Yamato & Musashi Sisters of War – World of Warships

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Yamato & Musashi 2 sister ships with male names xD basically getting identical achievements and score.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. last time i was here this early flamba rushed down the middle in a leander

  2. finally, another WoWs vid!!! thanks

  3. And both of you killed the cv. Your salvo hit the cv and then Musashi finished him, right away.

  4. Have to say I am really surprised the game didn’t crash when it encountered a Yamato in a cap circle. I’d expect that something it cannot compute.

  5. i actually enjoy your something tarkov game videos more than wows videos now.
    dont know if its the playstyle or what 🙂

    • I agree. I think it’s because he actually likes playing tarkov. Wows pays the bills so to speak as it’s where he got the vast majority of his subscriber base but it’s just not that fun anymore.

  6. Flambass is rly enjoying the game! You can tell! 😀

  7. I’ve had the aiming bug a few times – it seems to be when you aim zoomed in and if you zoom out and immediately fire it occasionally shoots nowhere near where you were aiming. I’m obviously not moving the aim point in between

  8. Spreadsheet said you had fun young Flambino, spreadsheet said you had fun….

  9. The bridge view angle makes me homesick for my own ship. The wake breaking to each side and the visual of speed. (Plank owner USS Missouri (BB63).

  10. Thing about Flambass i love is when you watch his battle, his good games seem like we might beable tyo do them too

    Unlike Flamu whos just if you dont use MY build and dont do 300K dmg get off the game

  11. They need to Nerf this Dead Eye skill. It has promoted passive play. Forget the caps, and just stay back. Matches last 4 mins or a full 20 mins now….

  12. Deadeye is gonna leave this game in it’s most boring state ever. Fix that Wargaming!!

  13. Jimmiar Reltherford

    This battle screams why I became a cruiser main when I started playing this game.

  14. MasterVideoStudios

    We need Yamato, Musashi and Shikishima in one game! All three at the sametime!

  15. OK, hear me out. After watching the short segment where you played with no UI, I really wanna see a no UI challenge on stream now. Do it for a Sunday Funday or something. Maybe do a game in each class with no user interface. I think it could be awesome.

  16. Ah yes, the ever present torpedo protection around the superstructure… for all those torpedos that land 50 feet in the air.

  17. Mark Russel Agnote

    Wows should rename their game “naval camping simulator”

  18. Being that DM was my first t10, your comment about her made me lol

  19. Got banned intentionally. Uninstalled game. FU wargaming.

  20. just realised that U tube has unsubscribed me to your channel, (I’ve re-subscribed). not sure if this is an isolated incident

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