Yugumo / Mountain Range / “One lovely evening”

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World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through: https://warships.net/PointyHairedJedi


  1. Time to go sleep later

  2. Nice DD play. I actually hate the damn things but they are there so have to deal with them though. But a question. Do you think that the Torps do to much damage when they hit? If you can creep up on a BB say, you can just let go and he is dead with out even being able to hit you. Just curious on your views on damage by torps is all.

  3. What no Sam. Didn’t hear him being berated once.
    I have to play WOT with a loose budgerigar in the house some evenings.
    It tries to land on my mouse hand and bites loose bits of skin.
    That’s my excuse for being a pretty average player.

  4. There is no logic to explain those widespreads. Unless taking into account skill of the player.

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