12 vs 12 DD – The day MM got drunk || World of Warships

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Player: renelm
Map: Sea Fortune

User Description:

This happened at 17:07 on EU server, on the second of december 2016

For some reason, the server derped out, everyone was queued with everyone, no one was given a match to in – after over 5 mins waiting from some parties, the server corrected itself and tried to deal with over 2000 people in the waiting line…. this was the result.

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  1. Wargaming <- Insert UFO guy meme here

  2. I’ve been playing all the time the last couple days, when’d this happen?

  3. Christopher DiCesare

    honestly there is little point to playing anything else. DDs are currently
    so powerful. Many DDs can maneuver and hide enough to out gun CL, DDs do
    not fear BBS at all because BBS over pen then for only like 2k damage every
    30 sec or switch to HE then get torped on the reload. they are maneuverable
    enough to avoid nearly all carrier drops. DDs have truly become the most
    powerful ship class in game where as BBs should be much higher

  4. so many flesh wounds xD

  5. I would really like to see a 12 v 12 CV fight. That would be the laugh of
    the century.

  6. what is that soundtrack ?

  7. pllllllssss make this happen to our server i want to experience it also!!!!

  8. somebody take that bottle o’ rum away from the MM , that’s Cpt. Jack’s rum

  9. As a BB player, no.

  10. How the fuck did he run aground in a dd at the beginning of the game with
    no one shooting at him?

  11. The Tasty Sausage Biscuit

    Worlds Stealthiest match.

  12. And it’s not even 1 April, what a great surprise from Wargaming.

  13. That was awesome to watch!!

  14. I’ve been in a game with this type of situation ,but 20 DDs and 4 BBs …
    and i only play BBs .
    I must say it’s been quite an adrenalin rush :D

  15. Anyone else just impressed by the number of people in the queue?

  16. As Long as there are no 12 cv vs 12 cv battles…

  17. i once had this with battleships ??

  18. What a wonderful day to be in a Gearing or Khabarovsk! LMAO! MM was a bit
    more than drunk, I think it is gaining sentience, and it’s pissed off at
    the world.

  19. Final Fantasy Foreva

    12 vs 12 T10 and T9 CV derp by MM…..still waiting

  20. You can almost hear the seagulls from finding nemo with all those torps.

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