WOWS – I’m an Asshole! Set A Smoke Screen! | World of Warships

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Thanks to everyone helps out. I really appreciate it!


  1. Ohh you dit it thanks for wowships

  2. Switched from WoT to WoS a month ago. Great to see this.

  3. I’m a going to rejoin world of warships

    P.S. if you want to play carriers, play american, not japanese, they are all broken at the moment but WG is reworking them. Also play american or german battleships.

    • +Sir Ghetzta you must be right out of your gourd NA server friendly? You must have some crazy good luck and RNG. Keep in mind you are commenting on a man’s page that sees so many dickheads in the game… That he has a YEAR LONG series dedicated to their assholeness!!

    • spoiler the whole game is broken RNG is all over the place. WG needs to swallow their pride pill, suck it up WG get your bigboi pants on do the right thing FIXXXXXXXXXX the freaking game.

    • +JackG79 ohh okay :/

    • Lol he said NA are friendly. Give it a few were more fed up with the game than they are

    • Asian server rules for pure daftness and KYS uber passive aggression.

  5. Old Mountain Hermit

    What are you talking about Claus ? You don’t want to grind the French line ? French ships is best. Everybody knows dat.

    And btw, what are you doing ?

  6. you’re a smart man, Claus… diversification, of course! you have a talent, now use it. you need to expand your business. wot is not the only game there, and it’s also dying, at least on NA… although wows is boring AF.
    I would like to see you playing some other games. one in particular which I’ve discovered these days is “7 days to die”. it’s still in alpha and I think you would have a blast there looting and fighting zombies. 🙂

  7. Its great so see World of Warships. I play Warships often, particularly since I can’t stand playing Tanks anymore!

    It takes a bit of time to sink in (lol) but there is NO (special) GOLD in Warships. Also, there a fewer ‘special’ people in warships since you can’t be a team shooting asshole – the TK system will kick in immediately.

    YES please play lots of other games as well.

    The ‘what are you doing’ clip is one of my favourites! Watch out for those dangerous unfilled holes!

    • No gold because even when you are two tiers lower, you still can cause damage to ships (HE + Fires), so no need to pen everything. They have also made it so that there are weak points on all ships (Superstructure) so AP from most ships are able to do damage to all other ships, unlike the armor schemes on some tanks…

  8. Wow. I mean WoWs with Claus. With more chuckle and laughter than a Jingles Video. SET A SMOKE SCREEN!

  9. The librarian told the students something very important…

    *Read more*

  10. I don’t even watch you often…but your yelling? Oh yeah I think I’m starting to like you. And if you continue playing WoWs? Oh hell yeah. Welcome to the community (also press N for some horny goodness in wows). And if you don’t know what lines to pick?

    US heavy cruisers:
    +Very good AA
    +Superheavy AP shells at high tiers with increased penetration angles
    -Slow shells
    -No torpedoes (with the exception of tiers 4 and 5)
    -High shell arcs

    US light cruisers:
    +Very good AA
    +Can to a lot of damage in a very short time
    +Fast rate of fire
    +Can equip radar and hydro
    +Good concealment
    -Thin armor
    -Very slow shell velocity
    -No torpedoes
    -Require IFHE skill to reach full potential

    IJN cruisers:
    +Good AP shells and high caliber guns at lower tiers
    +Very good HE shells
    +Long range torpedoes
    +Decent shell velocity
    +Good concealment
    -Poor torpedo arcs (can only fire them backwards)
    -Poor AA
    -Slow turret rotation speed

    German cruisers:
    +Good range
    +Decent AA
    +Very good AP shells
    +Turtleback armor at higher tiers
    +Fast turret traverse
    -Mediocre HE shells
    -Relatively low concealment

    Russian cruisers:
    +Long range
    +Very good shell velocity
    +Low shell arcs
    -Poor AA
    -Slow rudder shift
    -Poor concealment
    -Prone to citadels

    British light cruisers:
    +Good rate of fire
    +Excellent AP shells
    +Single fire torpedoes
    +Extremely fast heal
    +Very good acceleration
    -Very poor deceleration
    -No defensive AA
    -Very thin armor
    -No HE shells

    French cruisers:
    +Decent speed
    +Speed boost
    +Fast rotating turrets
    +Good artilery range
    +Decent range torpedoes
    -Mediocre armor
    -Low ammount of torpedoes
    -Somewhat easy to citadel

    US Battleships:
    +Excellent AA at high tiers
    +Good armor
    +Decent high tier dispersion
    -Subpar secondaries
    -Slow at low tiers
    -Shorter range
    -Slightly bigger dispersion at lower tiers

    IJN Battleships:
    +Decent accuracy
    +Longer range
    -Somewhat lacking AA
    -Slightly less armor

    German Battleships:
    +Fast turret rotation speed
    +Difficult to citadel
    +Excellent secondaries at higher tiers
    -Unreliable guns
    -Short range AA
    -High dispersion

    UK Battleships:
    +Difficult to citadel
    +Extremely strong HE
    +Very good concealment at higher tiers
    +Very good heal
    -Slow turret traverse
    -Mediocre AP at lower tiers
    -Very poor deceleration

    French Battleships:
    +Most have a large number of guns
    +Decent AA
    +Decent turret traverse
    +Speed boost at higher tiers
    -Relatively low dispersion per turret
    -Small gun caliber on most ships

    US destroyers:
    +Very good turrets (fast reload, rotation speed)
    +Best for hunting other destroyers at close range
    -Medium/short range torpedoes at low tiers
    -Slow shell velocity
    -Rainbow arcs

    IJN torpedo boats:
    +High shell velocity
    +Good damage per shell
    +Long range torpedoes
    +Good concealment
    +Best for stealth torpedoing enemy ships
    -Slow turret reload
    -Slow turret rotation

    IJN gunboats:
    +Decent shell velocity
    +Fast rate of fire
    +A lot of guns
    -Not very manouverable
    -Situational torpedoes
    -Require IFHE skill to do almost any HE damage

    Soviet destroyers:
    +Very fast
    +Good gun range
    +Good shell velocity
    +Best for long range engagements
    -Very short range torpedoes until high tiers
    -Slightly slower rudder shift
    -Poor concealment
    -Slow turret traverse

    German destroyers:
    +Forward firing torpedoes at low tiers
    +Decent turret traverse
    +Strong AP shells
    -Slightly shorter gun range
    -Medium range torpedoes

    Pan-Asian destroyers:
    +Extremely short torpedo concealment
    -A combination of ships from different nations causes inconsistency
    -Torpedoes cannot hit destroyers

    British destroyers:
    +Can equip short range hydro
    +Single launch torpedoes
    +Good concealment
    +360° Turrets in many cases
    -No speed boost

    US carriers:
    +Larger squadrons
    +Very good for specialized air superiority
    +Good at specialized bombing
    -Less squadrons
    -Slow at low tiers

    IJN carriers:
    +More squadrons
    +Very versatile
    +Fast at low tiers
    -Smaller squadrons

  11. Did your Daddy let you play tier 2 ships….he,he-he,he-he,he!!!!!
    I like tier 2 now!!!

  12. A bunch of guys in a confined space out on the water for months on end? Sounds kinda Homo to me.

  13. Set a smoke screen! Claus forgot his meds… SET A SMOKE SCREEN!


    “what are you doing?”

    I love that dude! that voice clip needs to be in more videos.


  15. WoWs:
    French Battleships
    British Destroyers
    Not really a bad line there…

    Have fun with playing good games!

    • French BBs are amazing. I still love the mighty Yamato. Those 18s are damn sexy. Too bad it cant tank worth a damn.

    • with the new CV build about to some out you are going to need Anti Aircraft or smoke. you shoot about half the amount aircraft down as the current build and the CV never runs out of planes so your guaranteed to fight the CV all game

  16. General Gao's Chicken

    Such a contrast to Jingles’ mellow intonations.

  17. I can´t set a smoke screen, I am died!!!!

  18. Yay Claus is coming back to Warships!

  19. what are you doing? SET A SMOKESCREEN!

  20. MARCELLO – because every woman deserves to be loved by an expert.

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