► World of Warships: IJN vs USN Destroyers – Road to Tier 10 Destroyers Continues With Tier 4!

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World of Warships US Clemson/Isokaze Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships USA/Japanese Destroyer Gameplay and Review. World of Warships Japan vs USA Destroyers. World of Warships Destroyer Class Tutorial / Guide.

Road to tier 10 destroyers “Gearing” and “Shimakaze” continues here!
As you know, with this series I am going to compare every single destroyer in Japanese and US Navy tech tree. Every episode is going to be about different tiers. In today’s episode you are going to see tier 4 destroyers in super awesome action. Really happy with how those games turned out. Perfect time for you to grind as well, because it is 3x EXP special at the moment!




  1. Then main difference is the IJN is at the bottom of the Pacific!

  2. Almost to my Benson, here, and I’m constantly surprised at the amount of
    punishment the US DDs’ guns can pump out.
    I chose the US line to go down first because I compared the two tier 10s,
    the Shimikaze (sp?) and the Gearing. I believe:
    The Gearing gets 16km torpedoes that travel at 66 knots, housed in 2 quint
    (5x) tubes, that reload in just over two minutes. The Shibekaze (such wow)
    gets 20km torpedoes that travel at 67 knots, which are housed in 3 quint
    tubes, for a total of 15 over the Gearing’s 10. These reload in about two
    and a half minutes.
    To me, the capacity to shred things with the guns, and set absolutely
    everything on fire if need be, when those torpedoes are reloading is just
    an invaluable thing to have. The torpedo reload time was a minor
    consideration, too.
    Dez has a video here about how you can even fire the Gearing’s main
    batteries outside of its spotting range, but I really want to test that
    myself when I get there.

  3. +Tom Meakin
    Winning/losing.. Okay, but I keep getting them draw battles day after day..
    This is the biggest waste of time.

  4. Ginés Ladrón de Guevara


    Press “z”.

    No need to hold. If you press “z” again, you go back to normal view.

  5. LennieThePolarBear

    Hold z, I think

  6. +Slobodan Djuric Us are more versatile

  7. J. Daniel Lopez A.

    Same happens for me i thought an intel i7 laptop with 4 gigs of ram would

  8. +79treefrog Have you tried turning off post processing?

  9. incorrectborn tomato

    Put a tomato in your computer i promise u its gonna work

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