Opening 120+ Santa Containers in World of Warships (2023)

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‘Tis the season, for gambling on pixel boats.

If you are hoping for a specific ship, do not buy the crates, you won’t get it.
Yes, I got everything that I wanted, but I was also pulling from a much smaller pool than most people. These will not be your results.

(there are some errors with the captions but I just didn’t care enough to correct them)



  2. lads look like being loved by france and italy at first 100 crate gambling

  3. Thats the best Santa crate unboxing edits I have ever seen

  4. Very cool gambling video! This video singlehandedly kickstarted my gambling addiction!

  5. Nelson has a hull only its mother could love.

  6. When the content is so high quality even the crate opening vids have rewatchability

  7. Excelente gracias por compartir ,se agradece 👍💪

  8. Congrats on getting the Kamikaze. I remember when i got mine from a supercontainer a few years back…

  9. @admiralprinceeric323

    Congratulations about for collecting Premium Ships in a Santa’s Mega Gift Containers and what a greedy of gambling 🎉🎉🎉

  10. “99% of gamblers quit before earning big” – literally 99% of gamblers last words (im one of them)

  11. I am subscribing this was too funny! Love the content!

  12. @majestichotwings6974

    Eh, might toss $30-40 on the crates on top of the 8+ i can get with my T10s (plus however much i can farm at the end of the battle pass) but yeah i agree, just like you I’m pulling a much smaller pool and I’m definitely just expecting one of the trash tier port queens i don’t already own. Long gone are the days of pining for Enterprise or something really interesting, this company has beaten that clean out of me over the years

  13. In 20 containers i get 4-5 ships by just using the open all but when doing them individually i only get 1 or 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the drop chance gets effed up between the two given that the aim system has been broken for years at the point

  14. was aiming to get musashi, but got gremy fujin and kamikaze 😢

  15. Got really lucky with pulling a Maya out of a small gift i got from daily log in.
    Not gonna spend money on gifts of course. Ill just get some megas for the festive tokens my T10s provide.

  16. You guys are hilarious! Do you stream on Twitch or somewhere?

  17. I have 520 ships.. been playing for 8 years and I bought most of them. The very few I got was in a super container.

  18. People chasing kamikaze all these years and I randomly bought it for 15 dollars at its release. Lmao 😂

  19. Last year I payed 750€ for Mega Gifts to get 75 ships.
    This year I need “only” 14 Ships, 40 Mega Gifts was enough. So in both years I was kind a lucky with the ship drops

  20. i laughed my arsew off, i just joined the pc crew like 3 months ago, converted mt coal i had from the initial reward thingy i got and i got the event kamikaze whatever that things name is, found it humorous, my buddy pulled a thunderer earlier as well

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