Arena – How to Play (World of Warships: Legends Xbox SX)

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Arena – How to Play (World of Warships: Legends Xbox SX)


  1. Umm First. 😅

  2. Leander has served me well so far. I’ve seen some t 61s doing work. Wish I had Exeter though.

  3. Not played it, still at uni 🙁 gonna be at least another week and a half. Is it time limited?

  4. Really good points re: cruisers, and Exeter specifically. I’ve only done three battles and two were in Dunkerque, which I personally found great (for a battleship anyway, specifically due to its speed), but I think I’ll take Exeter out next time.

    Won all my games so far and have been lucky enough to come out with top xp, mainly from just not yoloing.

  5. Easily my favorite Legends channel.. The agile build is SO viable as a cruiser main.. Thanks

  6. If I buy an Exeter, you better get a commission from War-Gaming…you single-handedly sold me on it. Cheers 🍻

  7. People must think you get more XP for surviving. It amazes me every time people run and don’t go downing fighting.

  8. When will your agile California video come out. XD

  9. What if you don’t have a premium ship, which one do you think will work, do a video of it please am finding good results with Trento

  10. shhhh dont say its overpowered we dont need them nerfing it

  11. JarriChamp DrunkenSailors

    Good you took your time to make this I was going to make one today as I see a lot of people not really grasping the way you have the best chance of winning.

    But since you already made one I won’t 🙂

  12. I just don’t have the time to play as much as is required. But it is fun

  13. Definitely a pay to win game mode

  14. Emanuel Moreira da Silva

    Nice tutorial Hipper, Thank you. I Love Exeter but there is one thing that I hate, the overpens, sometimes I have broadside cruisers at 5/4 km and all of my shoots are overpen 😡.

  15. Have only played one game so far. We removed two of the teams, lost one destroyer, and then ran into a full health division and lost. If you flank you have a 1 in 3 chance of confronting a division that was intending to sit back and let the rest shoot it out. Not particularly good odds, but then again not altogether bad either I guess. Nice game Mr Hipper. You are a master cruiser player indeed.

    • Yeah, but by confronting that division early in you’ll most likely get them in a crossfire when spotted and they’re less of a threat later on. But yeah, mileage may varu 🙂

  16. I’m getting my cheeks clapped in Exeter I’ve got tenant at 16/1 and al batlimore at 11/1 with mueller 11/2 any tips mate

  17. Im not tryharding this gamemode so I’m trying out all sorts of ships. And I have to agree that crusiers are the best for this. But I keep finding the Leander works quite well. Another versatile ship because the ap is great on all ship types. The acceleration. The smoke. The range on the guns for a light cruiser the sonar. Try it out if you haven’t already. If you know how to play it correctly it’s a beast. The only issue is it’s none premium. But it’s consistency means you are almost guarunteed to finish top on your team and get loads of xp. I don’t think I have finished any less than top of my team and had one game yesterday where i had more XP than the leader on the winner

  18. Kentucky Fried Chicken

    It sounded nice but was ass playing 😒

  19. Hey hipper. Who is the commander you use here on the exeter? I cant get mine up to 38 knot. But good gameplay and info video. Good job

  20. Great video! Subbed.

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