► World of Warships: Fujin Gameplay / Review – NEW Premium Ship + Giveaway – Premium Minekaze

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Once again I have something new for you guys, something new and really exciting. What is better than tier 5 Japanese destroyer “”? How about premium version of it? 😀
Yes, today you are going to see new tier 5 premium destroyer that is going to be in the game soon, it is called “Fujin”, also known as “Kamikaze”.

►Also, in today’s episode I am going to be able to give away 1 “Fujin” for you guys.

►Both EU and NA servers are able to win.
►Winner is going to receive the prize after this ship comes available for everyone.



  1. I want this ship too :D

  2. Really looks like Minekaze.

  3. Gotta love your giveaway sessions, Dez 🙂 so yeah let’s see how this lil
    bugger plays :D

  4. That looks like it would be awesome! I will have to check it out.

  5. Premium Minekaze? say no more! :D

  6. Jeez the torps on it are fast.

  7. Nice vid Dezzzzz.

  8. premium minekaze, well seems i m going to buy a new ship soon :)

  9. Hmm.. can’t decide if those graphics on the ship are Japanese or Chinese..
    but it doesn’t matter. It will be a good ship as the Minekaze before it.

  10. i want fujin

  11. i would like that ship

  12. dis ship 2 sp00ky 4 me m8

  13. i saat fujin

  14. I never win anything so here goes nothing :D

  15. yey premium minekaze.

  16. Have you tried War thunder?

  17. I Want a fujin :)

  18. love ur vids eeh eeeh eeeeeehhhhhh mate

  19. I’m in , love you dez :P

  20. Premium Minekaze, now that is just OP. :)

  21. very nice ship! gj DG!

  22. i like my minekaze, but i think isokaze is stronger tier per tier

  23. I want that ship

  24. Hey dez the Minkaze has 6.2km detection range aswell. It is 6km with the
    camo reduction

  25. Long time subscriber!! Here’s my dream comment for the dream of winning the

  26. GG

  27. i would love to have this ship in my port.

  28. Povilas Puidokaitis

    Hei Dez, great video, as always, and i hope i win this beast :p

  29. when will we know the winners?

  30. More reviews!

  31. More reviews!

  32. I want this ship^^ Damn premium minekaze is money maker

  33. me want :D

  34. can you recommend me some ship which is decent?

  35. Dude you are really awesome! It is incredible how many giveaways you do!
    You are easily one of my top 10 youtubers man Cheers!
    Ah and dont waste the ship on me 😀 I like watching people play the game a
    lot more than playing it myself xD

  36. Yay!
    Thank you DezGamez! You da bestest of da best!
    Keep up the ship wrecking!!

  37. love your videos.

  38. Must have that Halloween destroyer, spread terror on the high seas :D

  39. I never win anything 😀 Was watching a stream yesterday and the 8th answer
    won. Mine was the 9th :(

  40. I would love this ship

  41. Kabudurcan Atongas


  42. tanks **

  43. can you upload more world of tanks gameplay?? I’m enjoying it . I’m
    researching some decent fire power and armour but high speed.

  44. Free stuff pliz!! :p

  45. Yeah… come on Fujin!!! Deez Nuts want some Fujin!!!

  46. Denzgamer I love your videos!! I have waited for your video for a few

  47. first

  48. I want this ship

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