► World of Warships: Baltimore Gameplay – Doing Dirty Work – US Navy Tier 9 Baltimore Cruiser

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World of Warships Baltimore Cruiser Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA Cruiser Baltimore Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Cruiser Class Tutorial / Guide.

In my previous episode with tier 9 Japanese cruiser “Ibuki”, I asked from you which ship would you like to see in my next episode and a lot of you said “Baltimore”. So who am I to say NO to that?

Here it is, let’s see how awesome it is in action where I am doing a lot of dirty work to bring victory for my team.



  1. zao for the next episode?

  2. zao for the next episode?

  3. new mexico pls

  4. Great game man wish others would play like this the game would be much more

  5. Play zao plz.

  6. cornellius cornwall

    Dez play the gearing with the fastest reload in all of the Seven Seas!!!(2
    second reload possible!!!!)

  7. The ZAO!!!! The Mighty ZAO!!!
    The epic AP shell ZAO!!!!!!

  8. Like a Baus!!

  9. Love your videos please keep posting!

  10. Dez, I’d LOVE to see some pensacola action! I want to see the ship I’ll be
    getting into ‘soon’

  11. Really great match but really the only thing I think you might have done
    wrong was not killing that cleave as soon as you decaped the point because
    that just let him do SO much more damage to you vs the Atago who was on low
    HP. Still for the most part you made great moves and really DID save the
    match many times. Maybe see you play the Pensacola again as well. I feel so
    many people just don’t give it a chance because it IS a good ship.


  12. High tier carrier

  13. Dez,a question i had for a while,how did you choose this name (ShiptheNutz)?

    Were you drunk?:P

    Excellent video again.

    *Hit please!*
    *OH YEAH*

  14. hey dez…i would love to see u play Fletcher class dd ;)

  15. izumo pls

  16. Man, I can’t wait until I unlock that beauty.

  17. can you play yamato if you didn’t yet? I heared much about it and i think
    you can review it well :)

  18. Zao plox ;)

  19. Could you play lower tier AW tanks Please? So we know what to grind trough
    for higher tiers…

  20. Dez, I dare you to play the Furutaka and make it work well. If anyone can,
    it’s you.

  21. shimikazi bro

  22. dez your ‘off aim’ is still miles better than nubs like phly and baron.
    watching those guys play warships is like watching toddlers fight on the

  23. +DezGamez OH! Speaking of “ships some people hate but others love” – What
    are your feeling on the Yubari?

    I, personally, LOVE it! I can get why some people hate it, but really IMHO,
    all it takes is a decent captain and some dedicated time to learn how best
    to use the ship, and you can EASILY earn over 150K profit per game!

    You can be Honest too, if you HATE the Yubari (you didn’t review it yet,
    but maybe you are waiting for 0.4.1 where it gets Defensive fire?) – To
    each their own!

    I personally find it to be one of the most fun ships I have played! With
    camo (and in the not TOO distant future, I will have concealment expertise
    too, -16% detectability) alone, and turning off AA, I often EASILY sneak
    past all enemy ships, and make my way to CVs where I farm like a whore!

    But even in Brawls, I frequently come out ahead in it! I mean yeah, “only 4
    guns” – but there is an upside, not only are they INCREDIBLY accurate, but
    the Yubari is an incredibly small target, is VERY fase, and incredibly
    maneuverable! She plays like a CC/DD hybrid fully, and if you keep that in
    mind, keep dodging and shooting – and when the time comes, torping – it is
    VERY easy to WRECK FACE!

    But that is just me and my experiences! XD

  24. Zao or Montana pls

  25. Zao. do it it nao!! though honestly I enjoy your gameplay so any ship in

  26. Luís Henrique Dória Santos

    Izumo tier IX japanese battleship

  27. Dez play the ,,DEZ” MOINES :D

  28. Aurora or warspite

  29. Dez play the Tirpitz….

  30. IOWA!!!

  31. Des moines pls Dez

  32. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    Dez i would like to see The Zao or if you like a tier IX or X Carrier :)

  33. J. Daniel Lopez A.

    Dez… you reset skills are OP :P

  34. Wow, Baltimore has a pretty slow turret traverse…

    There again, the only HEAVY Cruisers (CCs with larger than 152mm cannons) I
    have played are the Furutaka (which has the WORST turret traverse of any
    cruiser at 45 seconds stock!) – Aoba and my recently purchased and VERY
    MUCH LOVED – Atago, which has AMAZING turret traverse of just 29 seconds!

    Some people say “There’s nothing special about the Atago at all, just a
    standard heavy cruiser for the tier” – but that is DEAD WRONG! There is the
    obvious turret traverse speed, INCREDIBLE accuracy, and the torpedoes, they
    have the best Layout of ANY cruiser in the game, with the Zao being tied
    with essentially the exact same layout from what I hear!

    For those who do not know, the Atago can launch its forward quadruple
    launchers like a Destroyer, which is to say ALMOST directly forward! Then
    the rear 2 quads can launch to the REAR exactly like a DD, being able to
    launch almost directly behind the ship!

    And while this means that most of the time you will only be able to get off
    one torp salvo unless broadside, it ALSO means that, especially with the
    enhanced rudder shift module, it is QUITE easy to turn so that you can
    launch either the forward or rear launcher on the OTHER side of the ship
    (as it has 2×4 torps per side or 4×4 total) – WITHOUT exposing anything
    flat or taking too long! And those torpedoes are great! 62 knots 10km range
    and 17k+ damage!

  35. Zoa pls

  36. Play the Amagi battleship next please!

  37. OOOOO – PLEASE Play Zao! Please please please play Zao! After Zao, PLEASE
    do an Atlanta and/vs Atago video!

    After that, please MOAR GEARING ACTION! You know I love you, right? No

  38. Tier 10 destroyer (Jap)

  39. whens the next AW vid dez? i really like those vids by you :)

  40. Snippsnapp Gaming

    lol 1 min ago xD

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