World of Warships – Yorck Followup – AP vs HE

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What’s going on with the Yorck’s AP and HE? Most Yorck players will recommend that at longer range you use HE and at close range you use AP. Yet, at max range, the AP appears to land sooner. What is going on?! Detective Chase investigates…


  1. Tamás Kerecsényi

    soo the Yorck is still garbage :D

  2. Of course it begs the question: No matter the angle of attack, HE is going
    to do the same thing. It can hit the superstructure at 0 degrees on up to
    90 and have the exact same effect on target (unless it’s armor is paper and
    it can penetrate). OTOH AP only does useful damage when it penetrates. This
    actually means that those high-lofting AP shells IRL would be MORE
    dangerous than flat-trajectory shells at that range, since they are then
    attacking relatively thinner horizontal armor than thicker vertical armor.
    The real question is, does WoWS model the difference between horizontal and
    vertical armor enough that it matters? If you’re hitting your shells you’re
    hitting….doesn’t make much difference if they’re landing on target 1-2
    seconds slower… long as your actual RoF isn’t slower. But if you’re
    hitting steep plunging shells on weak horizontal armor, versus flat shells
    against belt armor, then that could make all the difference vis a vis
    Citadel penetrations.

  3. iChase i love your World of Warships gaming channel =D. I’m a fan of WOW
    and ships in general so i really like this stuff. I hope you can make more
    videos about Battleships and Cruisers and such. Keep it up :D

  4. I’ve not had a problem with he or ap rounds I just got the York today and
    the last game I’ve played with my York I got 4 magazine and sunk two ships
    and came out with a lot xp and credits . What I think is bad about the York
    is the torps . But the York has its drawbacks .

  5. Hey can anyone tell me if, mogami has higher firing arc, or admiral hipper.
    On both HE and AP. max gun on mogami. Thx

  6. stupid question time — game mechanics aside — how does this stack up to
    real ballistics test from the source engineering. I real life is AP a
    higher trajectory weapon because of the weight difference? if so then this
    makes sense if not then WG should model it like the real thing..

  7. no wonder i felt like it’s impossible to land any hits using AP at max
    range. dem arc.

  8. I wish we can load HE on half of the gun, and AP on the rest

  9. My best quess is that AP has lower initial velocity (despite what the
    statcard says) but is a heavier (or more aerodynamic) shell and it retains
    its speed better which becomes apparent at these extreme ranges.

  10. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    so the travel-time-numbers provided from WG in the crosshair are all wrong?


    hi there can i ask you a question when do you start installing equipments

  12. So, same muzzle velocity, HE is faster at short range, AP is faster at long
    range. Sure.

    I really, REALLY wonder what kind of funky ballistics they are imagining
    for these shells….

  13. No post-battle statistics in the last two games WTF is going on!!!

  14. chase you need to do a world of warships the new update coming on the game

  15. I was playing the Konigsberg and Nurnberg on the test server yesterday, and
    I HOPE this is not the effect of the patch – but I HATED THEIR GUNS!

    Nurnberg AP versus broadside Fuso from 10 km, 660 damage with a 9 shell
    hit! Best I got versus any BB broadside, was like 1500!

    And of course, HE does ZERO direct damage, except on rare occasions, versus
    Battleships – so it would appear to me that BOTH those ships are terrible,
    the only way to really hurt a BB is to ATTEMPT to stack fires, or 6km
    torpedoes, with no armor at all…..

    Even VERSUS OTHER CRUISERS – At range, the shell travel time is LONG, it
    feels like the shells just hang in the air! So when I got a broadside Yorck
    in my sights at 14 km, and to give proper lead, I had to scroll so far
    ahead of said Yorck that I couldn’t even see where I was hitting it and
    what damage I was doing, just NO citadel is all I know, and the Yorck, all
    he had to do was turn a tiny bit every time I fired and almost all my
    shells missed…

    I am used to 152s like on the Kutuzov, where a Broadside BB at any tier can
    and will take between 3 and over 10k in a Salvo, but a broadside Fuso, that
    is like a BEAUTIFUL snack for both Molotov and Kutuzov! Same for my Avago
    of course.

    So, I REALLY am wondering, Are those German 15cm L60 guns just THAT
    terrible? Or is this perhaps an effect of the patch? I didn’t have my
    Kutuzov, and didn’t get to try the Budyonny yet, but I REALLY hope the
    patch didn’t ruin damage for lower caliber guns….

  16. I think the people who pointed that out, are edge humping retards who think
    they know better =P

  17. @iChaseGaming have you considered making a comparison video between Hakuryu
    and Midway (or both CV lines in general), differences in playstyle, which
    loadouts are best, how to use them etc.?

  18. sooo is that a balancing mechanic? do other German cruisers have the same

  19. top stuff for your effort. Great videos as always Chase and thank you!

  20. Hey, i was under the impression *ICG* had like 300.000+ subscribes, I’ve
    been subscribed a while now,…this ain’t right !

    Hey fuckers who watch him but don’t subscribe,…push that subscribe
    button, c’mon he’s good for it, help him to 300.000 sub’s !!!!

  21. Chase! When are you going to do the next Monday Rules video?

  22. how are you shooting HE and AP in hte same salvo???

    shoot 2 turrets, change ammo, then shoot other 2?

    thats one hell of a bug….could be game breaking!(the HE and AP salvo)

  23. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    I guess that explains the results I was getting in my Yorck. Ah well, If it
    works then don’t fix it. XD

  24. so its a bug?

  25. Well maybe not an intended consequence, but would the AP arcing higher be
    an advantage since it will be coming more “straight down” and be better for
    penetrating the deck armor at range?

  26. how do you make those costum battles with AI?

  27. Could you look into the shell differences between Mahan and Kiev. Simple
    math says the muzzle velocity at the barrel for the Mahan is 91.03% of the
    Kiev’s. Yet the arc of the Mahan shell and flight times are grossly out of
    proportion. If a Kiev takes a shot say at 7 km, you can clearly see the
    entire flight of the shell. Mahan forget about it, its off screen, if your
    using a standard aiming sight. Now admittedly I haven’t looked into the
    actually flight time differences in the shells for the same range, but in
    practice it feels way more than 9%. Yes, I understand they could explain it
    as shell velocity drop off. Come on, do they really expect us to believe
    that US shell’s are so less aerodynamic than the Russian shells. It really
    seems to me, that USA, and some of Germany’s ships guns and shells are
    really messed up. As someone with a connection to WG, maybe you might bring
    this to there attention, TAKE Remedial math. Thanks for the video’s.

  28. This begs the question, why does the performance change?

  29. My rule of thumb is HE until about ten kilometers, because suddenly the AP
    evens out at the snap of a finger.

  30. Eyes spinning!!!! Translation in simple terms plz, lol

  31. Amazing. Mystery solved.

  32. Nice, i’m almost to the yorck so these videos help. What ship are you going
    to review next for your know your ship episode, I would suggest either the
    Atlanta or Warspite as they both have very interesting stories to go with
    them. P.S. Any news on the U.S.S. Flint? Wargaming said that was going to
    be a prize but thats all I heard so far.

  33. USSEnterpriseA1701

    It’s those old guns off of of the armored cruiser Blücher. They use the HE
    developed for coastal defense in WWII, but still use the WWI AP round.
    That’s the only thing I can think of to explain Yorck’s wonky AP.

  34. indeed

  35. i just sold mine last night. long range shooting was always a guessing
    game. got sick of getting triple citadelled while trying to find my range.
    god i hope they sort this game out soon. it’s a dogs breakfast

  36. The AP always felt wonky for me in that ship. I kept telling people, ‘It’s
    AP behavior changes constantly over distance’, and my friends said yeah
    right. Thanks for the confirmation!

  37. (y) how do you fire shots like that?

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