Yuubari is sh** they say…=) ||World of Warships

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  1. ähm okay, 150k dmg auf T4 sind schon echt hart.

  2. Absolut, aber der Damage, den man an Flugzeugen macht, wird ingame mitgezählt, aber am Ende nicht berücksichtigt? Nur die abgeschossenen Flieger? Das ist eigentlich mies, da man in der Regel Flieger erst im letzten Anflug abschiesst, vorher nur die HP runterballert – ruft der CV aber vorher mit F-Taste die Flieger zurück, hat man viel Damage gemacht, aber eben keine Abschüsse

  3. Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

  4. I love my yubari. It’s so fun to mess around in.

  5. Solche Runden kannste mit der Schlüssel auf 1 Finger abzählen.

  6. Yap, im pretty sure she is

  7. I did not know gay-camo was available ?????
    (joking) awesome D cap battle

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I would not say is shit but maybe it would be cool if they allowed hydro on a separate slot and a bit of HP extra Or even speed boost, could be flavor for IJN CL tree given their role as DD leaders

  9. Not sure who said – if you play correctly it is really fun. Key point is to use the laser guns from maximum distance and burn down all enemy BBs. Defensive AA is a bonus, but not very useful in 0.8.0, the only good thing that T4 carriers are pretty crap anyway.

    • And that is the part of this game I don’t like (pre-cv work). DD’s and light CC’s being able to burn down BB’s. It completely makes armour irrelevant. NO dd or light CC should be able to burn down a bb. If your intention in this game is to go out in a dd and out gunfight a bb and the game allows for that play style then the game is broken, plain and simple. Torps are the only thing a dd and light cc have that is a threat to a bb. Everything else should be negated by the bb’s armour. Not to mention bb secondaries which should mincemeat a dd or light cc at the same ranges that a dd or cc’s mains operate. The game is NOT balanced when a dd can out shoot a bb. Especially when they also have their torps to add to the carnage. It makes bb’s practically useless against a good dd operator. Smoke up and spam HE until target is dead and there ain’t nothing a bb can do about it. DD operators now complain about the CV re-work which I agree needs tweaking but if a dd can smoke up and just spam HE then dd operators should put up and shut-up when it comes to strike aircraft. It’s the same principle, just that the shoe is on the other foot. If DD operators want strike aircraft nerfed then dd’s should have their romulin cloaking devices nerfed along with their ridiculously overpowered HE spamming guns. You can’t have it both ways. Everything should have its counter and before the re-work dd’s didn’t really have a direct counter other then other dd’s.

  10. Well played Yubari…

  11. Torpedoes Every damn where!!!

  12. Questioning so they even know mikasa and katori

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