World of Warships ZF-6 Premium Dockyard Tier 9 German DD Ship Review

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Today we review World of Warship’s newest dockyard ship, the ZF-6. This might actually be one of the better, if not the best Dockyard premium to date. The ZF-6 is also almost enough to make one forget about the German DD split, because it is indeed a good destroyer. With a robust amount of equipment, this DD is able to act as both an offensive and defensive powerhouse, and acts as a great addition to WOWS.


  1. have you played ultimate admiral dreadnoughts?

  2. You would have likely had better results against dd’s if you used AP when they show their sides to you. The AP on ZF-6 does have the improved ricochet angles that the split line gets.

  3. Every other WOWS Youtuber “Its trash”…. Comrade Zoup “Possibly the best ship ever in the dockyard” Blink twice if WG have a gun to your head Zoup!

    • @Randomguy I didn’t knock your opinion. Just corrected what you said about Flamu’s opinion. Flamu said this a fun ship but not a good DD!

    • @Jeff Allen I think you might be referring to what Flamu said about the Schultz. I have not heard any review saying this is a bad DD, quite the opposite.

    • Ok, so let’s hear your sources then please or is it just a “let’s bash Zoup regardless” comment? Notser, Trenlass, SLM, Carbine Carlito all say this is a very solid DD, maybe a little too good. Personally I agree, it’s a very solid hybrid DD. Reload booster can melt enemy DD’s in seconds, the AP is comfortable and the torps are very good despite their limited range. The excellent concealment allows you to decide when you want to engage as pretty much only the IJN torp DD’s can out spot you. Unlike the tech tree line this is a proper DD with a good set of tools.

    • @Jeff Allen
      Well read what I said about Flamu’s statement, I never said he stated it was a “good” ship. I said he “liked” the ship, isn’t being a “fun” ship something that you like?! So I’m correcting you for trying to correct me. Good day sir!

    • @RandomguyLOL

  4. I dont know man i feel like destroyers play to easy and dont take enough risks especially with torpedos. Most DDs arent that good of gun boats. Id like to see more torpedo attacks because thats the bread and butter. Regardless i love dds and thats what i play best in.

  5. This ship is absolutely awesome, possibly the best german DD in the game, closely followed by T-61. Was abolutely worth the money for me, also geting coal and steel is nice as well.
    I run the basic DD build on Lütjens with RPF, improved AP and better reload. 11.9 range is enough for me. The build works really well and the torps are still great as they are without having to spec into them. They are espcecially useful during DD fights and mid to endgame, when radar isn’t that much of a threat anymore 😉

  6. One game in ZF-6 – 121k damage. I think 3 kills. Who needs hydro?

  7. The ship has 32mm base pen, You don’t need IFHE on it.

  8. Outofcontrolsjs Gaming

    Feel like you need to use the AP more Zoup. It has the improved pen angles of the new line. Definitely looking forward to getting it when I am done grinding. 😁

  9. Bernhard Kohlhaas

    Thank you very much for a thorough review and especially for listing the commander skills you use on this ship. For those of us who don’t have a 21pt commander to spare it would be even more helpful, if – in the future – you could also list the order in which to get those skills rather than going by tier.

  10. Use AP on DDs and you are going to find this ship to be borderline OP. Improved pen angle with almost 3K damage per shell will delete any DD in seconds with the reload booster.

    I have the ship since it got released and honestly it is one of the best DDs at T9 and if you are uptiered you will enjoy deleting the fat DDs like Halland or Gearing with AP. The torps hit like a truck and are usable thanks to the 5.8km concealment.

  11. Best Dockyard ship period! Love playing her. She’s awesome!

  12. 4:43 Working as intended,

  13. I am going for the ship, put 9000 dubs down as can not always get the playing time in. But don’t have 19 point commanders for all those skills.

  14. its fun yes, but i have no interest in premium ships anymore. got enough lines and ships to have fun with and already got at least one premium for each nation….any more would be pointless.

  15. Yeah it’s a solid DD this although I’m not sure why you would take IFHE on it. What’s your reasoning there?

  16. She looks like a fun destroyer.
    32mm base pen, and a German with solid AA – Crazy 🙂

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