Yamato met KREML for the first time ^^ World of Warships

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  1. I’m first

  2. Mikrofon während der Aufnahme nicht stummgeschalten? Kann da ab und zu ne Katze und Schritte hören. 😀

    • hatte grob durchgehört nix gefunden =) war tatsächlich ein MIC an – bin grade die neue (stream) webcam am testen / einstellen und hatte die bei der Aufnahme nicht aus 😀
      Ist übrigens keine Katze sondern mein 2 Wochen Alter Sohn der lautstark Hunger ange,eldet hatte …

    • +Panzerknacker Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Vaterschaft. 😉

  3. I hope Kreml doesn’t have as good armor as Moskva’s armor or as good as Stalingrad’s armor , Because the 460mm Yamato weapon can be bounced by a Tier 10 USSR CA (moskva and Stalingrad) 😀

    • +Austin Burnette the bow only has a small portion with more than 32mm like only 25-30% at water level so if you shoot a bit high you can pen the bow, the best armored bow is kurfust with almost 90% frontal surface with 50mm

    • Empoleonman522the2

      unlike the lower tiers the armor doesn’t cover the whole nose…….and the bow is HUGE on Kreml….it will eat pens from yamato all day long+Austin Burnette

    • It has better armor than Moskva but worse than Stalingrad. Stalingrad’s frontal deck is 50mm, Kreml’s is still 32.

    • Not really. Most of the bow is 32mm, only a small part at the waterline is thicker. So it’s hard to citadel from the bow, but not hard to damage at all.

    • if you angle right enough, evena tier 1 cruisers can bounce yamato shells

  4. Какое-то днище на кремле, эх

    • Konrad von Hötzendorf

      Да кремль как корабль вроде даже не существовал. WG создал целую линейку рашкосовко линейных кораблей, которые либо не существовали, либо были прототипами. Нахуя, спрашивается? Ответ очевиден – Russian Bias.

    • +Konrad von Hötzendorf можно подумать гроб или курфюрст существовали. ебаный ты фашист

  5. Haven’t watched the video yet but I am on Yapato’s side

    • At least Yama did exist lol

    • exactly

    • +Rinjani II Proper title: Yamato vs. Soviet wet dreams

    • +AB8511 great job idiots, you were building yamato for half a decade just to feed usa’s carriers without even firing a single salvo on their ships:)
      soviet union had no real need to build one and it is good it was cancelled

    • +Hell Yamato fired and scored some hits on the escort CV USS Gambler Bay.
      But the big problem of Japan wasn’t the construction of those Battleships, they simply couldn’t face the production of USA and in a wear war that’s what killed them. Then you add Japan lost 4 of their carriers pretty soon in the battle of Midway by mistakes and then they made a lot of strategical mistakes you have there why Japan lost the war and why they didn’t use those BBs, basically they were afraid of having a big lost like what happened in Midway.
      Also both ships resist a lot before sinking so in great circumstances they should have been a hard nut to crack.
      If you think it’s like in game battles, more than a great move, mistakes is what make you win or lose.

  6. 12:05 some stuck in his throat

  7. So many ships sailing broadside like an idiot. Seems ligit

  8. Omfg the background noise

  9. that was boring

  10. Panzerknacker what do you think about the new bbs

  11. Master Wargaming: We’ll allow you to have 18inch guns but we do not grant you the over match mechanic.

    Kremil: This is outrageous, it’s unfair! How could you have 18inch and not have over match.

    Conqurer: First time?

  12. Yamato: finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  13. Kreml: I’m angling you can’t hurt me!!!
    Yamato: k.

  14. Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. To youtube

    And all that sexual harassment from CV

  15. Fake ships suck. Why not give them laser cannons and deflector shields while you’re at it. Still, I suppose it’s better than light cruiser machine guns sinking battleships. This game has some severe limitations.

  16. Players above tier 7 carelessly sailing broadside to a battleship and getting citadeled even once in the process should get their sailing license revoked if they get sunk and their team lose the match, period.

  17. The sounds of those guns is simply… divine. I adore the Yamato.

  18. Okay, jetzt ist der GKF noch nutzloser, weniger Leben (auch wenn es nciht viel ist) schlechtere Panzerung, und in sachen Brawl ist der Russenkarn ja wohl mehr als nur lächerlich.

  19. I heard a Cat and a Person best replay 10/10 no joke

  20. Yoshihiko學習日文中的

    well yamato sunk just like history. but good play.

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