World of Warships- How To Grind The Kitakami As FAST As Possible

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Buckle up kiddos, we’re on the train to no lifing the Kitakami. Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Don’t think anyone want’s a Kitikami, a Defence however is a better proposition 😀

  2. @joselitostotomas8114

    How to grind a Kitakami fast? Have the resources already at the start.

  3. This is one event I’m happy to ignore. It’s crazy.

  4. I would wait until you use your rewards until you have a lot. So play the ships and only use the rewards at the end. So you can decide to play ships you like.

  5. Defence pulled all attentions from kitakami yesterday

  6. Best way to farm this ship : to play 24/7 and not have any time for Christmas or new year.

  7. The Defence looks a better option but as a newer player who spends his resources im probably not expecting to be able to get it – but heres to hope

    • WG is hoping that the whales will bail them out again. As in the past

    • I got the first 3 because I have most ships and the Kitakami event is truly nutso. I can easily wait for 2+ yrs for it. Defence is ok. I have Nelson and Lenin so I am used to the game play. The other 2 ships are pretty good as well/ Good luck to you.
      (I grabbed Shikashima and Gibralter last week just to make certain I did not go full goober and stress about the Kitakami and possibly do something I regretted.)

  8. Good advice Sea Lord, but I also add with the free snow flake knock offs, knock off the tech tree ships 1st and play the premiums. With all the new ships coming our way, credits become scarce

  9. Thank you for the video and details. I find I am a bit closer than I expected, however still not really up for wasting all the resources for a torp Cruiser that will probably only sit in port. Screw WG and their Fear of Missing Out tactics -.-

  10. 1,800 dollars?! I would have just use that money to go on a trip to Japan

  11. @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

    If youre going to convert FXP, wait until the 28th since you get an increased amount for a week

  12. I unlocked level 100 as soon as the salvage went live (I had been preparing for it for a while). The Kitakami is a fun, gimmicky, novelty, but the Defence is a genuinely good and fun ship and definitely worth unlocking IMO.

  13. I’ve been playing since closed beta testing in early 2015, and wanted the Kitakami (and a few others) since it first came out, but couldn’t afford it. I’ve survived this long without it, so WG won’t miss my resources. The overall cost is far too much for something that won’t be played every game for the next 6 months. It’s a no from me.

    • You didn’t miss anything. Kitakami was a goofy meme ship. It was never a good ship and definitely not op. You had an occasional moment of hilarity when you sent 40 torps down a slot and killed a couple of BBs but that was rare. It had a terrible win rate and was deleted as soon as any cruiser or BB saw it because it was a tier 4 Kuma with lots of torp launchers replacing most of the guns. WG gave it a smoke screen after it was released but that didn’t really help much, and that was when it was a tier 8. It was removed because of team damage. Back then it was torpedoing and sinking more friendlies then enemies because people had to launch their torps from extreme range to have a prayer of surviving to reload. I was thrilled to trade a port queen for an Atago when Kitakami was removed.

  14. I grabbed Elli already. If the Italian cruiser gets good reviews, I’ll get her too. But Kitikami? Nope. Maybe if WG announced how they plan to offer this ship a year ago I might have started saving up. Also the reviews of CCs have been showing this ship is not the OP monster it was in the beta years. And those torp reloads are painful to watch, close to 6 minutes to get all the tubes loaded.

  15. My takeaway from this video: SLM never meets potatoes in asymmetric battles ^^

  16. I’m honestly pretty upset by this. Kitakami looks really goofy and unique and I’d be willing to jump through some hoops to get it, but this is just madness. Even if I had the resources already available this is just way too much for one ship.

  17. @TheGuardianofAzarath

    At a 1/25 conversion rate on xp, 11.5 million ship xp (17 haru regrinds) would cost me £1300. If wg do a 1/35 conversion discount, that 1300 becomes 900. I have less than 100 red free xp boosters, and I’m probably going to burn through them all. I have about 362k coal though, so I can ease some of my suffering. Really should not have done the last salvage event, or the steel will one.

  18. *_I’ve met one today with my FS Colbert. Our meet was very short …..about 6 second’s and IJN Kitakami was escorted to the Port by the Les Baguette Express…_* 😂

  19. Quick note, at about the 2min mark you were talking about Prem Tiime and stated the 16 phases was in the range of 600 days. Actually if you want to take all 16 phases allowed using PT it is actually 960 days of PT that you need to spend.

  20. Even if I only want the Defence, I calculated that I would need to spend all the resources in my port plus an additional $88 in doubloons for free xp just to get it. Man this event is too rich for my blood.

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