0.8.0 AA Commander Skills Critique – World of Warships

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Discussing impressions with and without the new AA skills in 8.0. I’d like to see some changed to have more impact on our specs. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Battleship Montana Replay

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  1. i’m still lost why the sectors? in real life. there was a person behind every AA gun on a ship. so why would it ever be weaker on one side then the other? seriously wargaming. #removeCV’sfromthegame

    • +The Chiv Japanese AA was greatly hindered by the lack of proxy fuses in general. They never incorporated medium-caliber AA guns, so guns were either 25mm T96 guns or 100mm/127mm DP guns, and the 127s were hilariously ineffective for AA.

    • +Wayne Chen
      If they create aproduct that no one longer supports or puts money into the game for this reason absedon the CV rework their going to be out of jobs anyway

    • +gareth bolton True, but they would be out of jobs at least not instantaneously. Which means they bought themselves time to fix it or to at least keep their jobs for a little longer.

    • +Jonathan Wu IJN aa lack accuracy. Japan miss managed their scientific resources and never incorperated radar the way the British, and US did.

    • now the crew will pick up the guns run to the other side place them down and start shooting. can already see them run accross the deck with 152 flak guns lol!

  2. Appreciate your effort in informing us about these CV changes. I don’t play CV’s at all, so I am just a spectator in all this. When I heard CV’s now had unlimited planes ….well that was all I needed to know and understand about the CV rework. It’s utterly absurd and ridiculous the CV changes they are trying to force on the players. IMO, they need to rework the reworked CV changes again.

    • They don’t have unlimited planes. Take a T10 Midway, suicide 1 of each squad on purpose to start the match. Then play like normal. That’ll cure you of any idea that you have unlimited planes. Plane replacement gets slower as you go up tiers, so it’s really punishing to lose planes in higher tiers. T4 CVs are the only tier with infinite planes and they are balanced to be far weaker because of this. But the patch hitting live will cure all the misconceptions. People will play and expect to be able to be careless in T10 and they will get REKT. You’ll prolly see alot of complaints about AA being too strong because of this if it keeps its current balance for live release. IMO PTS balance was pretty close to actual balance. Tweaking, polishing, small balance adjustments maybe, but it wasn’t far off.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Ralathar Renares Should remove the idea of AA mounts being capable of being destroyed. Also should remove sectors and give the old system back as it’s ridiculous for a whole interface to destroy your ability to see the battle itself whilst trying to defend against something bullshit like planes, when the only reason you’re playing is to fight ships not aircraft. Hey, the whole problem with artillery in world of tanks and CVs in wows was the fact you have no real counter to them and they have no risk. Guess what. They’ve made it worse, gee… WG is so good at this reworking thing.

    • +Just a random Horse. AA mounts are actually really durable now. They seem to be at 100% unless I’m almost dead when using the module for mount hp. I’ve been shelled to death many times with them still at 100% at time of death.

      Maybe that different on battleships though since they take way more shelling to kill.

    • Infinate torps on dd is absurd

    • Just a random Horse.

      +SCI And yet it works, unlike CVS.

  3. Arnon Lokitsataporn

    can you try testing AA with ships with inferior AA? Like the japanese DD? wanna know how screwed those things will be after this patch

    • +Enioch Those XP gains speak only about Akizuki being WAY overpowered for its tier, hell Kitakaze feels even like a downgrade because you are against tier 10’s way more often, while you can sealclub even tier 6’s in a Akizuki, plus you face way less radar and hydro overall!

    • RIP mutsuki, minekaze, and any low tier japanese DD’s

    • +Joshua Daniel How so? Now a CV can focus only on a single target! Lower tier CV’s are not as deadly as the high tier ones!

    • +Joshua Daniel No, not really. Their ace in the sleeve is not their AA but their concealment and small size (especially the T4-5 ones). Rocket planes need a considerable run-up to fully ‘aim’ their target reticle, so it is often the case that, by the time you’ve spotted an IJN DD, you’ve already sailed clean over it. Especially if she’s turned off her AA, to prevent herself from advertising her presence.

      Also, low-tier carriers shoot very few rockets, with good WASD hacks and smoke a DD can minimize their impact.

    • Arnon Lokitsataporn

      +Enioch i see , did you try other nations ships? Im just curious how ships with subpar AA does against the new cv

  4. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    It seems everyone but WG feels that the system is not ready for prime time. I think what they have as a base will work, but they need to listen to the user base, and… well, WG seems to not hear all the feedback.

    Sector fire is a waste of programming. We need to be able to direct fire.

    The skill sets are as you say… not well thought out….

    It’s so confusing… WG holds a test, sets the cue time so low, no one gets to play against other people… why?

    • +Just a random Horse. I know the feeling. I was playing Steel Ocean previously, and had to abandon it because it was so poorly supported, and server was sometimes down for up to week. WOW felt like a downgrade for me back then (no manual flac, no manual secondaries, no subs, no night battles), but had to live with that. At least Wargaming works on the game, so I appreciate that. And as a developer I can say they do really a lot. Nothing is perfect, and we have to live with that.

    • WG near said it is Ready but it needs to be tested in live server with real players not bots

    • Its not they don’t hear feedback… quite often they dont care
      Sure its their game, but its worthless if you turn players away

    • +Graeme S but then are you really sure they don’t care? Why wouldn’t they? In 95% of cases, feedback is subjective, based on personal experience. However, WG has numbers and stuff, which means bigger picture. My humble opinion is that they care and they are working on the game, not ideal, and we can disagree on the priorities they take, but actually no matter what you do, there always will be people who are unhappy and saying – hey you are ruining the product. Have seen it tons of times (I’m a developer myself as I said before).

    • 99CCFF756e6b6e6f776e6578696199CCFF647072746c646b

      Maybe they can make it like Navyfield… somewhat skill based

  5. Notser you where one of the CCs that wanted the AA nerfed dont try to bull sh me dude

    • •_Lumia Art_• I think he’s arguing that AA is ineffective in this version

    • no??? ??????? ?? ?

      Yeah it needed a nerf but he’s saying they overdid it. Crazy how a person’s opinions aren’t cartoony black and white nonsense.

    • If circumstances change, how come can you “judge” a person changing his opinion when things have changed? sorry but it makes no sense to me :/

    • AA was over powered as hell in the past. Hell the Yamato which historically was a very poorly designed and built ship has amazing AA pre rework.

    • +Antonio David problem is that he fully supported this rework unlike all the other CCs who saw the flaws since the beginning of this rework.

  6. i really don’t like the whole rework…

  7. notser les say the truth …. this change of cv s didn t happened cause of ppl didn t want to play cv s ….. this change came cause of consols like ps4 in order of those users could be able to use cv s !!!!!! in my opinion this new game play will make many ppl to leave from the game and some that are using consols (most of them kids 10-15 years old) come to this game !!!!!!! i m gonna be with the party that i m gonna leave cause i got tired of wg making nosence changes just to make money !!!!!! i understand that wg is a company that wants-needs make money but i m not gonna be part of it anymore cause i feel that the quality of the game goes down and down in every patch !!!!!! keep up the good work i m gonna still watch your videos !!!!!!!

  8. Prepare to see 70% of the players in queue in CVs esp at lower tiers on launch day.

    • VIP Commander Hunter

      Prepare to see a mass exodus from this game. I hear fortnite is doing well..

    • All non CV player should make an agreement for that day and the week following it. Each non CV player in a team must team kill their own CV at the start of the game. They can share the damage dealed (3 player for 1 CV) so to lessen the chance for damage reflection mechanic to activate for a certain player.

    • Keep doing it for a few days and there is a chance for those CV players to rage quit.

  9. So this utter nonsense is going live within a week or so? Please Wargaming defer until you know what you are doing!

  10. Getting player to group up and coordinate their AA is laughable. Especially when you have so many potatoes these days hugging islands, hugging Borders and just driving around not doing shit for the team is a ridiculous expectation. I think the cv rework is far from being ready. How is it possible for a cv to never run out of planes but you can run out of AA Module protection. Well see what wargaming does I guess, push out some patch with the new CV rework and it will be a complete shit show or polish it and release it later.

    • us CV players have been saying for a long time now is the best way to counter a CV is to group up but when it comes to the way the surface ships play it is very unlikely that randos will coordinate into tight groups. I have seen it happen tho when a team actually coordinates into groups i cant get an attack in no matter what but that is with the current system. I agree it doesn’t seem that it ready to release to the live servers yet.

    • grouping up your ships close enough to coordinate AA? *laughs in shimakaze*

  11. Please for the love of god WGing…just launch 1 realllly strong catapult fighter. That 5 in 5 seconds thing is pissing me off more than the changes…

  12. How to lose customers in one patch.

  13. not looking forward to the CV rework, not that i have any love for the current system. if i wanted to deal with planes i’d still be playing World of Warplanes.

  14. I REALLY hate that AFT no longer increases the range of AA. It was the number one AA oriented skill for support cruisers to ensure they could cover their allies. How exactly do you cover your allies now if your range is capped? For that matter, has the AA range upgrade you slot into ships also changed? And what’s the point of BFT boosting your short ranged AA if you can’t increase the range??

    Also, the ‘continuous fire’ AA is basically ONLY the under 25mm guns. Many ships have little to none of these and BFT is completely wasted on them. So as Notser says, it should increase dps of ALL AA instead of just the short ranged, and AFT should be changed to have more utility than merely a dps increase. Either make flak bursts larger, or increase the range, or really anything else at all.

    Right now, both those skills are underpowered compared to their older version. You need both AFT and BFT to do what BFT alone did previously.

    I’m okay with Manual AA in the rework. Being able to rapidly switch from one sector to the next is great for dealing with squads constantly attacking you from different sides and I feel players without Manual AA will really suffer if they depend on the sector system to boost their AA.

    EDIT: Better yet … here’s an idea for AFT if they wish to keep it about flak: Make it so that flak guns have a *significantly* greater shell velocity, so that the time it takes between leaving the ship and bursting is noticeably less. This way, planes have much less flak lead to deal with and dodging them will become much harder. After all, it’s a 4 point skill and should act like it.

    • Note 1: the latest patch has introduced ‘continuous fire’ to *all* AA auras. The damage is not comparable to the OMGWTFBBQ of the flak, but it is consistently dealing damage at all ranges and cannot be dodged.

      Note 2: There is no way whatsoever to extend a ship’s AA range.

    • It’s good that aft can’t add range you just want to insta kill planes before they can see your ship and react

    • SCI One of the bigger issues I’ve seen brought up about the limited AA range is (in addition to now having to bolt your ship to another to provide any effective AA cover for support cruisers), when combined with concealment expert on high tier planes, Hakuryu can drop without ever being detected much less be subject to AA fire. Yes, you’re not going to have great accuracy at those distances, but if you lead well and your target doesn’t attempt to maneuver the right way since they don’t know where you were coming from, you can still build up damage without having to risk any losses to your aircraft.
      While I felt the old AA system _was_ extremely strong and would need to be tweaked and balanced a lot to be effective against enemy aircraft but still allow the cv to be effective, the benefit of the extra range was that you could help cover lower AA teammates as long as you stayed around them. Now, since the only effective damage is from flak and that’s only long and medium range fire, AA is basically for self defense only. As others have pointed out, once the rework drops, you’re going to see poor AA ships disappear from battles since they can’t rely on teammates or carrier aircraft for protection and support.

  15. Flack is easily defeated, and gathering up with AA ranges being so short is a multi-ship collision fest just waiting to happen, and happen a lot.

    The CV rework is terrible.

    • It’s not like what we have now is good, or even balancable. This shit is more easily adjustable than what we have now and only the stupid think otherwise.

    • +asaeampan ‘only the stupid think otherwise’ Tell me how many games you have in carriers

  16. I doubt the CV rework will make either players and WG happy… from what i’ve seen so far it’s making the game worse and even the current cv gameplay seems to be the better solution so far. Maybe they should just forget about changing it and return to coming up with something better. At least there will be a safe heaven: Ranked w/o any CVs at all.

  17. I think I will take a lengthy break when 0.8.0 releases. This looks very experimental and unfit for public access.

    • Yeah, me too. I don’t want to be a guinea pig for their testing. I will play some other game until CVs are weaker than they are now, however long that takes. #nerfcv

  18. Group up in random battles, just LOL

    • Yeah we will see more fckin lemming trains because of that…

    • Wargaming great fckin idea!!!!!

    • Musashi: “Hold me Wooster! That CV is out to get me!” Wooster: “Musashi, get a grip man! Use WASD, you are so clingy! Yet, you smell so good.” Musashi: “Oh Wooster!” Wooster: “Oh Musashi!” ATL: “And that is why I will play co-op from here on out.” Montana: “ATL, I can’t quit you!” Massachusetts: “Oh my Gawd!” Colorado: “Heh, I was in a fail Div, but you don’t see me crying. I can turn better than those guys. *puffs on joint.” CV: “Uh guys, I can spot them for you, but their flak is—–nevermind…” DDs: “I am just going to pop smoke and wait it out.”

  19. Still broken .. You seem to spend the entire game dodging planes! Don’t forget WG want 2-3 CV’s a side, in a game lol .. This will totally break the game . all tactics are gone, it will just be avoid the planes..

  20. what the fck with that fighter,,,,,, how on eart that BB can carry 5 plane onboard,,,,

    • +yo raul Which they have to assemble on the catapult (attaching wings) and then send off. I think what Reed is getting at is, they don’t launch like carrier fighters, which just breaks immersion in this game even more. It would have made more sense for them to spawn in the air (making a call for fighter support).

    • +yo raul can she launch 5 at once tho ?

    • I know it’s really off putting for me. Looks plain stupid.

    • +yo raul at least if that was Fuso, Yamashiro, Ise or Hyuga who was a aviation battleship I can tolerate it, but normal BB can’t carry that much fighter.. and how they launch from BB is so insane,,, can they just launched normaly like the old one,, I see the same fighter from CV is flying like lightning too…

    • Probably the same way CVs can carry UNLIMITED planes.
      No, wait, that’s truly alternate-universe-level bullshit.

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