and massive regen capability for Tier 5.
      I do love my Fiji though. Edinburgh has it harder because she has to go against Tier 10s about 90% of the time.

    • I had a great time with my emerald – omaha on the other hand is a real turd – doesn’t help that its spotted from the moon – at least u can hide in the emerald

    • This is a point I make people call them bad ships but actually if you play them right you can have great games it’s just harder to do in some ships than others. Emerald is fragile but nothing particularly new about that just use cover etc…

  11. @The Mighty Jingles:
    I’m #278, earlier and earlier ‘Jingles! Don’t you ever spend mornings with Rita?
    She’s obviously not working hard enough! *_:D_*

  12. Actually Jingles, the ARP Kongo might not be the person who played 2 years ago. He could’ve let a friend (or sibling) play his account. Back to salt mines I go.

  13. The Omaha is still viable. It has been, and will continue to be so, unless she is nerfed. If played right, she can pretty much solo-carry games; just ask SharonRoseMotorrad.

  14. Hey Jingles, I still see idiots in mid tier games in battleships using (HE) all the time. Yesterday a very high rank player fired (HE) the whole game in the Japanese tier 4 Myogi. He call me a B**** when i use AP while he was broadside on to me. I killed him and went on a rampage in chat. LOL

  15. Remember kids! You wouldn’t build a house out of water heaters. So why build a ship out of citadels?

  16. Jingles, whether or not a player is “new” doesn’t depend entirely on how old their account is. For example, I’ve had a WoWS account since closed beta, but I do NOT know how to play that game, because on average, I play one game per month. WoWS pulled in a lot of players from WoT, but those players don’t necessarily enjoy WoWS enough to play regularly.

    • yes agreed! I play many games, WoWS is just one of many. I have an ARP ship myself and have been playing for a while, but I am by no means experienced.

    • Except in order to unlock the ARP Kongo back in the day, you had to complete 4 challenges in a row that required playing potentially several dozen games to unlock at at least tier 4 or 5 I believe.

    • +HYuy I have the ARP Kirishima. Idk how I got it, I was grinding through tier 5 and one day it appeared in my port. It didnt take me many games to unlock.

    • Same here. I have the Kongo and, with a 7mth hiatus from the game I have found I am rarely playing nowadays. So I am bound to be one of those ‘should know better’ players with my CBT flag flying….

  17. “Killed the second enemy carrier””There’s the fourth kill”Jingles, were we watching the same game?

  18. Not necessarily stupidity, even if he had the ship for 2 years, that does not mean he has been playing 16h a day every day. Might as well had a 2 year break from the game.

  19. Maybe it’s a returning player. My first Dota 2 match was in 2012, but if I were to play now after years of inactivity, I’d be a rookie making mistakes for sure.

  20. Given the toxic comments being made below against that Kongo player it may be appropriate to just blank out his/her name in the video. The player has done nothing to deserve the kind of WOT naming and shaming going on here. I thought WOWS was better than that. Guess I was wrong.

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