World of Warships // Scharnhorst ’43 / “Three-quarters of a hog, but not the whole one”

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What’s next, I wonder; a Scharnhorst ’43 B perhaps?


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I remember playing this game a long time ago. I had just over 5 k games and a WR of 52 so i SUCKED but the BB’s where pushing and the premium ships where very few and far between, It was a GLORIOUS game and note the WAS……

    • An above average win rate, that isn’t sucking!

    • Well it’s so little above average it makes no diff, isnt average about 46 or so?

    • @@MrKveite1average is probably 49%, since draws exist but are rare. But I think you are right that the median (the point where you are above 50% of players) is much lower.

      But 52% is nothing to sneeze at, since the impact of a single player is always going to be limited. Even an unicum only get a 60% winrate, unless they are going in a division.

  2. Now I have two shiny horses.

  3. @thomasbernecky2078

    Well, thank goodness they didn’t change anything, like keep it the same but put it into Tier 9? Or they could have given it Gneisenau’s gun upgrade, as they were supposed to in real life? Imagine those fine guns?

    • Which would be really ironic (if that is the word), since the real Scharnhorst set a record for longest-range direct hit on a moving target in combat.

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