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So I played some brawls in tier 8 only BB recently and decided to take Anhalt because it has the most amount of guns, it should all be close quarter fights, it does have few fast reloading torps and accuracy shouldn’t be a problem, which is usually bad.

So I naturally get Ocean and have a fight that simply does not get any closer than this.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 357 is the magic number 👀

  2. CesarinPillin Gaming

    lmao at flambass imitating the collector from the guardians of the galaxy movie. XD

  3. Merry Christmas Flambass! That was a close call 🙂

  4. After he got the outer ring he should have gone for the ram

    • Dude atlantico has only ap….

    • @pavel chramec oh, didn’t know (never got the ship before stop playing). Even tho, still not a good idea to get close to a ship with torps.

    • @Juan Kovacs
      I dont know how high the alpha of those torps is, but I guess that atlantico could tank one or 2 of them.

      You want to win. Not survive.

    • @Legendendear They’re 20.6k each, although you’d only reasonably expect to get one hit before a ram. For comparison, Tirpitz torps are 13.7k. The problem with going for a ram is if Anhalt realizes it and begins to kite. Despite what Flambass says, both ships go 25 kts, so Anhalt can comfortably kite while torping due to good torp angles.

    • That’s what she said

  5. I am not sure so this is genuine question: wouldn’t be easier to stay at distance and melt him with secondaries instead of gambling like this?

  6. Anhalt if nothing else is good at keeping pressure on a target. Shame the AP on it is borderline useless.

  7. Ricardo Jorge Almeida

    The Shell were at the door…

  8. I had a string of victories in the fully secondary specced Ziethen. Go in, turn around, set the secondaries to crispy, get out the area slowly, use the rear guns and the good torp angles to good effect…

  9. Pure ocean fighting … mano a mano … as was intended by the gods. None of this hide behind islands crap, pure skill and ability lol. And yes close .. His HP hit zero and you had 3227 HP left while five AP shells were on screen coming in SOO nicely likely within 0.5 Km of hitting. So you won by what one second timewise, max 🙂

  10. Very tempted to get the Anhalt. Just wish they would buff it a little more into a brawler with better secondaries and more torpedos.

    • Secondarys are not good on Anhalt not nearly as good as Bismarck’s or Tirpitz’ , also her AP is absolute trash, she got worse AP pen than a Talinn….so she’s essentially a german mid/longer range HE spamming shotgun. I personally don’t like her, but that’s just me.

    • Don’t… she is a junk ship.

  11. Well, for the Brawls I’d recommend a full secondary IFHE Flandre. Try it. no one beats you

  12. the atlantico should’ve kited away IMO, good brawl nonetheless

  13. Anhalt doesn’t seem like that good a ship

  14. What is you favorit broadside, starboard or port side?

  15. 392 HP left, well done

  16. surprised you are not playing mass it is the best ship for tier8 bb brawl by a mile

  17. Lol, 392 hp left… XD

  18. Literally completely decided by RNG… not saying anyone played good or bad but your fire chance was insane compared to his.
    FK WG. Rigged as usual…

  19. Wow! His shots were in the air on the way when you got him. Yep, it really DOESN’T get any closer than that. LOL.

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