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  1. Play tf2

  2. Subscribe2pewdiepie 69

    But where the overwatch tho

  3. Muselk I love you just play more games that is not Fortnite

  4. DO TF2 >_< pls

  5. “Here lies tf2 I win haha” -Fortnite

  6. I love this game and your raging

    You better do more!

  7. FrugalGarlic746 // FG746

    Amount of People who wants to see TF2 Content.


    • FrugalGarlic746 // FG746

      +Potato Retardo I’m not begging for likes. I just want to know how much people wants this to happen instead of them keep saying “Me” by replying to this comment.

    • FrugalGarlic746 // FG746

      +goa141 No nobody said it was so I might as well give a try.

    • ​+FrugalGarlic746 // FG746Muselk being a sellout was my conclusion, but what matters here is alternatives exist, now if you will it you can try channels like winglet, bruno or hoovytube for high quality SFM videos, you won’t regret it.

    • FrugalGarlic746 // FG746

      +goa141 No I know, at least he still knows it. And I mean he actually said TF2 in a video but not in this channel but on Double Click, their first vid.

  8. Do a video on Baptiste the new overwatch hero with bazza and Tyrodin please

  9. TF2 when?

  10. I thought this channel died, just like using code “Moosetits” on the fornite item shop. ??

  11. How much did they pay you ?

  12. And here lies, TF2 and Overwatch Muselk, killed by Fortnite

  13. When that new Sea of Theives video coming out? Been waiting for a couple years

  14. Is this channel just some sponsorship dump now ???

  15. Vanilla the Vampire Bunny

    Sponsored videos on a secondary channel? Ugh. I understand why you took your channel in the direction you did. It’s a business and you have every right to pursue profit. But the point of having a secondary smaller channel is to upload “passion” content aside from the profit content of the main. I know this channel blew up, but you know that was because of the TF2 Video. Putting this here just puts a bad taste in my mouth

    • Vanilla the Vampire Bunny

      +Coobk165[GER] I always wait till like one more video in case the next is an apology or something

    • +Vanilla the Vampire Bunny thats like taking drugs and saying you can stop whenever you want. That you have it under control….
      You probably do not…

    • Vanilla the Vampire Bunny

      +Coobk165[GER] Thats ridiculous. Nothings going to make me watch this boring product placement or any others uploaded after

    • I would be fine with a sponsor video if he actually uploaded something else, but this is the first video in like 2 month

    • Hudson Schneider

      Maybe it’s just me but I don’t mind sponsored content. It is still variety from fortnite and helps the YouTuber out

  16. Still waiting for TF2 video in 2019 ..

  17. Mauricio Calderón

    Sponsor videos the sad life of a youtuber

  18. When you don’t even sub to the main channel anymore

  19. You used to be cool muselk. I missed the good days of overwatch. Now you have a little kid channel.

  20. oh, you’re alive. Pls, come back to TF2, we miss you!

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