A Minotaur with High Explosive Shells?! in World of Warships Legends

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Brisbane is a copy pasta Minotaur that sails under a Commonwealth flag in World of Warships legends at legendary tier. Unlike Minotaur, she has HE shells and no smoke screen. She does however have a beefed up torpedo armament with 20 long range torpedoes that can be single fired. This ship is available for admiralty backing in this updates campaign. Is she worth the grind? Check out this gameplay and review to see for yourself!

If you’re new to the game, use the code below for a jumpstart and a free Tier 2 premium ship:


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  1. Looks fun. Thanks for sharing…!

  2. I think it’s a good ship especially that they are putting it as a legendary ship

  3. Just sitting down to watch this fine display of Naval hijinks, and I need to ask a random question…will you do a review on the Toulon? Just curious if you had plans to get her sooner, or later? Thanks

  4. Hmmmm seems like a lot to give up for HE. I think ill stick with Mino. She will make a nice port queen though.

  5. Can’t wait to get it tbh. Thanks Derka

  6. Seen one get deleted barely 30 seconds into a match yesterday 😆 , looking forward to getting it eventually tho. 👍

  7. Looking forward to this one, cruzer and all lol. Love seeing different nations. Very cool.
    Thank you 🍻

  8. Great review mate, spot on with the last comment. Still take her out for that edge excitement 😁

  9. I couldn’t help but lol when you mentioned counting on your team.

    • I had the WORST teams last night. Like I almost lost my 💩 playing solo for those 15 games. Maddening. I will clearly need to take a break from the game after my Anhalt vid

    • @@DerkaGamesRight Derka, so many great fun ships to play at legendary but its not worth the stress of playing with these potatoes unfortunately

  10. Apparently this ship has 30mm HE pen, did not know that. That does improve my outlook a little on this ship!!

  11. I got a game with you yesterday while playing maine. Its really great to play with you, and looks like brisbane is gonna be a interesting cruiser for legendary tier. DD have to watch out

  12. Hope Hipper will return to get her, he was actually waiting for this ship 😢

  13. Grew up in this city, glad she made it into the game (I’m back in the states now)

  14. I enjoy Minotaur and the British light cruisers so this one is going to be a hit for me!

  15. Having support from your teammates id already rare enough 😂

  16. Stoked for this. Never got Perth because i only started playing this year. Having a ship from your home country is really fun.

  17. Another well done video. Though with the start I thought of the fosters commercials, australian for beer. I certainly got a good laugh for it.

    THANK YOU for the 4:00 mark stating what so many of us are frustrated with, the shite teammates that we have to rely on. LT is some of the worst. Its driving me away from the game more and more again and I know tons who have left.

    The 8:40 mark also is spot on and made for another good laugh. It added to the video and glad im not alone in it. At least in a division we get to share the misery and agony lol.

    • Dude it’s so frustrating. Tonight I got a division and its just so much more enjoyable!!! 10/10 would rec haha. Thanks for the support and the comments ❤️

    • @@DerkaGames yeah it is. i keep looking for other games but keep getting sucked back into this one.

  18. I really want this ship; too bad I’ll have to spend a ton of money and spend a whole month solely doing challenges in order to unlock it 😃

  19. Of course this is the campaign ship when I’m on the last segment for Minotaur 😂

  20. Derka I have to ask whats your favorite ship out of this update? I would presume Ohio since thats is what the majority of what people are happy about this update but I think the new german destoryers and french cruisers are fun and well balanced

    • I’m just starting to get to the German and French ships, but I do think I like the Maerker, The guns feel incredible. Ohio is the easy pick tbh, just because its so strong at everything, but to be different i think I would pick Brisbane (with a div). I love Mino, and its a fun (albeit worse) version of it! Thanks for asking.

    • @@DerkaGames your welcome I’m trying to get into streaming world of warships soon but youtube is finicky with it annoyingly

    • @@shade-yagami1094 lol that can be a struggle, I wish you the very best of luck!

    • @@DerkaGames thank you

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