All Skill – NO Luck #17 Panzerknacker Compilation || World of Warships

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  1. No skill , all lucky

  2. Hi great video

  3. Now that song will be stuck in my head all day…”Mary had a little lamb”…Great video…

  4. I’m under the impression that the WoW community sorely misses YURO’s videos.

  5. that first algerie part ….. wow

  6. Nice vid, give us more compilation vids!

  7. My only complaint is the music anymore little bit more better meme compilation music since it’s all skill no luck that’s my only complaint

  8. these are probably a lot of work but do more. really liked your choice of audio to go with the vids. great work.

  9. 2:45 is awesome +1 for BGM

  10. Ich liebe dieses Format

  11. Love the compilation vid. Well worth the effort. Thanks!

  12. 1st dislike is from the Musashi(?) citted 5x in one salvo.

  13. full a joke ? …..everything was lucky….. to play this game you need all the luck in the world

  14. patch 0.8.0 to introduce new achievement, post mortem triple strike…

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