World of Warships- Henri IV- Damage Gone Wild (351,000 Damage)

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TheSneakySnake here with a monster game in . This is the best damage farming cruiser in the game and I take it through my paces on my account.

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  1. Why did they make fires only last 5 seconds on carriers? Do they have survivability issues? This makes no sense to me….
    Great video nonetheless !!

    • They did that so they could have an excuse to automate the damage control party. Which is a pretty shitty way to balance it

  2. Woah! GG Snake good luck in KOTS!

  3. The dabbing Pepe! ? ? ?

  4. wau wau wau wau wau …..Incredibly great game… The best game with Henri IV What I saw, now I bought it also…. Congratulations

  5. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Very nice game Sneaky Snake GG, I wonder if the shells that are fired from the main guns are capable of hitting the plans because they do get close. Just a thought

  6. Hey man this is an invasion to our server,might cause a state of WAR,?????,nice game i really enjoyed ???

  7. nice damage farming xD

  8. The Sailing Robin

    Such a target rich environment at the beginning. Just a wet dream for that ship. Fantastic display of skills and how to survive a Midway, any ships 3 knots slower wouldn’t have been able to catch up and evade strikes at the same time. GG!

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