► World of Warships: Yamato Gameplay – The King – Good Old Yamato!

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Today I am going to play with my Good Old friend Yamato. This beast is “The King of The Seas” in World of Warships. So let’s jump into action and let’s see what is going on.



  1. Either you are losing your touch (which I tend to doubt, but there again if
    your channel is any indication, you haven’t been playing WoWS in like 2
    weeks, and even then it SEEMED infrequent. But obviously you game outside
    of YouTube videos…)

    OR the Yamato did get some nerfs….. And I didn’t want THAT to happen, I
    wanted the Montana to get some BUFFS!

    As from what people say, when the Montana was nerfed, the Iowa now has
    better armor, which is BS! While the Montana was never fully built, it had
    VERY detailed blueprints, and it was going to have equal or better armor
    than the Iowa EVERYWHERE! Which is to say, the worst armor on the Montana
    was the same as some of the Iowa’s armore, but the majority of the ship was
    to have thicker and a better layout of armor!

    Also, those USN 16″ super-heavy AP projectiles had within 6% of the
    penetration of the Yamato! And at plunging fire the USN 16″ mark 7 (Iowa
    and Montana) was the BEST BB gun ever made!

    See at 16″ those super-heavy AP projectiles weigh 2700 pounds!
    the IJN 460mm, aka 18.1″ AP projectiles weighed 2998 pounds.
    That means that the 16″ super-heavy AP had its weight significantly more
    concentrated on a smaller surface area!

    Which means that while those 16″ guns and ammunition had 3% to a maximum of
    about 6% less penetration than the Yamato’s 18.1″ guns, when at EXTREME
    ranges, IRL 35 to 50 miles, the Iowa’s 16″ super-heavy AP had a great deal
    better plunging fire power!

    At those ranges a shell is entirely dependant on inertia, momentum, and
    wind resistance. With the 16″ projectiles being almost as heavy, but 2.1
    inches thinner, would keep their velocity better, and when plunging would
    hit terminal velocity more easily, not to mention that due to the PHYSICS
    of the two shells, the 16″ actually has a higher terminal velocity too!

    So all in all, the Montana SHOULD have close to the same armor levels as
    the Yamato, BUT with a significantly harder to hit and penetrate main
    Citadel zone!

    And as for the gun’s of the Iowa and Montana, they should penetrate so
    well, that the difference in effective penetration should be UNNOTICED! And
    at absolute maximum ranges, 22km or more, the Iowa/Montana’s 16″ guns
    should actually have a good deal better chance at doing HIGH damage with
    plunging fire!

  2. Why didnt you use the fucking repair!??!?!¿!¡

  3. Well my avg is the 2nd game 😀 but well i suck at cvs and dds

  4. Think we could get some gameplay of the Jap cruisers? Would be nice to hear
    a few tips on them 😛 I’m finding the Aoba a bit weird to play with haha,
    the AP seems to be really ineffectual….

  5. carriers are not op you just need to stay togheter and they cant do
    anything it is as easy as that :P

  6. Sorry to hear they are taking your preview account away. It’s like you
    have to go through another wipe.

  7. Sam “Doctor Frickle” Proasheck

    dezgamez-deezgamez-DEEZ NUTZ

  8. Yamato is too slow…I like watching you play fast destroyer and launch
    torpedo to others

  9. As a BB I feel the hate for carrier.AA gun isn’t able to kill 1 or 2
    incoming planes :c dang.

  10. Seeing that you got 180K in the Fletcher, I think you prefer small, fast,

  11. That desk must have a lot of dents

  12. Yamato gameplay is always fun to watch when it’s you sailing the ship. most
    people hang back in theirs but they never expect you!


  13. Nah… Tirpi is teh best lookin’ battleship.

  14. That Old Milk Carton

    Dez, they added the ability to turn off the quick command voices. For the
    sake of everyone’s sanity TURN IT OFF.

  15. CVs are for people who got bullied as a kid and want to play this game in
    Easy mode with no skill.

  16. you can mute the radio thing, also never expected to see a yamato who
    doesnt sit back and snipe the whole game

  17. Don’t know when this was recorded but you can mute the F-announcements now.

  18. Now. Time for the Montana is kick some ass! Come on Dez! You know you want
    too! 😀 I got a yummy Oreo waiting for you. :D

  19. Please stop giving the camo on the Yamato! It looks so weird -.-

  20. DezGamez – i started to play this game many monts ago (closed beta) and my
    only goal was to play awesome looking battleships with feeling of
    awesomeness because of fire power and mighty look.

    I saw your Yamato video with feeling of being not worth 100% …

    Now, i play nothing higher then tier 5 and 99% of times with cruisers
    because i am very good in them (not only St Louis and Murmansk but also
    Omaha, Phoenix) and I can influence battle outcome. I was extremly bad in
    anything higher, and even worse in any battleship in general, soo i stopped
    trying to play battleships (I grinded up to tier 7 but i stopped not
    because of Nagato but because of overall ship gameplay of mine in all

    To be honenst, i feel not quite satisfied with all of that because lower
    tier cruisers that i play with are looking badly with no turrets but guns
    sticked everythere even in their a***s. But …. i just like this game no
    matter that. I have at least something that i can do in that game.

    One more, despite that was not actually very good games in Yamato (solo
    yolo, eating a lot of torpedoes and low hit points pool in long time of
    that battle, another with ignoring 2 fires in one moment) i still feel
    little bad with that someone can have even OK game in higher tier
    battleship. I would, for sure, had much worse battle then yours.

    Keep it up ! I like your WOWS videos.

  21. ‘Queen’ +DezGamez Don’t you know ships are girls?

  22. ‘Queen’ +DezGamez Don’t you know ships are girls?

  23. you are lucky sit still show full broadside and survive

  24. Aeroon is also a youtuber and he wasent happy in chat lol.

  25. titty twister, what a name.

  26. that ariroon guy didnt seem to get tired of bitching in chat :>

  27. i think they need to fix the yamato again, how the hell a Izumo round pen a
    angled side armour of a Yamato?? that’s some kind of BS having that much
    damage on a Yamato.

    and the BB vs CA damage is just BS, even it overpen on the side, the
    shockwaves will SURELY rekt the hull and the ship will broke down to two

  28. air carrier us or japan?

  29. I still playing warships on tier IV lol

  30. Ahh not even touching T10 in WoWS until carriers get fixed.

  31. i deleted those sound commands :)

  32. I was just thinking that I wanna see some big ship ^^

  33. first comment :D

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